This is about seeing a really good pornstar like that of Janey Robbins and imagining she exists in your life, so I made this story as an outline for the sort of scenario that could exist.
I had already been at college for a year to complete my A levels when a new Enlish teacher started, called Ms. Robbins. Oh what a sex god she looked like, with her good height of 175cm and light to medium build with sexy natural tits and wavy brown hair. It was obvious to me from the start that she had a fetish for younger males like those of my age, she would turn up for lessons wearing tights and heels with red nail varnish and this was only the beginning. There were a number of sexual reasons why she was interested in me. To start with she always looked at me whenever she could each day and made passes in the form of calling me darling and breathing over me when waiting to enter the classroom. This of course being when no one else was around, as such remarks and gestures would have resulted in Ms. Robbins having "disciplinary" measures taken against her in the deputy heads office. (Full sex and a ඍ" with a somewhat older man, not the sort of fetish that Ms. Robbins had). It was after one typically slow going and boring lesson in which anyone could teach that the waiting had finally ended.
"Do you prefer younger guys" I stated. There was a pause, "Of course I do darling" said Ms. Robbins. "Why are you wasting all your sex appeal being an English teacher? I liked what the job had to offer! The possibility of choosing a younger man to have an affair with!" "I could fuck your clit and your ass twice a week forever" I said. "Go on then give it to me" she blurted out and just like that we walked (rather rapidly) to the empty sick room with the bed and locked door. Oh the sex we had, I licked her vagina and filled my mouth with her tits and nipples before fucking her so fast and hard. She of course kept her stockings and heels on to add to the experience. Not only this she told me about her sexual misconduct with younger guys in the past. This included pulling "sickies" and having sex in a bush directly opposite the classroom full of students being covered by another teacher for her. Not only this but she admitted to keeping her vagina and armpits regularly shaved so that younger guys could lick a much smoother surface.
The sick room sex session was a close call, as we had only just finished when someone knocked at the door. Ms. Robbins had to quickly hide in the cupboard while I pretented to be ill. It was after this that we decided not to risk on site sex any more but opted for fetishes instead. This included whippings during weekends in the bushes and anal in her car nearby during lunch time. I also dared her to carry out sexual acts on her own in public, such as driving home topless and flashing at other attractive women on the street. I made sure she did this by actually seeing her on various afternoons carrying out her obligations.
This carried on for a few months when we decided that this did not fulfill us enough. Then one day I came up with a solution, the noose winch. Before sex I would tie the noose around her neck and hang her for just a few seconds to get rid of some the sexual urge I had for her. "Oh god, oh god" she would say after a hanging, "thats exactly what I need" I would say.
Until the day I finished my A levels this was a weekly occurrence, until the new academic year when the next fortunate guy arrived......

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