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How to handle PM(S).

I'm not sure how we met here on this great free web porn site. Was it a comment I left for you or you left for me? In any case, we began a correspondence, an openness that allowed us to freely exchange messages and ideas, and it flourished into an acquaintanceship that I look forward to every time I sign on to xHamster.

We've reached a delicate moment in the dance and I'm fighting the urge to make it go deeper than it is. I'm not sure what you think - which is why I'm spilling this here instead of a private message.

The uncharted waters of private messages is where many budding conne... Continue»
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June 2014

Lots of things have happened since my last blog post (

We got a nursery ready, attended birthing classes, purchased the collected works of Dr. Suess, even had a baby shower in which our friends and f****y got about 80% of everything we registered for. We had clothes picked out for both boy or girl (we didn't find out about the sex of the c***d before hand - our parents didn't, why should we?). We had a support system in place for any eventuality.

I had mixed feelings. I was ready to become a stay-at-home dad. I practiced changing ... Continue»
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October 2013

This is probably the last entry I'll be able post for quite a while.

This past month of October has probably been the greatest of my life.

First, congrats to the Red Sox and their amazing run to becoming World Series champs! We were there every step of the way this year - went to nearly 20 Fenway games... including Game 2 of the World Series. Cost us an arm and a k**ney but we were there! What a time!

My wife and I have been trying to start a f****y since we were married in July of 2012. Despite our advanced, mature ages of 45 and 44 respectively, we haven't been able to do so. ... Continue»
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Five Year Member of xHamster

I used to frequent another free porn site. This place was what xHamster is now - the perfect mix of young, old, weird, usual, extreme, and boring. It was well moderated, nothing too fancy with its layout, and you can add favorite videos and not much else. It was the most popular free porn site in the world...

But... you knew that was coming though, right?

Either the ownership changed hands, one of the big porn companies started a copyright crackdown, or it was blocked effectively overseas. Whatever the reason, in an instant much of the professional porn was gone. Vanished. They re... Continue»
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Today I am a Bostonian

I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I've lived in several different states since then: Ohio, Maryland, Missouri, and Georgia. About a year ago, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to be near my then fiancee / now wife.

Whenever you move to a new location, there's that uneasy period of time in which you acclimate yourself to your new surroundings. You find yourself searching for the closest amenities like gas stations and coffee houses - when you visit, you get a feel for the place and ask "would I enjoy coming back here again?" and the like. If not, the s... Continue»
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My unique birthday

At the end of the month, I will be celebrating a personal milestone that is so fun that I wanted to share it with all of my friends (and non-friends) here at xHamster.

I will turn eleven years old. You read that right.

Nigel Tufnel's favorite number. The eleventh hour. The number of players on a football, soccer, or cricket team. Eleven pipers piping. 10 plus one. September 11. Get a slurpee at 7-Eleven.

You might be saying "He's sniffing glue" or "What is this guy yakkin' about?" It's not often I get to celebrate my birthday so bear with me - some of you might have an idea... Continue»
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Where have I been, with who, and where am I going?

Last December, I got a very good, last minute, you-can't-pass-this-opportunity-up rate for a five day Christmas cruise of Alaska. I've never been on a cruise before and thought it would be relaxing to see a part of America free of wall-to-wall billboards, Starbucks, cell phone service, and all other reminders of every day civilian life.

I packed my winter gear and several borrowed library books and flew to Seattle, Washington where the cruise would disembark. I looked forward to several days travel with nothing to do but read, relax, and possibly meet some single women who could hold down... Continue»
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Fall Cleaning (or What To Do With Leaves Who Left)

About 18 months ago, I wrote a blog post entitled "Summer Cleaning - Had me a blast!" - you can read it here:

In that post, I wrote about a strange xHamster phenomenon. When I clicked on several user names, a profile wouldn't come up - it merely read "User Not Found". The "User Not Founds" were profiles in limbo - the user merely closed or deactivated their account and were waiting for the xHamster's computer to purge them out of the system.

I'm happy to report during my Fall Cleaning, I encountered not one single missing profile ... Continue»
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The Shocking Truth About Private Messages

Anywhere you go on the Internet, there's a mysterious place where two people and ONLY two people can have a conversation privately. This forbidden zone where many a friendship have blossomed into relationships, where relationships break friendships, and where ships sometime pass in the night are called...

PRIVATE MESSAGES = cue flash of lightning/clap of thunder/ominous music =

Many of these messages have never been before seen by human eyes - most prefer they stay hidden out of fear of reprisal, discovery, and humiliation. However, the truth must be told - it can no longer be withhe... Continue»
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Once You Go Black... My first time

Moving to junior high school is never an easy time. My class buddies and I were together since kindergarten - we knew where everyone lived, we all had loathed our 4th grade teacher to death, and we were beginning to discover the opposite sex.

Puberty and adolescence run amok when you hit 12 or 13. Then they ship you onto junior high where you meet an entirely new crop of k**s going through the same anxieties and growing pains that you were experiencing.

