In the park

Jayne lay in the bath and idly ran her fingers over her belly – pouring some shower gel into her hand she started to wash herself; starting with her breasts she massaged the gel into her skin using the palms of her hands in an u*********s gesture of self pleasuring.

As her nipples hardened under her fingers, her mind went back to Terry and the excitement she had experienced that morning when they had spoken.
He only had to describe a walk in the park and she was a mindless, sensual being whose only thoughts was her desire to have him undress her and make love with her. As she thought of his fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse, her pussy tightened and a million butterflies danced in her stomach. In her mind she saw his strong, capable hands sliding her blouse off her shoulders and felt his eyes gazing into hers. She felt his hands unclasp her bra and gently lower it, as she watched him look at her breasts she felt her nipples tighten and harden in anticipation of his hands and mouth touching and tasting them.
She watched his face as he cupped a breast in each hand and ran his thumbs over her sensitive nipples as she stood before him waiting to be kissed.
"Oh, yes” he said as he bent his head down to hers, very gently his lips just grazed hers and her mouth opened under his and her tongue tasted his as she pushed the tip between his lips and past his teeth to meet his tongue and become a hot, writhing union as the kiss deepened and became
a passionate declaration of how he was going to make love with her.
His hands tightened and he squeezed her breasts causing her to moan with desire.
Jayne undid his shirt and put her hands against the warm flesh of his chest feeling his nipples harden as she rubbed them, especially the left one with its wonderful decoration. She slid the shirt off his shoulders and followed it with her mouth, planting hot, breathy kisses along his collar bone and down his arm and then did the same on the other side, thrusting her chest forward in an u*********s need to feel Terry's mouth on her breasts.
He smiled into her eyes as he lowered his head and flicked her breasts with his tongue before taking the weight in his hand and closing his mouth over her nipple, just as she thought she could bear no more, he started to suck and to draw as much of her breast into his mouth as he could take. The harder he sucked, the hotter the fire in her pussy became until she needed to have his fingers inside her so much she couldn’t wait.
Taking his hand she guided it to the buttons of her skirt at the same time as she started to unzip his jeans and put her hand inside, feeling a massive rush of juices as she realized he was naked under his jeans and her hand found his rock hard cock immediately. She wrapped her hand around it with a deep sigh of pleasure.
As her skirt fell to the ground Terry slid her knickers down and his fingers found her hot, wet, ready pussy. Both naked now, they lay on the blanket and touched each other as they kissed both squeezing harder and digging deeper with their fingers as their tongues tangled in a frenzy of passionate kissing.
Terry used his mouth to bring Jayne to the edge of orgasm as he kissed, licked and sucked every inch of her face and chest down to her belly.
“Please turn round so I can taste you” she begged as his tongue danced in and around her belly button driving her to distraction as she lifted her bum and arched her back in an effort to get his tongue inside her pussy.
Her tongue was flicking the sensitive knob of his cock as his tongue and teeth worked on the soft flesh of her inner thighs and then at last into her pussy, deep and hard, just the way he knew she liked it.
They rolled over so Jayne was on her knees above him so that she could control the way in which her mouth gave him pleasure, she held his cock tight in her mouth and she dipped and raised her head to bring him right to the edge of orgasm just as he was doing to her. Within seconds Jayne was cumming, her hot juices soaking his face as she came. Before she had finished cumming, Terry had got behind her and was ramming his cock into her pussy as she knelt in front of him, putting her head down onto her arms to get her bum as high as possible so that he could watch his beautiful cock pump in and out of her soaking pussy bringing them both to orgasm as together, they experienced the deepest, most pleasurable cum they had ever shared.
Terry held Jayne’s waist tight as he made sure very last drop of cum filled her and she tightened her muscles to squeeze every precious bit into her.
Terry gently laid her down onto the blanket and took her in his arms and they kissed as their bodies entwined, each mouth tasting of the others sex and mingling in a soul searching kiss of passion, respect and desire for each other.
They relaxed into a light sl**p, still holding each other close and safe, sl**ping as only the completely satisfied can sl**p. Satisfied, until the next time......

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1 year ago
great,and very sexy ................hope its true
3 years ago
WOW! I cannot believe nobody has commented this nice hot story! Thanks for sharing!!!