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Girlfriend Cheated On Me pt 3

She came home from Nick’s…..

Sara walked in the front door, dress straps torn, heels in hand, and with tears staining her face. She immediately walked to the bedroom.

“Babe are you okay?” I asked, as I followed her in.

“They fucked me…” she whimpered.

“THEY fucked you? Who is they?” I replied.

“I went to fuck Nick and as I started giving him head, Nick’s roommate Josh walked in..” “He was already naked and started grabbing me from behind. I tried to push him off, but Nick grabbed my arms and told me to keep sucking. Josh put his dick in my pussy… I moaned and tried to protest but Nick just shoved my head down on his cock even more. Josh fucked me hard and it really hurt..”

She was slightly teary-eyed ash she said this. “I tried to get up and leave babe, but Nick held me down and they both took their turns. I was moaning and I came twice, but I was scared and they were hurting me. Josh was smacking my ass and fucking me really fast.”

I was horrified and concerned for her, but my penis got so hard at her recount of the sexual happenings. She reached down my shorts and started stroking me.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone over there. I hate that I liked it. I wanted to leave, but they wouldn’t let me. They just called me ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and fucked me harder. I came on each of their dicks… I’m sorry babe.”

“Where did they cum?” I asked quietly.

“On my face…”

I looked at her and it wasn’t all tear stains the covered her face. She was still covered in their jizz! My dick twitched at the sight. She leaned over as I sat next to her on my comforter and she pulled my dick out to give me head.

God, I knew I was such an idiot for letting her blow me, but she was so good at it. My body was tensing up to cum and she said, “cum on my face babe. Just like Nick and Josh.”

I stood up and blasted a load on her beautiful face and watched as she caught gobs of jizz on her tongue.

She cleaned her self off with her fingers and swallowed what she could. “I’m sorry I’m such a slut babe, but I’m your girlfriend and I love you.”

I knew we’d be having sex that night too…

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6 months ago
awesome girl
2 years ago
loving this my kind of story