A quick Satruday afternoon visit

I recently met a lady online. She was dominant from the first sentence, which made me wet and wanting more. Through our chats I found out that not only was she black, but also a BBW who is here locally. The trifecta!

Chatting with her this morning made me so hungry for pussy I was going crazy. Knowing that my roommate and her bf would be out for the afternoon, I did something I never do, I invited her over. The moment I did, I was nervous and excited and when she accepted, a little scared. Honestly, she could be a man, a serial killer, who knows what, but I took a chance and it paid off orgasm after orgasm.

Before she got here, we set the ground rules. She was to be called MaMa and I was to be called whatever the fuck she wanted. Thinking of the way she said it even now makes my pussy tingle. I was to dress in normal clothes except for sexy black panties. We set up a safe word, but other than that, I was to do exactly as I was told.

There was a quiet knock at the door that sent shots of excitement through my whole body. I opened the door to find a very tall, black, bbw before me. She was much more of a presence than I had anticipated. I had barely locked the door behind her when she shoved me against the wall, my tits being squeezed by her large hands and she began kissing me. It was so passionate my pussy began to drip instantly. She started kneading both my tits with one hand and grabbed my pussy with the other. All that I could think was FUCK YES!

With her hands full of me, she asked me if I was going to be a good girl. I was so turned on, I was going to be anything she said I was going to be. "Yes MaMa" was what I heard myself say, but it was more of a pleading, begging her to let me show her.

She pulled a choke chain out of her jacket pocket and slipped it over my head then she pushed me down to the floor. Just like we had chatted about before, I really was going to be her dog now. "Get over here bitch" as she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me behind her over to the sofa. Then she pulled me back up again and made me undress for her, except for my black panties. She was calling me all sorts of names and asking me if I liked undressing for her and wearing a collar like a fucking dog. She made me sit up, crawl around the room and then called me like a dog to come to her. She moved to the edge of the sofa, spread her legs and told me to kiss her pussy. I did it wrong. I wasn't supposed to use my tongue yet, I was supposed just supposed to kiss it, but I didn't know that until she grabbed that collar and yanked my face to hers. Yes, it fucking hurt, but it also felt so good. "Kiss my pussy you worthless fucking dog. And tell MaMa how much you love it." or something to that effect. Whatever it was, I kissed her pussy over and over telling her how much I loved it. "Lick it now bitch" were the words I'd been waiting to hear. I lapped at her pussy like the good dog I'm supposed to be.

She grabbed the collar with one hand and the back of my head with the other and started grinding into my face. I was eating her big juicy pussy like an a****l. I remember hearing her calling me all sorts of bitches and whores and cunt, slut, dog and all of it made me want to eat her more. When she was about to cum she pressed my face so deep into her pussy I could barely breath. She held it there while she rubbed her clit hard to help finish herself off. When she came, she squirted so hard into my mouth and onto my face I started choking. That was a lot of squirt! She started laughing and telling me to drink it. "Drink it all baby. Be a good girl." She did not need to tell me that, I couldn't get enough of it. She had me so turned on I was going to do anything for her.

My cunt juice was all over my legs and all over the floor beneath me. She pointed to the floor and I just knew that I was supposed to get down there and lick it up. It's a good thing I cleaned the floor yesterday. And that I love the taste of my own juices. She was holding the collar and telling me what I good dog was. I fucking love that!

When it was all cleaned up, she made me sit up and beg. And bark. She slapped my tits and told me to bark after every time she did it. Then she grabbed my nipples and pulled me to her to kiss me. She said if I wanted to cum I'd have to agree to bark from now on.

To be continued....I'm out of time now....

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2 years ago
Great story, the best ones are the true ones. Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
...mmm,it is good to feel something like that...
2 years ago
very hot, thanks
2 years ago
OOh Thats soooo hot!
2 years ago
Great story. Especially being it a recollection of a true event. I bet it is not only the watching and chatting that keeps you from finishing. If I start writing about a true experience I usually end up masturbating to the images that play in my head. Everything is a blur afterward and I can't finish (again).

Now you have me on a crossroad. Do I want to read the next part or do I want you to keep on chatting. I'd tell you to do both.
2 years ago
i loved the story.
2 years ago
It was reality. It was from 3/31/12. I had posted it to my blog first, but it wasn't getting seen so I moved it to the stories area yesterday. I haven't had time to finish the recap of the rest of the afternoon yet, but hope to very soon. I keep forgetting & watching porn & chatting instead. :)
2 years ago
Woof, woof. What a hot story - reality or a fantasy I wonder?
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it