A German models sexy evening.


This is actually German mothers part 5, but the title is closer to the point and therefore more meaningful. It includes a good cross section of sex and arousal, with limited sadism to improve the story. Vickers insulting Sabina is done in a sexual context to give an edge to the erotic side of it. For those who have not read the relevant parts of the previous stories, the woman im referring to is pictured on my profile page, on the far left. A much larger image also being under "Helmut Newtons - here they come" from google images.


Sabina had just walked out the front door of the Old Rectory and was making her way along the winding entrance when I quietly made my way out. I felt deeply aroused by the whole episode, since I was not seeing anyone and had not masturbated for a few days.


It was now next thursday and I knew what this meant. It was 6pm and I was sat in the kitchen on the sofa with a magazine concealing my erection. I did not want Sabina to have any more sexual dealings with me, as I took the last encounter to be her final straw and did not want to be kicked out of her house. Since living with the woman was the nearest thing I could get to having sex with her as this included reading her diary and looking at her wardrobe full of sex gear when she was out. There were stockings and various heels, with leather corsets that ended just undernieth her tits with horse whips and riding crops to name but a few. I could hear the stairs creaking and knew she was on her way out. I went upstairs to her room and read her diary, this time it simply stated "Vickers and gentlemen, 7pm on the dot!!!"


I made my way across town and got to the entrance in good time. I picked my way through the rhododendron, almost to the Old Rectory. It was just before 7pm and Sabina rang the door bell. The door opened almost immediately and there was considerable jeering from inside. Sabina was led by the hand to the main sitting room where there were around fifty men sat and stood around. They did not look posh or rough and were wearing smart casual clothes. Many looked like physicists sorts with their frizzy hair and glasses and were between mid twenties and mid sixties in age. She walked along the wall and stood near the middle, resting her back against it with her arms folded. She undid the tie around her waist to reveal a black shiny corset that only covered the bottom half of her tits. Sabina looked slightly nervous, probably due to the number of men discreetly looking at her. Vickers banged a miniature hammer on a large coffee table in which everyone soon hushed. "Now where all here, we can get on with the conference. The annual meeting of Galaxy models is here again and im pleased to inform you all that our most voluptuous and probably stupidest model is here this evening. Theres..." There were some rather loud jeers and shouting. "Theres nothing I like better than a stupid tart, it makes the woman that bit more arousing. She doesn't exactly have the brain of a physicist or even a pole dancer for that matter, but thats what I like about her, she's just sex, sex, sex." Sabina stared at Vickers with her usual wide eyes and gave a heavy sigh, looked down at her feet and then gazed across to the corner of the room where no one was sitting. The light caught the dimple in her chin and her clear deep pale skin. "If any of you need anything..." there were some quieter sneers and whispering, "feel free to see Sabina." The talking resumed and she walked out to a cloak room at the opposite side of the hallway.


All the enormous windows were fully open and a lot of the talking was audible from where I was hiding. She took her stylish raincoat off with her corset and hung it on the stand, she then turned around to reveal her well defined body. She was wearing black two inch heels and stockings with a black leather dull shined bra. Her vagina was recently shaved and appeared very smooth, almost as much as her face. Her nails were protruding a cm or so and were painted medium red. Her tits were semi circular on the sides next to her arms and seemed well developed and of a good medium size for her 5ft 9 height and medium build. Her nipples were of medium size and perked relatively high up on her tits, with only small discs around them. (Unlike the model on the far right of the photo with huge discs). The tops of her arms and shoulders looked a bit thin and bony in contrast to the rest of her body which was relatively well covered. Her face was pretty with a distinct dimpled chin and brown, slightly wavy hair that extended to just about the tops of her shoulders and was tucked behind her left ear, but covered her right. Her eyes were quite big and blue and always had a gazing expression to them. It always occured to me that Sabina could have any man she wanted, young or old, she was just so gorgeous.


Sabina walked out of the cloak room and across to the sitting room. It was a large house with probably eight or ten bedrooms and each room was thirty or forty metres wide and long. There was a staged area in the centre of the room with a microphone which she gracefully picked up. There were a number of wolf whistles and then silence, Sabina began to sing in a teasing German accent. "Im a real woman, I want it now, if you want me to feel you, just tell me how. You can whip me if I misbehave, just call me sexy and ill be your slave. Im a dirty woman and I don't care about your age, I like toy boys and those of older age." With this she took her bra off and threw it into the crowd, there was an uproar of shouting and whistling. Her tits wobbled as she did this and the chorus continued a few more times. When the singing and applause had finished, Vickers took the microphone from Sabina and roughly kissed her cheek. She walked over to the bar area and rested her arms against it, showing her tits to the crowd, a stool was next to her and she rubbed a heel slowly against it. The men started to talk amongst themselves again when a 25 or so year old man walked over to Sabina. He whispered something in her exposed left ear and they both walked casually out of the sitting room.


