German mothers serve well.

It was the year 2090 and everyone had a sexy mother as standard, as long as they were pictured for public viewing in the past. This meant that I happened to have a German model as a mother from Helmut Newtons "Here they come" photo from 1981, the one on the far left with reasonable sized, quite square tits and brown wavy hair.
I was now 19 years old and ready for a sexual affair. I had been unemployed for the last three years since leaving school as I could not be asked to find a job when my wealthy e****t mother could provide "everything" for me anyway. She had explained to me before about how she used the term e****t to get away from the fact that she was in fact a real tart. I had just got undressed for bed when she came into my room to get something and noticed what an erection I had. I had been masturbating to the thought of her for around four years previous and she had seen the amount of cum left over in my pants and sheets. (I did not bother to wipe it up at all as I wanted her to see for herself my sexual prowess.) This time was different.
She looked at my penis for a few seconds in which I pulled my pants down and asked her for sex. She clasped her hand to her mouth with horror. (She was still only 33 years old and well within her prime.) she stood frozen in horror as I walked over to her and pulled her towards my bed. Her hands were like real womans, quite long red varnished finger nails and relatively big womanly fingers. Despite her surprise at my gesture she lay down and did exactly as I asked, as I pulled her dressing gown off, her tits flopped out to reveal sexy looking nipples and a shaved vagina. I stuck my tongue in her clit and started to have rapid, hard sex with her. We kept going for about 20 minutes or so and she moaned with pleasure as I orgasmed up into her.
I could get used to this I said, how about anal next time. To this she replied that I could sl**p with her anytime she wanted. From then on rather than letting my mother wipe up my cum I would store it in a jar and wipe it in her mouth and over her body to help fulfill my needs.
Oh I felt good, I felt like a real mother fucker.....
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