Real life expirence. Part I

My mother remarried & changed my name, we moved to the USA when I was 3 YO. I never did get to meet my birth-father, until I was 14 YO. So the man who I thought to be my father was real a step-father. We lived in the a desert town that was a farming & Military town, we lived in the out side of town. My father (Step-father) was disabled from a work accident. My mother got a part time job into town, & when she would go to work is when everything would happen.

One day my mom when to work, & my S/F took out his collection of porn magazines. He told me to take my pants off & started showing me the pages of naked women. Started to explain how men & women would have sex. As he would show me the pages, his dick started to get hard, or as he call it a peter. He started to stroke his peter in front of me, & motioned for take my underwear off. I started to repeat the stroking motion of his hand on his peter. Just as his dick got hard, so did mine. I never for get my peter looked so small& hairless, compared to my S/F peter full hard, with hair all the way up to his chest. We both stroked our peter, & flipped threw the pages of the magazine. Wow this a whole new feeling & sensation.

As we both jacked off & he would explain about sex & man & a woman. He would always repeat,this Fraze (Brain Washing me) This what men do when there are no women around. This was a start of my education to sex threw grade school. As we jacked & looked threw the magazines, I could hear his breathing getting heavier & his hand moving like there no tomorrow. Faster & faster he stroked, till I saw him sot his load. Take in mind I never seen an orgasm. I kept stroking my peter till it got numb. Little did I know this one time experience was a starting point of my S/F using me for his needs, because my mother has stop giving him what he needed.

Stay posted for part II of my sex education as a c***d.
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2 years ago
Can't wait to read more. I already browsed through a lot of the great material you have put up about molestation and this real like experience gives great context to that.
3 years ago
Your experiences with Your Step Father bring back fond memories when I was molested by an Older Man for many Years...and my Cock Grew Stiff & Hard as I read about You & Your S/F and I HAD to JACK OFF & CUM!
Johnny in SoCal
3 years ago
Wow that must have beenstart to your sexual educaton bet y9u learned a lot well hope you write more of you experiences with your step dad
3 years ago
To bad but how have you beennow doyu enjoy haveing sex or making love good wtoryif you write more i would like to read it thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great, looking forward to reading more.
3 years ago
I too am looking forward to your next, very interesting to read peoples own life experiences
3 years ago
can't wait for more
3 years ago
I lost my breath. Send more!!!!!!!