My life - It started with the neighbor

My sexual life started early in my t**n years. No one (not even myself) would've thought that it would lead to so many sexual experiences. I am currently in my early 30s and I can say that I have experenced most of the dirty fantasies that linger in my mind. This story is how it all started.

I moved to the United States from my native Country of Brazil when I was th*****n years old. My father had just divorced my mother and he and I moved out of the country in search of a new life. I do not recall the specifics for the divorce but I knew my dad was at fault. My father decided that the United States would be the perfect place to start over and build a new life. We settled in a town called Sanford, FL...near Orlando. Our new home wasn't as big and nice as our home in Brazil but the new scenary made up for the lack of material things we had at the time. My dad didn't take long to make "friends" as he was very much in shape and loved to show it off. Main reason my mom just couldn't be with him anymore. There was a neighborhood swimming pool where my dad and I spent a lot of summer days contempating our next move. It was there we met our neighbor Jessica.

Jessica was a Puerto Rican lady in her late 30s or maybe early 40s with a spectacular body. She was around 5'5", long black hair, firm and perky C cup, and an ass to die for. My dad hardly wasted any time introducing himself and letting her know that he was available. After a few days, Jessica (which only lived 2 doors down from us) became a regular house guest. At night I could hear her being fucked by my dad and I would lay on my bed and jack off to the sounds of Jessica's orgasms. After she was done with my dad, Jessica would walk around the house in nothing more than a white t-shirt that barely covered her goods. I never missed the opportunity to see her walking around at night while my dad slept in his room. I would take off my shirt and join her (usually in the kitchen) hoping to get a good look at her amazing ass.

After a couple of months, Jessica became awared that I was always staring at her ass and she would do things to provoke a reaction from me. It worked like a charm every single time. I would stand in the entrance of the kitchen with no shirt on and basketball shorts that barely concealed my raging boners. With more and more time that passed, my behavior became bolder and more obvious. She would do things like pretending to be looking for food in the fridge and would stick her ass up in the air. Giving me a full view of her best asset. I would respond by pulling my shorts down and playing with my cock right behind her.

One night I was laying on the couch watching TV in the living room and Jessica jumped on me wearing her daily night uniform. It sort of caught me by surprise. I turned to face her and she had a devilish look on her face and my cock became rock hard within seconds. She adjusted her body so that her pussy was rubbing against the tip of my young and virgin dick through the thin material of my shorts. She wasn't wearing any panties and I could feel the tip of my cock entering her ever so slightly even with my shorts on. I didn't do or said anything in fear that I would ruin the moment. So I just laid there and let her do whatever she wanted to do. She continued to rub herself on me until she finally spoke.

"How come a good looking k*d like you isn't fucking everything that moves out there" She said

I responded "I don't know, it's not because I don't want to"

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course I can" I said

"I know you masturbate thinking about me. How about I teach you how to please a woman? A cute b*y like you shouldn't be masturbating to an old woman like me. You should be out fucking l**tle girls your age."

Little did she know that I perfered grown women like her than the girls my age. But I played along and told her "okay, how are you gonna teach me?"

She gave me an evil smile and moved down to my crotch. She then pulled down my shorts and my cock sprung free and smacked her right underneath her chin. I don't mean to brag but I'm not exactly a small guy (as you can see from my avatar pic). She looked happy to see that she wasn't working with a small dick and looked up at me and said "like father like son". I smiled and watched her as she opened her mouth and put my cock in it. I didn't know how to respond. I had never gotten a blow job...much less from an experieced woman. She worked her mouth on my cock, bobbing her head up and down while working the shaft expertly. Sometimes she would stop sucking my cock just long enough to spit on it and jack it off. I felt like I had died and gone to BJ heaven. It took her about 10 minutes before I felt that funny feeling in my stomach signaling that the end was near.

I said "Jes, I'm about to cum pretty soon"

She responded by jumping off the couch and on her knees saying "cum on my face Josh"

I didn't hesitate and did as I was told. The first jet of cum landed on her forehead and across her face. The second landed on her chin as she adjust her position so she could catch every drop on her face. She then opened her mouth and caught the rest of it with her mouth as my orgasm subsided. At this time my breathing was very heavy as I looked down to see my dad's girlfriend trying to suck every last drop from my cock. When it was all over, she simply got up and walked to the bathroom.

For many nights after that, Jessica would introduce me to new ways on how to please a woman. She taught me how to eat pussy, how to properly suck on a woman's nipples, she taught me the difference between fucking and making love, she taught me how to make a woman orgasm before I did, and most importantly she taught me how to keep a woman satisfied and coming back for more. To this day I thank Jessica for making me the best fucker I could be.

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10 months ago
It's ironic how a lot of what you did with and learned from Jessica is a mirror image the experiences that I had my own Mother, the first time that she molested me at age 12.......
Private Message Me if you wanna talk about that in more detail and maybe some of our other exploits as well!
1 year ago
sexy story. anymore from you?