Hannah Loves Cum Part I

Hannah loves cum. She would walk door to door at the apartment complex next to where she lived asking the men of each household to cum in cups. Or course she would help every now and then, giving up her pussy or giving a handjob. She rarely gave blowjobs because she always give into swallowing which meant less cum for later.

Hannah manages to collect about 20oz of cum every weekend. She usually uses the cum she collects throughout the next week, but she also saves cum by freezing some every week.

Hannah does many things with the cum she collects. She usually goes home and eats it with a meal for dinner. She loves using it as a salad dressing. But Hannah loves cum with everything; cum dipped strawberries, chips and cum, cum soup...and one of her favorites is cum for breakfast with granola and fruit.

Even though Hannah loves tasting cum, she also loves knowing that cum was used as an ingredient. Hannah bakes with cum, and makes awesome cum milk shakes. She loves to share her baked goods and drinks with her friends.

Hannah uses cum for other purposes outside of her diet and cooking. She loves to brush her teeth with cum and apply cum to her entire body and face before going to bed. Sometimes she uses cum in her hair before going out.

Hannah fantasizes about having an unlimited supply of cum. Imagine all the things she would do! She would replace most of her diet with just cum. She would take a bath in cum. And the best yet, she would fill her ass and pussy with cum.

She thinks about it every night and day.

One month, Hannah worked hard to collect and save up on a lot of cum. She then took a week vacation to fully enjoy all the cum she had.

On her first day she stayed in masturbating with cum up her ass and pussy, and while pouring cum down her throat and all over her face, getting cum all over her sheets... she didn't bother to wash herself or her sheets afterward, her wonderful vacation just begun...

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1 year ago
Great story looking forward to more.
2 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
I wrote Hannah Loves Cum Part II last night and it got deleted! Lame!
3 years ago
Hey BatoutofHell; tried to send you a message... would like to know what you'd do if you could collect a large amount of fresh cum...
3 years ago
Glad you all liked it!
3 years ago
Hey, I like cum too. Just can't get enough at any one time. Love the story, More please.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very hot! Check out my "Sperm Fed" stories too.
3 years ago
3 years ago
good one