Spring break for the cum slut

I went to Cancun Mexico this year with a girl friend of mine from college, her name is Karen. We flew stand by and arrived on a Monday morning, our only luggage was a carry-on bag each. Light weight skimpy clothing, swimsuits, panties and toiletries were all we needed. We could buy anything else we might need when we got there.

After going through customs we took the bus to our hotel, it was on the lagoon side not Gulf of Mexico side, to the Holiday Inn Express in Cancun. We checked in, dropped our stuff off and were at the beach before noon. The white sands of the beaches burned our feet but it was worth it. We stripped down to our bikinis and laid our towels out. Of course coming from the upper Midwest in mid March meant we were sun burnt within an hour and had to find some shade and get some liquids in us. We went to a beach side hotel and found a table at their outdoor patio. When we ordered our drinks we were asked if we were guests of that hotel and what room to bill the drinks to, before we could answer, four middle aged gentlemen said we were with them and to put our drinks on their tab. We joined then at their table and thanked them for saving us from embarrassment. They were in Cancun on business they had told us and the drinks they bought us were a business expense and they had to spend some much each day. By 4 PM my girl friend & I had drank about 6 Corona’s & Modelo’s (I love Corona light with lime). The guys asked us if we would like to join them for dinner that evening, we said sure but we would have to change first as we just had bikini’s & shorts with us. They told us to meet them in the hotel lobby around 5:30.

We stumbled across the main highway, giggling and talking about how cute they were and the way they were flirting with us and pretending they were single, we noticed the wedding band marks, when we got to our hotel room we each took a quick shower & got ready for the evening. We knew tonight was going to be more than just dinner. Neither one of us wore anything underneath. I wore a flowered halter style short sundress. Karen wore a solid white cotton, strapless dress. We get back over to the hotel lobby by quarter to 6 and the guys are waiting for us. Hawaiian shirts, shorts & sandals with socks, we’re going out to dinner with our dads & uncles, lol. They may not be fashion savvy but they were buying dinner. The six of us piled into a taxi that could at best seat 5 counting the driver, Karen & I each sat on one of the guys’ laps. It took 10 minutes to get to where we were going as the traffic was busy by that time I think the two guys whose laps we were sitting on figured we weren’t wearing any underwear, as they huddled together when we got to the restaurant, acting like teenagers, laughing and looking towards us.

We were seated in a circular high backed booth in the corner, Karen & I were each between two of the men. We all had a beer while deciding what to eat. The guys decide to order oysters in the half shell with chilled patron tequila as an appetizer. While we’re enjoying the oysters I have a hand on either side of me going up my legs, pushing my dress up, looking across the table it, I see Karen is have the same problem, before we know it we both have our dresses hiked up over our hips, with our bare asses on the seats and our legs being pulled apart. I run my hand up both men’s legs and discover we’re not the only ones not wearing underwear. I pull the man to my inside cock out and start stroking him under the table cloth, Karen is copying my actions. After a minute or so, Karen’s guy takes his shot glass under the table and I can tell he is cumming. He puts his shot glass back on the table in front of Karen and it has his cum in it. Karen stares at it and I look at her and say if you don’t I will, so she pushes it across the table and dares me to. Without missing a beat I put it to my lips and tilt my head back and let it slowly drain from the glass into my mouth, my tongue cleaning the inside of the glass, all the while stroking the hard cock next to me. I wash his cum down with a little tequila as the guy next to me stops my hand and fills his shot glass with cum, I offer it to Karen & she shakes her head no, I raise it to her in a toast and down another shot of cum and wash it down with the rest of my tequila. The guys order dinner & Karen & I go to the bathroom together. She’s laughing at me, saying she heard at school I like cum but only thought it was a rumor. I just smiled and said it was all true.

When we get back to the table the guys had switched positions so we had a different cock to the inside of the table. Karen and I both started to jerk them off, with the same results, me getting Karen’s shot of cum and my own, along with another shot of tequila. We all had dinner, an after dinner drink (more tequila) and then left. There was a store in the mall by the restaurant that sold Cuban cigars; the guys all got a few. We then walk out of the hotel on the beach side and there was a stretch of beach between the hotels that was unlit and we walked that direction, each of us being groped by two guys.

They pulled us off towards some bushes and started getting rough. One put his hand over my mouth, while the other removed my dress. I was f***ed to my knees and the first guy I had jacked off had his cock out and it was hard again. He f***ed it into my mouth, grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and started to fuck my mouth, shoving his hard cock deep down my throat. Karen in the mean time I see on all fours getting fucked from behind with a gag in her mouth, first one cums in her, then the second, finally the third. The guy I’m sucking hasn’t cum yet. When he’s about to cum he pulls out and fills Karen with his cum too. Two guys throw me down on my back and pin me down, pull Karen up and have her squatting over my face, tell me to lick her out because I love cum so much. I’ m licking all the cum out of Karen pussy and she’s starting to get off from me cleaning her out. Karen cums from my tongue work and I taste her with all the rest of the cum in my mouth. The guys are hard again and jerking off to our girl on girl action, they push Karen out of the way and all start to cum all over my face, hair and naked body.

They tell us to stay here for a couple minutes, take our dresses and walk twenty yards to the ocean and throw them in the water and they took off. I run naked into the ocean to grab our clothes as the tide was going out. I bring them back to the bushes and we wring them out, laughing that they didn’t need to do that, we would have been more than willing. We put our clothes on and I can see through Karen’s cotton dress and mine just clings to my body. We move further back into the bushes, remove our clothes and hang them out to dry in the ocean breeze as we made love to each other. It was only 9:30 by the time we got back to our hotel and there was a party down the hall from us, we decide to clean up first and then check it out. It’s a small frat party and we head over with short shorts & bikini tops on. There were about 6 or 7 guys present and they were going to head out until we stopped by. We had more beer & tequila and sucked & fucked until 3 am when we went back to our room and feel asl**p together naked. So ends day one. To be continued…

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2 years ago
2 years ago
such a naughty girl
2 years ago
wow...that was good..
2 years ago
Youre such a slut Summer I love it babe
2 years ago
wow great story. wish you would do all that with me
2 years ago
wish you were in miami this past week for my springbreak