Getting to Know Me

When i was 15 i was going through the womanly changes in life that all of my friends have gone through. I was the only one with the tits of a 12 year old and who has yet to get their period. (i know its odd but still) I wanted to belong it was like a club that i NEEDED to be a memeber of. Late one fall evening i came home from school with an itch that needed to be sctratched.

I waited until my parents were asl**p. I lay in my bedroom and get into my bed, still horny my fingers did their walking down my left thigh and my right snaked its way up the right. All i did was lay back against my cool bed sheets and close my eyes and imagine a faceless image.
I sucked on my fingertips and slip them into my heated and awaiting pussy. As fast as my fingers moved in and out of my hot box it just wasnt enough, i decided to explore my pussy and i found it, the holy grail of pleasure... my clitoris. from what the girls at school i recall them saying that their clit needed to be rubbed, and that would cause more pleasure. So, i did just that. I rubbed the clit slowly, that sent chills down my spine and up my soul. It was that alone that made me cum.

Thanks to that night of me and my curious mind, as well as my fancy finger work i make myself cum on demand with the image of the mystery male. I am greatful to my overactive imagination. Otherwise self-sex would be dull as ... well fuck.
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1 year ago
you knowing my age difference, would we have done anything to each other if we ever met?
1 year ago
Very sexy, that was ur first orgasm u did?
1 year ago
his just made me weak
3 years ago
3 years ago
The best discovery in your life, Keisha! ;-)P
Thanks for telling us my dear - Peter Pan
3 years ago
very sensual story
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your first experience with us.
3 years ago
yea nice story...teach the way baby girl
3 years ago
oh nothing like a clit tease, lick kiss suck love .. its so nice to feel and touch rub gently and suck on..