For me, it was the first time I discovered the wonderment of African-American girls. Watching them walk from the buses to their clas... Continue»
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The video was posted recently - the title was simple, the screencap looked intriguing and tantalizing, the length of the video was modest.

As the video unfolded, I watched as a woman quietly performed a sex act. Nothing violent, nothing noisy, nothing overly X-rated. It was quiet, intimate, and deeply personal which added to the smoldering eroticism that was beginning to simmer.

The person in the video was allowing us a look into her personal world of sexuality. Most of us only have one-tenth of her courage. She wanted all of us to see her for who she is: a warm, human being with a d... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend in St. Louis

It had been a long two months. I was retraining factory workers in a small industrial town in Missouri who resented the fact I was trying to help them increase productivity. The guys who had been on the line for 20 to 30 years plus were so resistant that for the first time in my professional career, I had missed my goals (and lost out on several thousand dollars in bonuses from my job).

I needed a break.

I drove into St. Louis on a Saturday morning and got a hotel room at the airport Holiday Inn. I had the phone numbers of several e****ts and working girls and began to make calls. Ma... Continue»
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About a month ago, I boarded a Mexicana Air flight from Chicago non-stop to Cancun with the remains of my mother in storage next to a tourist's luggage. I was bound by her wishes to find the grave of the grandfather I never met in a place I visited only once in my lifetime. My mother had put me through many difficult times in my life - this was the supreme test.

It took me several days to find the spot we think was where my grandfather was buried. Seems a cemetery in that part of Mexico isn't actually sacred ground. Especially when your cattle need the land to graze and shit o... Continue»
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My grandparents were deathly afraid. Their first pregnancy after their wedding resulted in a miscarriage, their second was even more heartbreaking when the baby, a boy, had died in the womb. They were pregnant for the third time and many days were spent praying to the Virgin Mary in their church in Temozon, Mexico. After his daily morning prayers, my grandfather would spend each day from sunrise to sunset toiling in the fields as a farmer. My grandmother was attended to by nuns, distant cousins and relatives, and friends as the hours counted down to the birth of their c***d.

On July 23,... Continue»
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Another one of xHamster's great mysteries

When I joined this site close to two years ago, I signed on with the sole purpose of meeting some women. Not for cam, cybering, phone sex, D/s, or any other sexual purpose - I just wanted a simple conversation that would hold my interest. Anything beyond that is bonus.

I've added over 800 women to my list. Different regions, nationalities, sexual tastes, and ages. No matter what time of day it is, there's usually 50 or 60 of my friends online so there's never a chance of missing a chance to talk to new people. Mission accomplished, right?


There have been ... Continue»
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Summer Cleaning - had me a blast!

Several months ago, I noticed that I had several "retired" friends among the 750+ friends in my profile. xHamster, to their credit, added a "Defriend Retired Users" button in their Users section.

(Click on "Edit Profile", find and click on "My Friends" in the left hand column under "Users", and scroll to the bottom of your friend list. You'll find the button of which I speak along with "Defriend User" - keep reading)

However, I took this one step further.

I clicked on each and every one of the remaining friends on my profile. To my amazement, I discovered approximately 100+ frien... Continue»
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My avatar

When I first signed up with xHamster, I needed an AV. I didn't want a large dick AV, or a goth/alternative symbol that would make me look dangerous or cool.

I wanted something that would make the average person looking at it smile and/or laugh. So I went on a deep search of the Internet and found an AV that accomplished that.

It's the first and only AV I've owned here... and it's gotten more compliments, laughs, or reactions from xHamster users than anything else I've ever written or done here.

Several of the people I've chatted with on a semi-regular... Continue»
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[Story] In honor of St. Patrick's Day

On a beautiful spring day in Ireland, a priest is walking down a country road when he sees Mary Katherine, a beautiful lass he's known since he baptized her as a babe at his church, walking in the opposite direction, crying hysterically.

"Mary Katherine, my darling c***d, what ever can be wrong on such a lovely day?" the priest asks.

"Ohhh, Father... I'm so sad... My husband..." sobs Mary Katherine. "My husband died last night at home..."

"Ohhh, Mary Katherine, I'm terribly sorry for your loss... Tell me, c***d, did he have any last ... Continue»
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One of xHamster's great mysteries

I signed into my profile this evening and found a private message waiting for me - always a treat since it's from someone I've met here before. Once in a while, it's even flirty!

I clicked on the message and found it to be from [NAME WITHHELD]. I had found her profile from one of her videos she had posted. I looked at her other vids, then her personal photos (tantalizing), and decided "I'll send her an invite".

Her message read: "Thanks for looking at me - please see profile, no more males."

I've sent out invites to hundreds, if not thou... Continue»
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Do you realize that the number of men who visit Xhamster outnumber the women by a ratio of 8.5 to 1?

I have over 200 friends - all are female. That means there are over 1700 guys waiting in the wings trying to talk to these same 200 friends of mine.

No wonder it's been lonely around here...
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