Me 1966-1984 (I-1)

I was born in one of the largest cities in the world,but I grew up in a small town. That small town can be found on any World Globe. Spanish Explores discovered a crossing point on the Colorado river back in 1540. Now it sits on a Tri-Borderers of California, Arizona & Sonora México; the gas stop between San Diego & Phoenix. The Desert area is home to Agriculture & Military Bases.

My Sexual Education came very early (too² early‼), I'm a Survivors of i****t by my step father. I do not condone what he did, but I do for give him for what he did. That is the 1st first step in healing with in. Many people live with pain, because they do not forgive. I was in elementary school during the time. My 1st first sexual encounter with a woman was when I was in Jr.High School. My Step father hired a Prostate to show me how to make love to a woman. I was twelve years old, but I told the girl I was thirteen. I was so nervous during the whole act. My step father was afraid I was going to turn out to be gay ( why because you made me suck your cock all that time ‼ ) , so he wanted a woman to show me what to do.

Most of my sexual experience in my life is threw masturbating (Jacking-Oƒƒ), my step father had always had Hustler magazine in the house & soon I adopted them as my own. I had many years of sexual experiences with out having an organism, because my body had not reached that point in life. I have masturbated at least twice to three time day day since grade school to current time now as an adult. I remember I was looking threw a Hustler Magazine and I felt a twitch in my crouch, so I took my dick out and started jacking off. Little did I know I was going to have my 1st first time (had an Orgasium )I Came‼ I don't remember the age what age I was. A lot of the order of things are all mixed up in my mind. I think I was a blocking them to forget the bad.

I was in the eight grade when I had my 1st first girlfriend. I could only see her at school , because her dad would not let her have a boyfriend at the time. I was always criticized for so many thing growing up & the abuse secret made my self esteem very low. She broke up with me when her father found out. I was back to masturbation wheel. High school came and the tenth grade, I had my second girlfriend, & my heart broken for the first time. She was in ninth grade, she moved from Hawaii ( her father was marine, & the marine base was down the road from where I lived at ), she lived in the same neighborhood & riding home on the school bus I got to know her.

I asked her to be my girlfriend & I started my exploration of love & lust. I will never for get kissing & fingering her pussy at the front door. Then walking all the way home smelling my fingers. Happy, Happy Joy Joy ‼ I was able to get the key to pool across the street one night and I took her to the bath room of the pools and we had sex for the first time. Then we use to come home on the bus & the she would stay at my house ( while no one was home ), I was able to suck on her tits & remember she had two hairs on her right nipple. I use to eat her pussy, and she always had that lost look...LOL Can not remember how long we lasted but soon came to end and I was broken hearted.

My young teens years was a roller coaster love lust & heartache, and dysfunctional f****y v******e. I still have a memory of my mother walking up in the middle of the night ,and telling me to run. Running out of the house my mom blocked the door and my step father knocked her out cold. I ran and hid in the neighbors yard till I saw him drive away. He was Alcoholic,and physically abusive to use, soon my mother divorced him and remarried. You would think that things would get better but we changed from one abuse to another. We went from lower middle class f****y to having not to worry financially. My new step father was very mentally abusive & he has a lot unresolved anger problems.

Like any youth of my age with same situation, we abused alcohol and marijuana to escape it all. My youth was in a era of McDonald's coffee spoons were know as Bump Spoons, and people with money had coke spoons on the necklaces. When Studio 54 was the talk & scandal of the country. And in era when Michale Jackson was Black. ▬ I was born in, " Make Love, Not War " of Vietnam War era. Watergate Scandal, Pet Rock, and women still had hair on the beavers. 1979 brought in a new wave for the eighties, and the Iran Hostage crises and before the war on terror , was the war on d**gs & Reganomics.

I had a lot of insecurity in High School, and still was running with a broken heart. I waited for girls to notice me, first because I was insecure. And had fear, of fear, fear of the bullshit stuck in my head. I'm sorry to all the people I hurt, because I did not have control of my emotions. I had a couple very strangle one night stand situation in High School. I had one special girl who took notice of me in High School ( I had won art awards local & state, & was the 1st student to got to nationals ) She was in my same art class, and one day we made planes for her to stay the night with me while my parents were out of town. My error was using my parents bedroom. We had a great time and what could of become my third girlfriend, BUT ‼ What happen after a great weekend with parents away, is that they return. And when they return, my mother find that the towel was not flushed. Not number one, but number two, my mother still reminds me of the time she went out of town, & one of my Girlfriend SHIT in her bathroom & did not flush it. I should of told the girl of my mother scandal, but I was embarrassed to talk about what happened. My mother never let's me forget the time = Someone shit in her bathroom and did not flush it, who doesn't flush , etc.......

Nineteen eighty-four come and graduate time from high school.

End of Part- I/1 ∙ 1966-1984
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