He fuck my girl

Hey need to talk about what happened yesterday has never been so horny in my entire life.

Me and two friends where at the pub we are 20 years and then at 3am we decide to have an afterparty. At my apartment. We sit down to listen to music and drinking whiskey, one of my friends passed out on the couch and fell asl**p.

I felt tired and fell asl**p in the other couch, but wake up after maybe 30 minutes of my other friend was moaning.

I now remembered that i forgot my inflatable lovedoll in my bedroom.
Quickly i walked to the bedroom door.

The doll is a brunette with shoulder length hair and a pair of big beautiful firm breasts D cup, first is I'm just listening to his moan but then I peek gently inside my bedroom, the only available light is from the TV and the doll sits and rides him. I see her beautiful big breasts bobbing up and down up and down while he is moaning. He checks in my direction to see if I'm awake .. I close my eyes and hope he did not see me. I look up again some minutes later when my friend is on her, and raw-fuck this doll hard and determined as he moans and screams out half his orgasm . I was so horny, I stood there on the couch with my very hard penis in my hand.

Then he pumped her plastic pussy with all of the cum he had in his balls. He then put his pants on. I laid down in the sofa. As he came in the livingroom where i and the other guy was sl**ping. I felt his eyes in us. I pretended to be asl**p, the other guys was in deep sl**p. Then i heard my front door open and close. I laid still for 10 minutes , to be sure that he had left my apartment.

Then I checked on the doll and she looked at me with her open mouth , it was like she asked if I liked what I had seen. I did not think he noticed that I watched and i was still really horny, I went up in bed and her eyes on my bulge, i pulled out my cock and started fucking her mouth. Mmmmmm thought it was really nice how she sucked. She sucked and sucked until I just would come when i put my cock between her lovely breasts and stroked my cock as i sprayed over her breasts.

How lovely it was to see my sperm all over her plastic body. Then i took on my clothes and I went back in the sofa. sl**ping until my other friend woke me up, and we both got up and went to a burgerjoint .
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3 years ago
lol that is good
3 years ago
Huh? Scratching my head...