mature nudist beach 3some

It was when i was about 20 and had
just started visiting a local nudist
beach - when i had a very fit tanned
One day i thought i was alone on the
beach in a big dip in the dunes.
But then i saw an older couple
walking towards me - pretty much
nude apart from sun hats, shoes and
a smile ....
I was lying on my front hiding a
rather stiff cock - what can i say it
was a warm day and i was
daydreaming about sex...
They both said hi and set down
nearby. My hard on got much more
intense as i watched her....
After a few minutes she came over
towards me....
She introduced herself and her
husband and offered her hand to
shake - I reached up to shake but as I
did I rolled over slightly and my stiff
cock came into view - I tried to cover
it, but it was too late she'd seen it.
I thought she'd be upset, but she just
smiled and said "oh my - aren't you
a big boy... I hope that is not
because of me"
I went bright red and muttered,
"no..., yes..., well partly I suppose". I
didn't want to say that I didn't find
her attractive.
She said " I guess I should help you
out with that as its my fault...!", and
she kneeled between my legs and
pushed my back saying " just lie back
and enjoy the ride..."
She cupped my balls gently and
grabbed my shaft firmly, slowly
rubbing the foreskin up and down,
squeezing more bl**d into my
already firm bell-end...
She seemed to be enjoying the
sensation of having a big stiff young
cock to play with...
Then she licked it and sucked it deep
into her mouth...
One finger moved to below my balls
close to my arsehole - I gasped, she
smiled and said "do you like that?". I
moaned my approval...
I looked over to her husband - he
just waved and started to stroke his
stiffening cock.
She then straddled me and slid my
cock into her pussy... riding me
slowly at first, then faster, her pussy
juices wetting my balls... Her finger
rubbing frantically at her clit, then
she pulled my hand to her clit and
told me to rub it hard.
Hubby walked over and slid his cock
into her mouth just above my head.
I watched her suck him deep into
her throat.
She started to cum and I felt the
warm wet sensation on my balls and
I couldn't hold on any longer and
started to spunk deep inside her like
I couldn't stop...
Hubby then came soon after jetting
thick white streaks over her face and
in her hair... Some even dropped
onto my face and chest... She licked it
all up off me.
As we were leaving the beach they
invited me to their house later for a
party with several other mature
swinger couples - what a night that
was - they all sucked me dry that
95% (24/1)
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3 years ago
Lucky all means tell us more.
3 years ago
Great stuff
3 years ago
love to hear more
3 years ago
nice story. Please continue .....