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Once You Go Black... My first time

Moving to junior high school is never an easy time. My class buddies and I were together since kindergarten - we knew where everyone lived, we all had loathed our 4th grade teacher to death, and we were beginning to discover the opposite sex.

Puberty and adolescence run amok when you hit 12 or 13. Then they ship you onto junior high where you meet an entirely new crop of k**s going through the same anxieties and growing pains that you were experiencing.

For me, it was the first time I discovered the wonderment of African-American girls. Watching them walk from the buses to their classes was an event; I used to bring a Pop Tart and watch carefully. Their shapes astounded me: larger, fuller breasts, ample butts, incredible hips.

We skip several years because I was a complete washout in junior high. Never attended any of the dances, never asked a girl for a date, and never had any luck even talking to any of them outside class.

Our school got a new female student in the 6th grade (I was in 8th). She was drop dead gorgeous, amazing singing voice, and blessed in all areas of her development. We rode the same bus in the morning and we became friendly, but not friends. In the hallways, we would say hello and leave it at that. She turned heads and I knew she would blossom into something special.

I had to wait two years in high school to reconnect with her. When we did, father time was on her side - she was our version of Tyra Banks! EVERY guy wanted to be with her and tried in vain to get her phone number or ask her out. But I saw her more as a younger friend than sex object at the time and we quickly became friends, not friendly.

We shared the same bus again and occasionally we would sit next to each other. How's your mother? Did you see that episode of "ALF" last night? How do you like Mr. Jones in such and such a math class? Soon enough, the bus ride would be over and we'd be on our way.

After I graduated HS and went to college, we kept in touch. During a Christmas break or two, we even got together a few times (strictly platonic) to catch up on life. She was acting in school plays and getting noticed for her singing and stunning good looks.

When she graduated HS, she left for modeling school and began entering beauty pageants to get scholarships. With her looks and talent, she succeeded amazingly - she was a Miss Black Indiana in the 90s and made the Top Ten in Miss Black America.

We slowly began to lose contact as our lives took different paths. About five years passed when one day she showed up at my mother's house with a baby girl in tow. She had moved back into the area and was looking to reconnect with some of her past. My mom called me at work, put her on the phone, and we quickly made plans to get together.

Over dinner, she related that due to some missed opportunities and a bad marriage (hence the baby girl), her dreams were on a shelf. The once happy and vibrant girl was now rough around the edges. She was going to nursing school and staying with her parents until she could find her own place.

At the end of dinner, she admitted she had a crush on me since grade school and respected me due to the fact I never tried to sl**p with her (unlike everyone else) in HS. I thanked her for her honesty and admitted that I had had several erotic dreams about her back in the day.

She asked me to describe the dreams. I told her I'd rather perform them with her.

The sexual tension began to build. We were finishing our dinner when she "accidentally" dropped a fork in my lap. She reached over and grabbed my cock; soft squeezes and one good long stroke. This had the desired effect she wanted and the erection in my pants went to critical mass. Flashing me a warm smile, she calmly went back to eating her entree.

As we were leaving the restaurant, I walked up behind her, softly pressing myself against her and the door with a good grind of my hips into her ass. Oops. I must have tripped there. She threw her head back with a laugh of delight and rewarded me with a small kiss in the parking lot. Her happy face framed her lips perfectly - it was a small dream come true.

Driving back to my apartment, she quickly put on a rock station and began moving and dancing in her seat. Her intoxication over me kept one eye on the road, one on her. As she kept telling me to watch the road, she lowered her bucket seat. Watch the road. She then unbuttoned her pants and thrust her hand down them. WATCH THE ROAD, she yelled.

The drive was coming to an end and she was in another world, rubbing herself and moaning in soft delight. We parked and I watched her melting from her own touch when she jumped up, got zipped up, and leapt from the car. We were running, not walking, to my apartment.

I quickly opened my apartment door for her and as she entered, I reached around her and finally got my hands on her tits; my 8th grade fantasy come true. We took turns kissing (with tongue and without), touching, caressing, exploring, whispering our desires and moaning in ecstasy.

We took turns pleasuring each other and ourselves; we both masturbated the other to orgasm. She loved riding my cock; grinding out orgasm after orgasm. We watched porn and even acted out the scenes, fucking the same way they did on screen. She moaned, hummed, even began singing as the magic moment neared. Simply amazing.

After several hours of intense lovemaking, we took a break. She quickly got dressed and asked me to do the same. She made me drive her home and I immediately thought the evening was over. During the ride home, she was flirting like crazy and I was trying to figure out why she wanted to stop now.

She went into her home to check on her daughter. She ran inside for about five minutes, checking in with her mom and k**. When she came back out, she was carrying a shopping bag with her. So maybe she was staying the night.

Upon our return to my apartment, we got comfortable in the living room and before anything was said, she reached into her bag for one of her sex toys.

We took turns with the dildo first. She spread her legs and worked it over her gorgeous pussy, stroking the lips that glistening, running its shaft lengthways, inserting it inside her, all the time with her eyes on me, watching my reactions.

She handed it to me and I quickly kneeled in front of her, remembering what I had witnessed moments earlier. As I fucked her with the dildo, I sucked on her clit and just about shot her into orbit.

Now it's your turn. She made me bend over the arm of the sofa and lubed my asshole well, probing with her fingers, softening the hole. She slowly began twisting the dildo inside me and owwww.... OWWWWWW... Oh. Ohhhh.

I must admit it didn't feel terrible thereafter and it's the only time a person besides my doctor has inserted anything inside my anus. Once in a lifetime is enough for me.

We went into the bedroom and she unveiled her giant, 10 inch black vibrator. She wanted to be fucked in her mouth by me while she took Black Beauty and fucked herself with it. Her orgasms were explosions of movement, sound, and intense release. Not one video here has come close to what she looked and sounded like that night.

By this time it was 4 AM and we were both exhausted. Three hours of sl**p later, we took a shower and made love one more time.

Final score: her 10, me four.

We had other nights of passion like that but never as close as the first. By this time, she had found her own place to stay and wanted me to move in with her. I was thisclose to joining her when I showed up at her apartment one afternoon early and found her with a male "friend" who was going to help her record an album. It was a bad vibe all around.

We called each other a few times more and promised to get together soon. I soon moved on to a out-of-state job, she was trying everything to be discovered as the next Whitney Houston.

Twelve years had passed. At my mother's funeral remembrance last year, she showed up with four k**s & her second or third husband. I barely recognized her.

The cigarettes, three quick pregnancies, and hard living had taken their toll. Her beautiful smile was now grilled out and she had lost her job at the stripper bar. She paid her respects while her hubby kept the k**s in line.

We shared a quick hug and a kind word. I looked into her eyes and saw the young woman I remembered from my school days. She introduced me to her hubby and k**s and reality set back in. You went to school with my mom?

I thanked her for coming and she smiled warmly (without flashing the grill). In a moment, it was the same smile she shared over dinner that first memorable night together. Her entourage departed quickly and quietly.

I've had many sexual experiences with African-American women since then but I'll never forget that moment in time with her.
Posted by TMandrake 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Wow, beautiful story, remember the good and hot things in life, cause time changes everything in good or bad ways.
3 years ago
Really nice story. I'm not planning on going to any high school reunions. I want my memory of my high school boy and girl friends to be frozen in time.
3 years ago