He led her by the hand up the stairs and into a spare bedroom. I crept along the edge of the rhododendron so that I was in line with the window. The man pushed the door shut hard and bolted it. He quickly and roughly took his T-shirt and trousers off and leapt onto Sabina, forcing her backwards onto the double bed. He violently and aggresively snogged her mouth and tits, feeling them with both hands at the same time. Then he stood on his hands and knees on the bed and Sabina picked up a riding crop from undernieth it and began to spank his ass. "Is that what you want" she said, in a distinctively sexual German accent, hitting his ass harder each time. "HARDER.....HARDER" the man was shouting. He got up again and forcibly pushed her towards the wall, he used both arms to pick her up around the knees and began sexual intercourse, using the wall to take the f***e of his jerking. Her knees had a good layer of fat over them and were very smooth and womanly, there were only aggressive "OH YES" and womanly "OHHHH" coming from the bedroom. Within five minutes the man had orgasmed and their was a shrill "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH" in a German accent. Sabina and the man walked back down the stairs again, the man walked into the sitting room and Sabina along a corridor and into a small room at the back of the Old Rectory.


I needed to creep around to the back of the house without being seen. I went around the rhododendron, which ended by the side of the house and crawled along behind some large flower tubs with small trees and bushes in them. There was a makeshift prison in the small room, with a table next to the wall. There were ten men of all ages and Vickers. He shut the door and bolted it and said out loud. "Before we begin, I will briefly explain the rules. Sabina must lie, chest down over the table and each one of you will take it in turns to have timed anal sex with her for three minutes, followed by one minute of nipple galore. Which..." there were jeers of appraisal. "Will include Sabina continually holding her index finger on top and her thumb undernieth each of her nipples with which you will then have to continually kiss and suck each one. This would then be followed by Sabina wanking you gently for the last minute, without you orgasming at all in that five minute period. To add to the overall experience, Anita Ward - Ring My Bell, will be playing from the stereo. If you succeed, you will be entered into the next game. I hasten to add, for your own privacy and respect, only one member can enter the prison at a time, with the rest waiting in a queue outiside the door. I will be timing each session with a stopwatch and will bang on the door after three minutes, another minute and then another minute to make a five minute game. Any questions... let arousal commence." It struck me that the nipple galore part was a prelude to the gentle wanking to give the best possible chance of orgasm. Everyone left the room apart from an older man who looked about 60 and was tall with a medium build and relatively short grey hair. He placed his erecting cock inside Sabinas opened asshole and began jerking increasingly rapidly, with an intense sexual greed. The table was banging against the wall, creaking and making a thudding noise, which I could clearly hear besides the music in the background. Three minutes had passed and their was a knock, knock, knock on the door with which Sabina turned around, sat on the table and as Vickers had explained, carried out the next part of the game. Then came a knock, knock and a slow wank was done on the ageing man. There were only moans and groans from both Sabina and the man, which I took as sexual pleasure without an orgasm. After exactly five minutes, there was loud knock knock on the door and the man put his clothes back on and left the prison. The remaining nine contestants took it in turns with Sabina and when everyone had finished, four had orgasmed. Two into her asshole and another two during the gentle wanking. This left five members for game two, in which the four men who had orgasmed walked down the corridor and into another room. "Now for game two" said Vickers in an authoritarian style voice. "Each one of you will have a two minute snogging session with Sabina, continually holding her right leg around your middle as if about to have intercourse. The snogging being limited to her mouth and nipple area. She will then check afterwards if you have an erection and if so, she will time with a stopwatch until it stops being erect. The member with either no erection or with the shortest time interval will win the game." They all filed out the prison and into a room next door to it, equally as small with only a few old wooden chairs covered in cobwebs and dust. The first member entered and began the game. Sabina was still wearing her normal heels, close knit stockings and now a shiny black corset that fully exposed her tits with a red leather face mask that only showed her mouth and the lower part of her cheeks. When each of the five members had completed their two minute session, all had erections, lasting from 22 to 91 seconds. Vickers then announced the winner. "The winner with just 22 seconds is Bill Shanks." He was the guy who began game one and looked delighted at winning. He appeared to me as a typical strict primary school teacher, probably from a private school with "old school" rules still engrained in his ways. I was still spying through a wide and bushy evergreen plant and felt erotic from what I had just witnessed.


