My Survival guide

My First Time survival guide
By Jordan Lee Hennessy

so here goes i was here thinking one day why not make a survival guide
for people who are well not me, bear grylls or well anyone with the
Skills or knowlage. And i thank the One and only Bear Grylls for helping
me pick up thoes skills needed to pass through the hardest times i have
been stuck in and out of.

Bear Grylls i have watched your shows beacuse your the best i like out of
the other lot i have seen through out these years beacuse even thoe you
have support teams just in case something bad happends i know your skills
come from you and hopeing you will allways get back to your f****y helps
you over the most deadlest travels of your life time. lets get back to
what i've been wanting to tell you.

The Basics that everyone would need to stay alive.

First of all is A Natural Torch the best way to do this can be very hard
but also challenging and at the end of it well very rewarding only just
beacuse you have found away to keep a light source with you. by the way
make sure when making this you have a secured handle, I my self had this
problem once i thought of making one with out any handle well that never
went well i burnt my hand on the iner balm and it stang just for a while.
60% (1/1)
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