The Alien a*****ion #4

Bloom stared at the door. Awaiting to see what the noises were.
Then the door opened and her owner and two other aliens walked into the room.
The gathered around the box Bloom was in and she could hear them talking.
Then one of them said: ''Then lets take her out and see what she can do''.
Bloom tried to hide but to no succes.
Her owner took her out and she showed Bloom to the others.
''Oooh that's one of the finest pets you ever had''.
They sat down and put Bloom in the center.
They spread their legs so Bloom couldn't escape.
Bloom knew what they were going to do with her and she also knew that whatever she tried it would be of no use.
''I think you know what to do my pet. Show them what your made of!'' Her owner said.
Bloom walked toward one of the aliens and started licking its pussy. Again that weird taste was in her mouth but still she couldn't descibe it.

Time went by as Bloom licked all pussy's that were surrounding her. Then one of them took Bloom up and said: ''Hmmm your really good but we're generous so we'll let you have some fun as well.
They put Bloom in a big empty box. There was nothing. Not even dust.
Then she looked up as the aliens put a 'pod' into the box. As it opened Bloom was shocked at what she saw.

It was the man she saw when she was a*****ed! The man transported by the big crane! She yelled: ''Hey! Are you ok?! Please help me!''.
The aliens laughed. ''He won't listen to you you worthless bitch. He is under my controle. He is MY pet!''
Bloom looked at the man and heared the alien say: ''Now my pet give that girl some! Don't hold back or you know what will happen don't you?''

The man walked towards Bloom. Bloom tried to run away but she was caught. There was no way out.
The man grabbed Bloom by her ankle. Bloom fell over and before she could react the man pinned her down and was eating her pussy. ''No!!!'' yelled Bloom but to no use. The man kept on going and going and going until Bloom couldn't resist anymore.
He picked her up by her hair and f***ed his cock into Bloom's tiny mouth.
Bloom was tired. Had no energy and knew that resisting was useless.

The man trew Bloom on the ground and spread her legs. He rammed his cock in and Bloom accepted it. The man kept going until he came. Bloom's pussy was dripping in cum and her body was covered in swet.
The man went back into the ''POD''.

The next day woke up by her owner telling her that she had a present for Bloom.
Bloom stroke her pussy as it was still hurting from yesterday.
Her owner said: ''Look her pet i've got you a special belt so you will feel better.
She took Bloom up and put it on.
It looked very strange. ''The rest of the day i'll leave you alone''.
Bloom was very happy. At least now she could recover from the last day.
That night Bloom woke up hearing a strange noise coming from her belt.
She turned on the light and she suddenly felt 6 iron hooks reaching into her pussy. The belt attatched itself to Bloom!!!

Bloom tried to ripp it off but she then felt a sharp pain into her clit.
Bloom touched the belt and a HUGE shot of sensation was shot into her pussy.
It knocked her down to the floor.
The shots of sensation kept on coming.
Bloom felt herself slipping away in the pleasure.
Shot after shot. The sensation was immense. It was something that Bloom never knew even excisted.

Bloom knew that if she couldn't do something fast she would become a mindeless female slave with no other use as beeing..... a toy!!!
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7 months ago
very short chapters. could use some fleshing out.good story line tho