With this everyone made their way over to the sitting room. She was breathing some what more heavily than before the two games and Vickers offered her a glass of tap water from a sink in the corner of the small room. Sabina almost put the glass to her lips and at the same time Vickers walked out. She then tipped the water down the drain snd picked up a small bottle of Evian mineral water from under a chair snd gulped it down. Sabina ran her left fingers through her hair and shook her head slightly backwards and with creaking floor boards, slowly made her way to the sitting room. The men were now sat in groups on arm chairs and were all engaged in conversation. Vickers then walked over to her and slapped her bum hard, a slapping noise could be heard from where I was hiding and it left a mild red mark on her bottom. He led her by the right hand to the stage again and picked up the microphone. He held Sabinas right leg around his middle, as if about to have intercourse as she stood sideways to him and was facing the crowd. "She's wonderful isn't she.." there were shouts and applause. "Nothing much in the brain department, but so much in the sex department. She wasn't made for anything else but sexually pleasing people." There was a loud uproar and banging on the coffee tables. Sabina spat a small amount of spit over Vickers left cheek, which, by the reaction he gave, was not expecting. "Ohh, thats just what I wanted" he said and with this, Sabina obviously angry with him keep referring to her as unintelligent tried to break her leg free from his grasp. Vickers now had a noticeable erection undernieth his trousers and instead of letting her go, began to walk around the stage, humiliating Sabina, hopping alongside him on her left leg as he did so. "URGH" said Sabina several times, her voice being magnified from the mircophone that was only a foot or so from her mouth. Eventually Vickers walked back to the centre of the stage again. With this he stuck his tongue in her mouth and she slapped him hard across the cheek. He shoved her roughly off the stage. Sabina fast walked backwards, picking up speed, until she lost her footing and fell backwards onto the floor. "HURRAY" jeered the crowd with laughing and jeering. Sabina slowly picked herself up and had a few pink marks on her elbows and lower arms. I felt guilty that I had witnessed this abuse, almost sadism, but also felt a sexual gratification that seemed to some what reign in her sexual prowess.


It was now 10pm and men started to file out the front door, there was a mixture of talking, shouting and laughter in which I ducked down a bit as they walked past. After ten minutes or so they had all left and it was just Vickers and Sabina left. She had now returned to her usual self and appeared much more calm and relaxed. "Im sorry I kept insulting your intelligence, it makes me feel so erotic" said Vickers, Sabina stared straight into his eyes and let out a heavy sigh. With this Vickers gracefully took her left hand in his right and quietly kissed the top of it. "Theres no woman like you, I need you, I really do." Sabina gazed at him for a few seconds and then stated "You disgust me sometimes, but.....I love you, your just what I need. You.....remind me of my old RE teacher, he used to enjoy me, we had an affair when I was fifteen." She placed both hands on his cheeks, kissed him and held her mouth on his for a while, they then began to snog each other like a pair of real lovers. "I want to have more shoots at the Galaxy....I'll do anything for them and I mean anything" said Sabina and this time she led Vickers up the stairs. Their fingers from both hands were interlocked and she seemed excited. They entered Vickers bedroom and he began to take his clothes off. Sabina grabbed his penis and began to wank it, when it was fully erect she put it in her mouth and almost back her throat. "It tastes sexy" she said, Vickers mild brown thick skin gave way near the end of his penis to reveal a mild pink head. With this Vickers outstretched his arms and girated his bum back and forwards, which flapped his now less erect penis up and down. "Oh yes" he snarled in a heavy breath. Sabina lifted her right leg onto a wooden chair next to the bed, making a clunking noise with the heel of her shoe and stated "im all yours", with this Vickers leapt onto her and began his usual snogging session. Her tits seemed to be the focus of much attention from Vickers, she cupped her hands undernieth them and lifted them slightly up in which he took much pleasure in filling his mouth with. He lay facing up on the four poster bed and she sat on top of him with her knees bent, inserted his penis into her vagina and began intercourse. Sabina girated her vagina in short bursts rapidly backwards and forwards, she leaned slightly backwards with her hands resting on Vickers knees. Every so often she let out a high pitched, shrill "OH" with excitement and when he finally orgasmed, both seemed deeply relieved.


I could sense the reality of the events that had unfolded in front of me, this was real life and had all happened just a few feet away. It was now 11pm and I had watched four hours of impulsive action, I could get addicted to this.......
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