Hannah Loves Cum Part II

She fell asl**p with cum in her ass and in her pussy; she woke up in the middle of the night with cum gushing out from her ass and pussy, she laid there on her bed thinking about how much cum she collected from her neighbors.

She reached behind and wiped excess cum from her asshole, and licked her fingers savoring it all. She loved knowing the cum was from her dirty asshole.

She stuck her cum drenched hand into her pussy, cum leaked onto her hand and onto her sheets. She loved tasting her pussy mixed with cum.

On occasion, Hannah would collect her own pussy juice, and freeze it for special nights like this.

It was almost morning, but she wanted more cum. She ran to her kitchen, opened up the freezer, brought out several jars and put them in the microwave.

Hannah did not have to worry because she had already microwaved a good amount of cum the day before. And she had a whole week ahead of her...

Hannah walked from the kitchen back to her room with cum running down her thighs and legs; cum dripped onto the carpet. She checked the video cameras she had set up to see if they needed recharged batteries; Hannah loves video taping herself drenched in cum.

The microwaved beeped, hot cum and pussy juice was ready. She ran back to the kitchen and opened a jar of pussy juice and a jar of cum and emptied both onto her face. Cum dripped from her nose, her mouth, ran down her chest, dripped from her nipples, and found its way across her belly, her navel, down over her pussy. Hannah stood in a mess on the kitchen floor.

Hannah grabbed a jar of cum and drank from it; she was thirsty. She loved how thick the cum was even after microwaving it. She loved the tangy, sour smell.

She remembered the first time she enjoyed cum she collected... she gagged so much. Hannah took another chug of cum, and licked her lips.

By then the cum on her face and body had dried a good amount, she could feel it on her soft skin. Her pussy was still wet, but was getting cold. She grabbed another fresh warm jar and ran to her room, her feet sticky on the carpet.

She funneled the warm cum into a wine bottle and stuck the cum filled bottle into her pussy and lied down on her back...warm cum filled her pussy. Hannah moaned.

Hannah managed to hold the bottle in place with her two feet, she dipped her right hand into a jar of warm cum and used it to rub her clit, she grabbed another jar of pussy juice and poured it all over herself, her bed was soaked with pussy and cock fluid.

Hannah passed out in bliss.

Hannah woke up late afternoon, only day one of her vacation. Again she laid on her bed like the cum slut she is, filthy, sticky, smelling like pussy, smelling like cum, sweaty, but ready for more.

This is not the first time Hannah has done this, she has used past vacation time to enjoy all the cum she collected, but this time she wanted to do more with her free time.

What else can Hannah possibly do with the cum she collected? Hannah thought to herself, and figured something out.

Hannah got up, she was reluctant to wipe herself with her cum crusted towel, but did so because she wanted to go out. She brushed her hair with her cum crusted brush. She wreaked of cum and pussy juice.

She put on a denim skirt and a nice blouse. She checked herself in the mirror, running her hands through her bright blond hair, and brushed some cum crust off her eye lids; and wiped her face with another cum drenched towel.

Hannah put several jars of cum into her large purse. She was almost ready to step out, but had to fill her ass and pussy with cum first.

Hannah was going to see how long and far she can go holding cum in her ass and pussy.

Before walking out the door, Hannah took a wireless vibrating egg and stuck it into her cum filled ass, she took another one and stuck it into her cum filled pussy. Some cum oozed out, but this helped keep most of the cum inside her.

Hannah walked out the door excited about the rest of her day.

Walking down the steps was difficult, she felt cum leaking; she tightened up her loose pussy and ass.

Hannah couldn't wait to turn on her vibrating eggs...

She got into her car that was parked on the street; she took a deep breath and turned on the eggs... a second hadn't gone by and cum was already gushing from her pussy and ass, onto her car seat and onto the floor rugs; she grabbed the steering wheel moaning in pleasure.

Hannah thought surely she cannot drive like this, and quickly got out of her car to find herself standing there with white cum dripping onto the dark asphalt.

This turned her on, and daringly, she got back into her car and drove to the nearest motel...

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3 years ago
Ok scratch that, Hannah Loves Cum Part II not deleted!
3 years ago
very hot & naughty