This story relates to news articles about Bosnian women in the past. The first is Fata Lemes, the cocktail waitress who refused to wear a sexy dress and the photo of the woman on the left under "bosnian woman" for google images.
I had tracked Fata to an address in London and wasted no time in chatting her up. I got down on her and filled my mouth with her tits and nipples and we got into bed with one another and oh my god, the sex we had. "Oh oh oh" she shouted as I shagged her so fast. Her tits were sun tannned, the same as on the internet and her nipples looked over exposed even in private, together with a shaved vagina and armpits made the woman so "available". It was after our 20 minute sex session that my sexual questions began and thats when the real pleasure began.
She was having an affair with her much older landlord for reductions in the rent, she used to wank her dirty old secondary school teacher during break time and puts topless photos of herself in public toilets to name but a few. I then told her about the attractive woman from google images with her deep white skin and sexy face that she asked me why I prefer Bosnian women so much. "They're so much better" I said and this is how the story ends, its up to you to decide how it carries on, perhaps with anal or tracking the other woman down. There is one thing for sure, its bound to involve cum, cum, cum.

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