Cumming in my s****r

It was Halloween night of my junior year in high school. I was preparing to go to costume party and was finishing up my Scottish highlander outfit. My Mom, as she was leaving, asked me to clean up the dinner table while I was waiting for my s****r to come down. My s****r was a year behind me in school so we went to a lot of the same functions. My s****r was the hottest girl in her class and everybody knew it. She came down the stairs in the skimpiest little cheerleader costume and I lost my breath.
"How's it hanging big b*****r?" She said as she walked by and brushed against my cock.
This might have caught me off guard, if we hadn't been sl**ping together since May. She caught me fucking my girlfriend one day and worked on seducing me over the next week. It didn't take too much because she has got the hottest body and I had wanted to fuck her for awhile. And as it turned out we really, really like fucking each other.
"Help me clean up this mess so we can go." I was anxious because we were planning on sneaking away from our dates at the party for some special b*****r and s****r time.
She bent over and started to clear the table. I looked over to see that she was going without panties and could see her beautifully pussy. That was enough to get me hard instantly. I crossed the room, flipped up my kilt and was going to playfully smack her sweet little cunt. I startled her a bit and she jumped up a little. s*s was always wet and this day was no different so I slipped right inside her. This sensation cause me to stumble and I ended up shoving her forward onto the table. I was beginning to getting up and was seriously going to apologize. My s****r had recently started birth control but it hadn't kicked in yet, so this was the first time I had been inside her without wearing a condom.
"Don't you fucking move." she whispered, "push it all the way in, just for a second, it feels incredible."
I pushed her all the way down on the table, took my hands and ran them along her arms, down to her wrists and slowly entered her all the way. We merged our bodies into one. My dick throbbed and her pussy quivered as we finally felt each other as sibling lovers for the first time. Laying spread across the table we fucked each other in silence almost without even moving. It is hard to say how much time passed. My s****r's pussy felt like a vice made of liquid velvet. Our perfect moment was then shattered by the fact that our mom was opening the kitchen door. The thought of our mother finding her two c***dren screwing on the kitchen table was too much for me. I erupted into my s****r with a huge orgasm which caused the same from her. We both believed our secret to be out so we just let go. Coming to my senses I quickly realized that our mother had not come through the door. We quickly jumped up and pulled ourselves together. Twenty seconds later our mom did come in the door. Apparently a neighbor had asked her a quick question.
"Are you OK, I thought I her some yelling?" mom asked us while unpacking the groceries.****r
"We are fine, I just startled s*s and she screamed. Halloween must make her jumpy. We might be out late tonight just to let you know." I told my mom as we quickly make our way out the door.
"That's fine, just take care of your s****r and have a good time"
"I think I can manage both of those things."
As we had planned s*s and I ditched our dates, got into the car and drove to the first dark spot we could find. My sweet little s****r then fucked the living shit out of me. And one final note, our secret was out and our mom had a surprise for s*s and I when we got home but that is another story****r
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More please.
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very hot
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very hot
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Good story.
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great story, please post more of your adventures with your sis
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