u*********s Girlfriend Fucking

I wanted to fuck my girlfriend so badly but i never got the chanse to say it.
I was still a virgin so my cock was loaded everytime we were playing with eachother but we never even got to the jerk off part.

One day she was going to come over and i knew i wanted to fuck her. Nobody was home that day so i could do what i want.
I got some sl**ping pills and put them in her drink. As we sat on the bed i gave her the drink. After 20 minutes she felt sl**py and before i knew it she was asl**p.

Horny as hell i quickly put her in the perfect was. Arms and legs spread so i could have my way with her.
I first french kissed her. I did that before but this time it was more special.
I touched her boobs. My first boobs and i could do what i want. I opened her bra and there they lay round, cute, soft simply put AMAZING!!!
I started sucking them. I was one of my dreams to do at my first time and i sucked them oooh boy did i ever!

After playing with them i turned my attention to her pussy. I opened her pants and took them off. Then her panties. It was awesome. Shaved, Tight, Wet. Just what i thought it would look like. I stroke it with my fingers and licked my fingers off. I couldn't wait and started to lick her pussy. It was so cool, so yummy so hmmmm.

I took out my cock and rubbed it all over her body.
I put my dick in and it was so tight i could feel the pussy just trying to squash it. After a few moments i came and i took out my dick.
I wanted to fuck more i was all out of juice.

Suddenly she started to wake. I ran out of the room in the hope she wouldn't realize what i did. Then i walked back in and told her: ''Did you like it honey''. ''What happend?'' she said. I told her we fucked and then i let her clean herself up.
''I think i fell asl**p but did we really fuck?''
''Hell yeah''

''So did you like it?'' i said.
''I think so''
Good cause i'm ready to go again!
43% (4/6)
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2 years ago
It's indeed not one of my best stories but hey maybe next time it's better ;)
2 years ago
Didn't like it that much too be honest. You need to be more descriptive.
2 years ago
@pete he's eighteen actually if you bothered to look before cussing the guy. and english ain't his native tougue either. a littery genius nope, amusing yes. ***
2 years ago
Nope 19 ;)
And most stories are uuhm i don't know FICTIONAL STORIES!!!
2 years ago
utter rubbish; what are you 12?
2 years ago
Nice save :p