Looking for mature love

I turned 30y old. And took a trip to the nearby nudebeach in Gothenburg where i live.
Was really into older women. But i hadnt made love to any mature lady.
Infact i hadnt had sex with a woman at all.
Only inflatable lovedoll to be honest.
Finally i got to the beach. Took my bag with beachgear.
I put up my beach-chair and inflated a lovedoll , put it under my arm, and walked naked down the beach.
There where naked people all over.
Staring at me as i walked with the lovedoll under my arm.
After a while there was a woman standing on the beach.

- Hi, my name is Anders i am 30y old and i am a virgin.
- Hello the woman said.
- I am looking for woman that can take my virginity , are you the one? i asked.
- Well i dont know Anders, she answered.
She looked at my doll placed under my arm.
I showed her the doll.
- Well i have only had sex with dolls like this. And that doenst count as losing my virginity i said.
- Iguess it doenst , she answered.
- Well how old are you and what is your name , i asked
- Well i am 67y old and my name is Angelica.
- Hi, Angelica nice meeting you, i said.
- Well i put you on my list of women i wanna loose my virginity to, i said and walked away.
- Bye Anders , Angelica answered

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3 years ago
3 years ago
lol your not to smart she would have