KASSI NOVA part 2.

It had been three weeks since my fling with Kassi and I wanted to resume my affair with her again, she broke up with me and told me that she could have any man she wanted. I knew where she lived, but could not decide on what sex acts to have with her if she was willing again. Then one day I plucked up the courage to see her, I waited until the evening and went round to her house. When I got to her front door I could hear shouting which sounded like "YES OH YES OH YES......." I felt a pang of jealousy, was she with another man and a minute later out came my lecturer from Uni. He was a chap in his 60s and looked tired out. As he was about to pass me, he stopped and said "Oh I needed that" and carried on, I decided not to let this change my decision to flirt with Kassi and with that I rang her bell.
When she finally answered, my mouth hung open. She was wearing exactly the same as her past "piano lesson" video and had her tits fully exposed. "I...I...I" "what is it darling" she said, "I need you, I need to see you" I quickly added. I went inside and into her front room, I wanted to flirt with her and get the woman into bed, if time would permit this following her previous fling. I made a good an attempt as possible to walk across the room to the arm chair without exposing my huge erection. We both sat down and I could not stop myself from staring at her chest and clit. I got up and sat next to her on the sofa, she just looked at me in mild surprise as to what I would do next. "You need me, dont you" she said, "of course I fucking need you" I said and that was when the real action began. She pulled my trousers and boxers down and began to suck my penis. Oh it felt so good, "suck hard" I said as she picked up the pace with her tongue. I began to feel her tits, they were a reasonable size considering she was only 5ft 5 and was impressed with her nipples. They were good and hard and felt erotic to the touch, "this time im in charge" I struggled to say as my sexual fullfillment increased more and more. "Sure my darling" came the reply and with that I instructed her to stand up so I could have anal. I quickly pulled her into the kitchen and pushed her over the table, I shoved my erect penis into her asshole and began rapid sexual intercourse. Oh my god it felt so good, I was in heaven, I cummed and felt instantly relieved, but I needed to fullfill my sexual desires further.
"What can I do with you now" I whispered in her ear, "whip me for Gods sake" she exclaimed. With that I found her horse style whip from the cupoboard and began to beat her. Firstly I started with her ass and legs and then her chest and neck. She was screaming in pain and yelled at me to stop, but I couldn't, my G-spot was going into orgasm and I needed more and more and more. She tried to run out the door and I cracked the whip around her neck and yanked her back in. She fell against the table and banged her head on the chair, but I could not stop the whipping. I kept hitting her and hitting her as she lay quivering on the ground for ten minutes, then twenty and then thirty, until finally I had no more energy left. She was a red raw wreck and was covered in raised lines from where I had struck her. "Does that satisfy your needs, you sadist bastard." I felt two distinct feelings, sexual fantasy and guilt at what I had done to her.
I needed to make my move and get out, since she could ring the police on the basis of sexual assault, I ran for the door and looked around, what could I do next time I thought.........
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