A moonlit night

I took a short cut home from my new workplace. It was a cool autumn night and the short cut led me through a moonlit cemetery. It was poorly maintained with lots of bushes and trees and fallen down headstones. I stopped at a small alcove and sat on a park bench to have a cigarette and enjoy the gothic ambience.

I noticed men were walking about the pathways between the graves and were disappearing into some bushes. I followed and realised I had come across a circle jerk. 5 or 6 men were in a circle jerking and a number were in the bushes watching. It was weird. No contact just watching. Well I like to be touched so I didn't join the circle but stayed hidden in the bushes and unzipped. I also unbuttoned my shirt and surreptitiously stroked my cold and lust hardened nipple under my shirt.

I thought I was hidden but a man detached himself from some shadowy bushes and walked towards me. He was short. Older then me and with a belly. Not my type but he walked straight up to me and I was fascinated to see his penis sticking straight out horizontal to the ground and rock hard but the fascinating thing was it was small, maybe 5 inches and uncut and thin but with an enormous mushroom head on it. I was hypnotised.

He walked up and without a word reached in to my shirt and grabbed my nipple. My knees went weak. what happened next was more amazing, he grabbed my cock and said 'come with me' and dragged me by my cock into a small hidden space behind the bushes.

I stumbled awkwardly along being led by him firm grip on my cock. He stopped and tuned towards me and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and pulled it off. He took each of my nipples between finger and thumb and alternately stroked and tugged them driving me actually light headed with lust.

I reached down to grip my cock and his cock and he said 'i never told you to move'. He pulled me over to a bench and undid my jeans pulling them down and pulled me over his knees. He spanked my bottom three times just enough to sting and said 'don't do anything unless I tell you to do you understand boy'.

i croaked Yes sir almost speechless with lust and humiliation. He left his hand on my buttocks, a finger sliding between my cheeks and touching my anus gently. He told me to kneel and he dragged my face down to his crutch his cock entering my mouth. The big mushroom head felt o good. I could have easily deep throated him but for the big glans choking me.

He told me to stand. I did and he returned to playing with me nipples. I was now besides myself just wanting him to use my mouth. He stood and gripping my nipples pulled down forcing me to my knees. He face fucked me with his balls first one then the other, I had never had that before.

His rock hard cock slapped against my cheek and his belly against my head. He told my to touch my nipples which I did tugging hard while sucking his balls then being face fucked by his cock. Then he pulled out of my mouth and erupted onto my nipples.

He pulled me to my feet and stroked the cummy nipples while jerking me to completion.

It was the start of a strange relationship.....
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1 year ago
Thank you yutubeslut
1 year ago
that's really fucking hot.
you should have done some HRT just
for your tits and become a shemale.
get the guy to pay for it.