German mothers part 2.

After a month long affair we both decided that the sex should end. Her name was Sabina and she was working full time as an e****t now anyway. I decided that I would secretly follow her to work and watch her discretly to see what she gets up to. It was a balmy night and she left at 7pm and began to walk across town to a nearby district. I read her diary and it stated "Sex dinner for dirty bastards at Crescent Road." I waited 30 seconds or so and followed her at a safe distance, her heels on the pavement made enough noise that I could guess which corner she last turned. She entered a fairly large house with a front garden containing bushes and watched as she was led by the hand inside. She was wearing a raincoat and tights and I could clearly see her 15 feet away from the rhododendron bush. It was just starting to get dark and the lights were on inside the house. There were about a dozen old looking guys sat around a large table and were about to have dinner, this being served by Sabina. She had removed her raincoat and was now wearing just her heels, stockings and a black leather corset exposing her tits and nipples even more. She began to pour wine into their glasses and was obviously providing extras to each one as well. The first guy snogged her, the seconds was holding, kissing annd sucking her nippples and tits and the third stuck his tongue in her shaved vagina. Every so often she would half shout "Oh" as various sex acts were carried out. I wanted to get a bit closer and see some more, but as I moved forwards a few feet I stood on a twig and it snapped, the window to the room everyone was sitting in was open a bit. I ducked down literally just two seconds before someone said "what was that." "It must be a pheasant in the rhododendron" said an old man and the dinner resumed. "Phew" I whispered to myself. I slowly and carefully got up again and peered though the leaves. Sabina had now lifted her leg onto a chair and allowed a guy to snog her fanny. I don't believe it I thought, thats my old secondary school teacher, a strict chap with steel rimmed glasses who had retired years ago. "Thats right darling, put your tongue in a bit deeper" said Sabina in English, with a distinct German accent as the man felt her legs and knees. I wander what will happen next I thought to myself and with that Sabina led the same guy into an adjoining room. They both got into a king size bed and the guy tied her wrists to the barred head board, he quickly took his clothes off and was saying "yes, yes, yes..." He moved around and put his penis in her mouth and stuffed his face into her clit. This carried on for a few minutes and they then began to have rampant sex, he finally orgasmed and their were loud shouts of "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD........."
I knew my old teacher well and it always struck me that he was on the sadist side. "Your a really sexy, stupid woman do you know that" he blurted out. My mother just lay there and slowly moved her eyes over him. "Your like a stupid sex toy that can't do anything but sexually nourish people." With this Sabina said calmly, "I do anything for the likes of you." There was a brief pause, she then got up and attempted to remember the four digit combination for the pad lock on the rooms door, she failed several times and finally vented her frustration. "FUCK" she shouted and was grabbed by the guy and picked up and shagged violently against the wall, this time it was only about two minutes and the session had finished.
"I feel like i've been used" said Sabina, "just wait until next week" said the guy. With this the man unlocked the padlock and they both walked rapidly back to the main room. She had now put her raincoat back on and was kissing each chap goodbye, some would hold her hands and snog her while others licked her cheek. The last guy to say his goodbyes was the teacher again. He said out loud in front of everyone else, "shall I call you Sabina or sexy stupid from now on." She slapped him across the face hard and left a distinct red mark in the shape of her womanly hand. There was a few seconds silence and then everyone filtered outside. I kept as still as possible as each one walked past the bush with my mother behind, she was walking considerably faster than when she arrived and was obviously in a huff.
With this I crept out of the bush and made my way back home and this is how the story ends, why not leave a comment on what you thought of it or what I could include for part 3?
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