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Fall Cleaning (or What To Do With Leaves Who Left)

About 18 months ago, I wrote a blog post entitled "Summer Cleaning - Had me a blast!" - you can read it here:

In that post, I wrote about a strange xHamster phenomenon. When I clicked on several user names, a profile wouldn't come up - it merely read "User Not Found". The "User Not Founds" were profiles in limbo - the user merely closed or deactivated their account and were waiting for the xHamster's computer to purge them out of the system.

I'm happy to report during my Fall Cleaning, I encountered not one single missing profile - your xHamster tax dollars at work!

This morning, I clicked on the "Defriend Retired Users" button in the "My Friends" section.

(Click on "Edit Profile", find and click on "My Friends" in the left hand column under "Users", and scroll down to the bottom of your friend list. You'll find the button of which I speak along with "Defriend User")

I clicked on every friend on my list and checked when their last activity was here on xHamster. Directly below their screen name in their profile is "Last Activity".

If someone hasn't been active in the past 30 days, it's probably a safe bet they won't be returning. Found one user today who last signed in 110 days ago... and I even found a member of the "Reviewer's Club" here at xHamster who hadn't signed on in over a month!

I went from around 2000 friends to 1744 in one morning's sitting.

If everyone here at xHamster would press that "Defriend Retired User" button once a week, there'd be a lot more things the xHamster computers could do - like worm out bots more efficiently or upload more porn faster.

What do you think?

Posted by TMandrake 3 years ago
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