This is based on a true story while I was a student at Bournemouth University in the UK and is then expanded on, I won't go into to much detail just in case someone I know reads this and could identify myself. The expanded part includes myself having a supernatural power to identify one person as the one who's mind is linked to everyone else of that sort, in this case tarts. Thus if the identified person was changed then so would everyone else in the world of that category.
There was a small convenience store at the end of my road and I decided to go in one day and buy something. There were three tarts behind the counter ready to serve customers, the shop was relatively small and probably only used as a "front" for what it was really selling. One woman was quite plain and looked European, but not English and the other two looked Romanian with their quite dark skin and heels etc. The shorter of the two looked like a real stunner with her tights, pretty face and good natural tits. Oh my god I could have got with that woman, by chance she was the one who served me and struck me as one of those woman who are just made for sex. In addition to this she did not look or strike me as being intelligent at all which made her even more sexy.
Now for what could have been, I made a pass at her while being served and it was then clear that she charges, but not normally to my age group. We went through the back door and up the stairs to a dingy shit hole bedroom. I then decided to change her mind about what she does and become my permanent girlfriend, she took some persuading but finally she agreed.
With this completed it was now time for sex, we quickly escaped out the back of the shop and ran to my car and away we went. I needed sex with the woman desperately and so we stopped at a hostel for the night. I felt her legs and fanny and got down on her for a few minutes, it felt so satisfying. I lifted her leg up like a typical Romanian tart and had incredible sex, I wanted more and more, I just couldn't stop, until finally "OH GOD, OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD". This wasn't enough and we then had a good ඍ", her vagina was so tasty I could have it for dessert every day of the week and still have room for more. Oh I needed the woman so much. I decided to find more about her and why she came to the UK, her dad used to fuck her when she was 15, her mother used to snog her and her neighbour used to keep feeling her tits.......
What do you think of the story, why not leave a comment on the best parts or how it could be altered?

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