Weekend in St. Louis

It had been a long two months. I was retraining factory workers in a small industrial town in Missouri who resented the fact I was trying to help them increase productivity. The guys who had been on the line for 20 to 30 years plus were so resistant that for the first time in my professional career, I had missed my goals (and lost out on several thousand dollars in bonuses from my job).

I needed a break.

I drove into St. Louis on a Saturday morning and got a hotel room at the airport Holiday Inn. I had the phone numbers of several e****ts and working girls and began to make calls. Many of the calls were cautious (everyone thinks I'm a cop) but I was determined to have an entire weekend of blowjobs. No sex - too strenuous.

The first girl arrived after 2 PM. She entered, took about a 1/2 hour to make sure I wasn't undercover, exchanged some money, and wrapped my cock in a condom. She dropped to her knees and began servicing me while I sat in a chair.

Her technique wasn't great but she was determined to give me my money's worth. I eventually came and she scooped the money up and was ready to bolt. I thanked her and told her if she had any other time later in the evening or the following morning, she could double her money here again. She said she'd try and left.

Two hours later, the next girl came - a stunning black call girl. It took 45 minutes to calm her fears. I placed the money on the desk, told her what I wanted, and she agreed.

What she didn't tell me was she worked best when she was completely naked, thus energizing my libido to perform more and in the process to make her more money. But I strictly wanted oral and she gave me one helluva show. She stradded me in the 69 position so her pussy was inches away from my face and sucked me off and I had a difficult time NOT reaching up and tasting or touching that slit (thereby adding more charges to her regular fee).

I came quite quickly with her. She was the best girl who performed with me that evening. I asked her if she had any friends to send them to my room within the next 24 hours for blowjobs only - she'd spread the word.

About an hour or so later (after some dinner), I got two calls within 20 minutes of each other. I told both of them to come up to my room. The first arrived and was very nervous - a friend of the first girl who showed that weekend. She was extremely edgy and I was ready to send her home when the second girl showed up.

The second girl wasn't sure what to think but when I flashed the green, she was willing to do anything. I sat the first girl down and told her to sit and watch. The second girl serviced me on the bed and I watched the reactions of the scared girl. Her nerves were calming down and intently watched the e****t sucking me off.

About 20 minutes into her blow job, I stopped, paid her off, and sent her on her way. I laid back on the bed and told the now-calm first girl "I sent her away because I want YOU to make me cum." The girl stood from her chair, positioned me to the side of the bed, and did a great job in finishing me off. She was very happy with how I handled her jitters, I paid her the cash, and she hugged me fiercely.

I grabbed my phone and saw I had missed three calls. The first was from an ex-GF who I wanted to see that night because she performed great in the oral dept. The other two were additional friends of friends who were looking to make some money. I called the ex-GF and told her to come up. The others I called and set up times for nightcaps.

I explained to the ex-GF what I was doing and she was receptive - however, she wanted to get a closer look at "a hooker at work". So I called a nightcap, told her to come now, and she arrived at the hotel. When she spotted the ex-GF, it set off alarms and she nearly left. We talked for about an hour until I flashed some cash and work was to be done. The ex-GF sat in a chair as I laid back on the bed, put on a condom, and the girl did her business. The ex-GF just watched.

I finished, so did the hooker, and she went on her way. The ex-GF was quite critical, pointing out faults and technique in the performance. The ex-GF then proved her point and gave me a blowjob for free without a condom. Without the latex providing a buffer, I came pretty quickly and the ex was proud of herself.

However, I made her put a condom on me and try it the hooker way. The ex-GF had a rough time since she didn't like the taste of rubber and her usual tricks (nibbling, hand coordination) didn't have the same effect. I didn't come the second time with her.

The ex-GF decided to stick around for one more nightcap. I had four missed calls on my phone (word travels fast) and chose one at random. She was actually in the same hotel as me and was working out of her own room with a pimp.

The ex-GF talked me into walking down to her room with me so she could experience it for herself. We knocked on the door and a seedy looking character opened the door (the pimp). I got a bad vibe as we walked in and I didn't bother sticking around to meet the girl. The ex-GF was pushing to see the pimpette and I let her, walking back to my room alone.

I called another number on my phone and arranged for one final job. She agreed to meet me in "20 minutes". The ex-GF found her way back to my room, wasn't too happy with me for leaving her in the other room, and promptly left. So I waited for the new girl to show up... and waited... and waited... and waited... By now it was 1 AM and two hours after the phone call. When she did return my call, I told her not to bother because I wasn't going to wait any longer.

The day had started off great but the night was quite a letdown. So I called the remaining numbers which I had on my phone and asked if they could meet in the morning. One said she would be there at 10 AM, I left messages for the others. With no one visiting me at 2 AM early Sunday morning, I went to bed.

At 10 AM promptly, the girl knocked on my door. She was a pretty gal, sat down on the bed, and explained she was a friend of one of the girls I had called earlier. Since they both came to the conclusion I wasn't undercover, she quickly asked for the cash. Talk about service!

She was wild, head jerking all around, hands working the cock, and it wasn't pleasant at all. I stopped her and asked if she could slow the tempo down - she was overeager and agreed to take her time. It was more pleasurable and we both got what we wanted.

I was ready to check out of the hotel when I got a call from the ex-GF, apologizing for her attitude and behavior the following evening. I thanked her for the call and was about to hang up when she offered a blowjob as an apology. Now who could resist that?

The ex-GF arrived back at the hotel shortly before checkout time and asked what was the score. This was going to be BJ number nine.

"And it's gonna be the best of them all." she said.

And it was.
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4 years ago
Too bad I didn't find you when you were in STL....