Car Wash

I was out washing my truck one early Saturdy morning. The Florida sun was already beating down at 9:00 am, sweat was already working down my face as I pulled into the vacum station. As I continued my work, I noticed a silver Accord pull into the automatic wash. As I was finishing up, I went to the vending machine to get a new air freshner, the driver of the Accord was having a difficult time lining up the vehicle. I was walking over to lend assistance, the driver, a very nice 35ish lady, let the window down and asked if I could please help. I asked if she wanted me to guide her into the lane, she asked if I could drive it for her as this is a new car for her and was afraid to damage it. I asked what happens if I put a dent in it, she said as long as it was not her and laughed. As she got out to get to the passenger side, I noted she was wearing very short shorts, a white t-shirt with a bikini top on underneath.

I get in, straighten the car out and pull in for the wash. I said the AC feels really good after being in the heat for so long, she agreed it was hot and pulled her top off. I told her at least you are dressed for it, she said that she hated to vaccum and wanted to know if I would do that for her. I explained that I just finished washing my truck by hand and vacumming, it was really too damn hot for another, but she said please as she pulled her bikini top to the side, revealing a very nice, perky C size boob. Her nipple was erect from the cold air blowing. She said I can do a favor if you will, I asked what she had in mind. She said she would blow me while the wash was going, but I had to finish before the wash was complete. Once the wash is done, so am I she said.

I tell her time is wasting and pull out my cock, she goes all the way down, she gets me instantly hard. She starts bobbing up and down as my hands roam her body. The wash cycle had just finished, only minutes until the rinse cycle is done. She hears the cycle change and starts going up and down my cock even faster, she stops at the tip to give it a good suck, she starts using her hands and mouth in unison, I tell her I am getting closer, she puts my cock between her tits and starts jerking me off, I can hold it no longer and cum all over her erect nipples just as the exit sign lit up.

I pull her car to the vaccum station, she asks if I can do the back of the car first, so I did, when I was done, she got in the back as I moved to the front. She pulls off her shorts off, takes a 6 inch vibrator out of her purse and starts to pleasure herself. She aked how much time is left on the vaccum, I tell her 4 minutes, she said great, she can get off in three, but I need to continue. I told her it was difficult to concentrate while she was doing that, she said get to work, or I stop. So I started back vaccuming, trying to peek when I could, she caught me and said that she would let me know it was time. I hurried and was about done when she asked how much longer, I said about 50 seconds, she ok you can watch, as she started rubbing her clit vigourously with one hand while using the vibrator with the other. Within seconds she was gripping the headrest, shaking and saying she was cumming, and just as the vaccum stopped, she was already trying to compose herself.

I asked her to let me know the next time she need help with the car wash.
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4 years ago
true story?
4 years ago
short & hot