Real life expirence. Part II

Remember this happened in the early 70's, Only 3 Major TV Networks, & when we did get cable, the channels were from the PHX,AZ & L.A.CA. ;& just like TV, porn was 3 different choice of Playboy, Penthouse, & Hustler. They could be bought at the check out/Registrar in the grocery stores. I was fortunate my S/F started buy Hustler magazines.
(Soap Box Moment= what a pieces of shit P/Mag. Playboy & Penthouse was, Hustler was the only mag not afraid to show pussy open in it beauty & sexy. Yes the comics were very raisy & some what Redneck, but so was Arch Bunker & All in the f****y was a big hit.I know a lot of people look down on Larry Flynt, but the S.O.B. took a built for the 1st amendment right. My hat is off to the Bi-Polar, crazy man who had a dream what Porn should be like. Great movie is, the people VS Larry Flynt. )

Now when my mom would got to work at the P/T job,& leave me with my S/F (home on disability). Left me pray for him to fill his sexual gratification, that she was not providing. When my mom would leave, my S/F take out his new magazine of Hustler. He would take me into the living room, & tell me to take my clothes off. Keep in mind that my S/F was famous for always walking around the house naked. ( always wonder what it would been like if I was a girl, see daddy walk around naked all the time lol)

So in walks naked S/F with a magazine, told to take my cloths off. Became suck a retinue, when my mom would go to work. That I would get naked when she left, & be ready for my S/F & magazine. This was the basic training that made me 3times a day masturbater. He would always start out with the same brain washing comment, this is what men do when there is no women around. The setting was on that long orange couch in the living room next to the TV& Stereo/ Record player Console units. 70's HiFi Stereo TV Combos.

As we would both masturbate together & flip threw the pages of Hustler Mag. Making comments of the women, or how to fuck them. Then we would progress from mutual- masturbation to were he would want me to sit on his lap & jack me off. Always making sure his PETER as he called it would sit right were the crack of my ass would sit conferable on his cock. We would pull me back & I could feel his hairy chest on my back, as we would jack me off, I could feel his PETER growing under my ass. My PETER was so small in his big hands. As he would jack me off, his PETER would be so rock hard he would move me up closer to his stomach. Thus allowing him to pull his PETER to stroke it , as he would jack me off. I could always hear when he was going to cum, the tension in the body & hands. The BAM! CUM, would out of his cock, landing over both of us.

When he would regain his breath, he would like me down & rub the cum into my skin, & then tell me to take a shower with him...... & those another story.

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2 years ago
Again, great to hear about your own experience in the context of how you are re-building your own soul out of what happened to you as a kid.
3 years ago
Gripped my Stiff, Erect Cock... Sgueezed, Stroked, Jacked and shot a Thick Load of CUM as I rread both Parts One and Two!
Naughty Johnny, Still "Playing" with my Dick even though it's Soft & flacid now....
3 years ago
Wow that was so hot had to jack my little cocklet off thanks Candi
3 years ago
Why would anyone think that a grown man molesting a child is hot? I have 2 young sons and a daughter and I would never do something like this to them. Its great that you share your story but its not ok for someone to think that its hot or masturbate to it or think that its ok to do this to a child.
3 years ago
What a hot stoey loved it a few questions did you or your s/f ever suck each other off or fuck each others ass holes, this would make interestion stories thanks
3 years ago
wow... what an experience... doesn't really make me horny hehe makes me curious :)
3 years ago
You are very brave to post this here. Thanks for sharing, its a very interesting account.
A xx
3 years ago
Hot hot hot, hope you continue onwards! It was a great story, thank you for sharing with us your experiences!
3 years ago