This is actually German mothers part 4, but I felt the title gave a better impression. "German mothers serve well" was the sort of story whereby I had to start somewhere and hence it was short and did not go very far. "German mothers part 2" started to pick up the plot considerably and from this I was able to include the tell tale features of the storyline. This developed into "THE BEST SEX STORY EVER" this being far from modest but was more than likely true in relation to the previous two. With part 4 in mind I decided that each title could be completely unique and not in the form of part 4 and so on, since each new story only vaguely follows the previous one. Only the characters and a few details remain the same, such as personal descriptions with non sexual similarities such as a rhododendron bush. This being a useful aspect since each plot involves me hiding and this type of bush from past experience is useful for just that. It is with the lesser previous three stories that I was able to develop this one. My stories are aimed towards good sexual descriptions, but not too vulgar as this takes the realistic aspect from the plot. One of my aims being to create a scenario that would seem as realistic as possible and totally feasible in real life. If you have not read from "German mothers serve well." The woman I am referring to is from my profile page.
It was the next day after I watched Sabina and Vickers at the Old Rectory and was about to have tea with my step mum. She had cooked lasagne, that I hoped she had dipped her finger into to taste the sauce. "Thanks my lover" I said, she looked a bit uneasy at this comment and gave no reply. It was 7pm and like most days she got up and left out the back door. I wolfed my tea down and ran upstairs to read her diary. "Another date with Vickers" it stated. I already started to feel goose bumps at the thought of this. I followed the sounds of her heels knocking and scr****g to an extent along the pavement, making sure to keep a good distance of two hundred yards or so away. The last thing I wanted was for Sabina to see me. She was halfway down the long Old Rectory entrance when I entered the rhododendron bush and made my way to the edge, just a few feet from the front door and bedroom window. It was a dry and cloudless evening with very little background noise. Vickers eventually answered the door, "Your late" he said in a harsh voice, "I'll want some extras to compensate for this" "like what" said Sabina in her German accent. "I don't know yet and I don't care, just make me bark like a sea lion" said Vickers in an old mans deep voice. With this they entered and closed the front door. Vickers appeared well into his 50's, possibly early 60's.
They entered his bedroom and switched the light on, Sabina began to get undressed in front of the large window. She was wearing normal heels this time, with tights that extended almost to the tops of her legs, with a recenty shaved vagina and armpits with newly applied red nail varnish. She had a noticeable dimpled chin, with hair that was swept back over her left ear, but covered her right. Her nipples were not over sized for her good medium sized tits, had small discs around them and were protruding relatively high up on her breasts. Her tits appeared almost square shaped and looked well developed and distinctly sexual. Her legs and tits appeared quite well covered, although the top part of her arms and shoulders looked quite bony. Vickers stood up with his erecting penis and exclaimed "Oh ive got some things to do to you." He wrapped his arm around her back and pulled Sabina in close. He began to snog her and stuck his tongue fully into her mouth, he then put his nose to her forehead and sniffed, being followed by her left shoulder. With this Sabina placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him to a sitting position on the four poster bed. This was at a sideways position to the window and gave me a clear view of the unfolding event. He put his arms around her lower back and squeezed hard, at the same time filling his mouth with her partly squashed tit and nipple, first the left one and then the right. "Thats right, kiss them, suck them, lick them, make them feel good and sexy" came Sabinas voice. Vickers then started kissing from the base of her neck and worked his way downwards to the middle of her chest, then her stomach and finally into her vagina. "It's so tasty" he said in a loud and aggressive voice, extending his tongue fully into her fanny. He then lifted her leg up and began to caress and rub his right hand around Sabinas well developed and curved calf, this followed by his penis. Sabina then lay down facing up on the large bed and instructed Vickers to tie her wrists to the head of the bed. Her legs were bent and her heels were still on, resting elegantly on the quilt cover. Vickers then jumped on top of her and began sexual intercourse. This time it was more violent and aggressive, the bed taking the full strain of the rapid movement. He was snoging her mouth and nipples while making a****listic shouts of joy. There were only moans and groans of pleasure coming from Sabina, who I could only hear between Vickers shouts of pleasure. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" came an agressive voice. Vickers untied her wrists, that had red lines around from all the wrenching and pulling. She got up to reveal an unspoilt curvaceous fugure that seemed pleasing to watch. Vickers sat on the bed again in front of her. She wriggled her fingers in front of his face and stated, "which one do you want sir" in a strict voice. She put her thumb into his mouth and rubbed it all around his tongue, inner cheek and teeth, this followed by each and every other finger and thumb. "So what extras do you need" came a womans voice, "your gorgeous nipples" came a heavy voice and Sabina placed her thumb and index fingers of both hands around each nipple. This always made me particularly erotic, she began to caress her nipples, pulling them gently outwards from her tits. This was followed by cupping her right hand underneath her left breast and lifting it away from her chest. "Start with this one" came Sabinas voice, a few minutes past and they both got dressed. "Give me a hard slap" said Vickers and Sabina slapped him across the cheek with some speed. The noise was clearly audible and was followed by an "Ummmmmm" of gratitude from Vickers.
"See you next thursday" said Sabina in a sexy German voice. I can't wait I thought to myself, how can I ever get bored with this woman.........
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