This is actually German mothers part 3, but I felt the title was far more important.
A week had passed since I had spyed on her and I was having considerable erotic thoughts about my mother. Another dry and still evening came and Sabina was just about to leave for "work." I was just having my tea when she passed and said sexily "alright darling." Just having the woman speak to me gave me an erection. "Mother I want to start sl**ping with you again." There was a deafly silence in which someone could cut the atmosphere with a knife. She spat viciously into my face, "I...I have something to tell you" said Sabina. "Im not your real mother, I raised you since you were a baby, your real mother left you at my doorstep and was never seen again." I felt gutted but also relieved at the same time, I was having sexual feelings for a woman of no relation to me, which came as a relief. "So your not my biological mother" I said loudly. "No" she replied in a strong German accent. "When we had that affair, I wondered why you did not hesitate for sex" I said, "It was wrong it shouldn't have happened, im a dirty know.... " she replied. I took her left hand in mine and caressed her fingers with her varnished red long finger nails. Her fingers were bigger than mine and very sexy indeed, with curved ends and nails that extended half a cm or so from her finger tips. She looked at me with wide open relaxed eyes that bore into mine, I slowly took her middle finger and lifted it to my mouth, I put her whole finger in it and sucked. It felt so good, almost nourishing. She slowly worked her finger out after a few seconds and gave me a scournful look. With that she turned her back and walked hurriedly towards the back door. I had noticed that this was a habit of hers, probably because she did not want neighbours to keep seeing her leaving the house every evening and "think things." It was now obvious our fling was a one off and more than likey so would touching her in any way again, but I still had strong feelings for the woman. I decided to follow her to work again. I quickly ran upstairs and read her diary, which always contained her weekly "schedule." "A date with Vickers at the Old Rectory" it stated. I knew where this was, about a mile out of town and with plenty of places to watch through the windows. I began to fast walk across town and when I finally got to the old Rectory, I saw Sabina only a hundred yards or so ahead, walking with her arms folded and the usual elegance and sexism. At the entrance I entered a large rhododendron bush and made my way across to the house. She rang the door bell and waited a moment. A tall and well built man who was a bit over weight answered the door. He had mildly brown, quite thick skin and appeared to me as a gay or at least bisexual sort of man. "Ive been waiting for this" he said in a deep authoritarian style voice. Then Vickers said something that came as quite a surprise to me, "What will the payment be this time, more model shoots at the Galaxy or a free session to help fullfill your needs." "More model shoots, I could do with the extra money, right from the very first time I had sex it was never for money, but to improve my modelling career. I like to pretend im an e****t, it gives me such a rush." She said. With this they shut the door and headed to Vickers bedroom. The front door to the old Rectory was down steps at below ground level and the bedroom was only just above the rhododendron I was spying from. The window being at least five foot wide, open a foot or so and directly in front of the big four poster bed. I started to feel quivery with what would happen next and felt a deep satisfaction with what was to come. Vickers shut the bedroom door and locked it, Sabina began to casually undress, Vickers doing this at the same time and stood up straight in front of the large window and gazed out. He had a large penis which was now considerably erect, with the same thick mildly brown skin as the rest of his body. He moved over to the bed and lay on it esposing his 90 degrees erect penis. Sabina then slowly walked over to the window and looked out. They could not possibly see me as it was just getting dark and the bedroom light was on, anyway I was very well camouflaged and hidden in the dense rhododendron. She was wearing stockings and knee high boots with very high heels, she looked like a sex goddess and ready to command anyone. I put my hand on my penis and began to wank myself gently. She turned her back to the window to reveal a well defined, but not too big a bottom and bent down with her tits squashed against the bed, her asshole looked firm and sexy. Vickers stood up and slapped her ass quite hard, "OH" came the reply and put his large dick into it. He began quite slowly and then began to get more and more rapid, the bed was jerking back and forward and banging against the wall, making a loud noise. This continued for about 15 minutes when finally, "YES YES YES" in a womanly German accent, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Came a deep voice. Vickers then gradually took his less erect penis out of Sabinas asshole and looked thoroughy relieved. Sabina got up and put her middle finger tip to the corners of both her eyes and then grabbed a tissue from the box and wiped them. "Wonderful sex always brings a tear to my eye" said Sabina in her usual sexy accent. "I need a good sixty nine" said Vickers, breathing heavily at the same time. "Anything for you" she said. Vickers walked over to her and relatively easily picked her up and turned her upside down. He kissed, licked and snogged her fanny with a lot of vigour. Sabina sucked Vickers cock in and almost out of her sexy mouth with the same vigour and almost greed. They were both stood sideways to the window and I could make out her red lipstick rubbing off onto a well developed penis. This continued for a minute or so until Sabina took Vickers cock out of her mouth and shouted she was feeling faint from being upside down. Vickers then lay her on the bed and lit a cigarette. As soon as he did this I orgasmed, the cum spurting up a few inches and wetted my T-shirt. Sabina got hurriedly dressed and headed for the door, as she opened the front door, Vickers grabbed her and span her around, snogging her at the same time. "Do you know the trouble with women like me, they always want more." With this she undone the tie around her light raincoat showing her tits that appeared some what over exposed and put the index and middle fingers of both hands around both nipples, these being a good distance up from the bottom of her tits. Vickers shouted "Oh yes, oh god yes" with a grin on his face, licking and sucking each nipple with a sexual greed. Sabina was now laughing a high pitched womanly laugh as Vickers also squeezed her bottom. She then pressed her fingers against his mouth to signal she was leaving. He took her middle finger just the same as I did earlier on in the day and put the whole length of it in his mouth and sucked for a few seconds. It seemed to me this was a natural reaction for all heterosexual and bisexual men seeing Sabina. She walked within four feet of where I was hiding and glided past with a faint smile on her face. I could do with this again I thought, I wander what it will be the next time.....
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