Turning Point


I'd never seen her at the gym before. I come here often to work out,and
almost equally, to check out the firm, fit, females who frequent this
gym. Although I've been working out a while, I have a thin build, and
it had taken me a while to work up to bench presses with the 35 lb
weights on each side (110 lb including the bar). I was on my second
set of three when she walked in, and I noticed her right away. There's
nothing like the presence of a foxy fit babe to make you feel a bit
stronger, and I managed to pump out eight reps before I reached
exhaustion. All the other benches were occupied by some other big guys
who I noticed were also checking her out when she walked up to me and
asked if she could get some sets in between mine. "S-sure", I
stammered and started to take the 35 lb weights off. "Leave 'em on"
she said, and put an extra 5 lbs on each side. "I gonna be doing some
long sets and negative reps, would you mind giving me a spot toward the
end of my set?" "No problem" I said. As she laid down and I took my
place at the head of the bench, It occurred to me that she could
probably see right up my shorts if she cared to take a peek. I offered
to help her pick the bar up but she said "I got it". When she lifted
the bar, the sight of her arm and pectoral muscles suddenly bulging
into action banished any other thoughts from my mind. She was wearing
a tight orange sports bra that revealed every hard muscular cut and
curve on her "V" shaped torso. I was transfixed as she did 15 reps in
perfect form. She stood up and I lay back down on the bench to do my
last set. As I lay down, I became aware that my cock had begun
stirring in my workout shorts, but in spite of my excited state my
muscles were exhausted and I managed to do only 5 reps. She did her
next set, but on her 12th rep she started to struggle with the weight
and I stepped in the help her lift the bar. "Three more" she breathed
and lowered the bar back down to her arched chest. By now her arms and
pecs were getting pretty pumped and the veins were really popping out
on her arms. And her arms were not the only thing that was bulging
with veins: by now my cock was fully erect and poking the front of my
gym shorts out. As I stepped up to the bench the proximity of my dick
directly over this gorgeous woman's face was all I could think of. I
bent over to help her lift the bar back off of her chest, but in my
exhausted state, I could not lift it with my hands far apart so I had
to grab the bar right next to her ample breasts and in the process
rubbed them with my thumb and fore finger. I think she noticed my
throbbing cock about half way through her lift when the bar brushed
against my rigid hard on. She pushed the weight back on to the rack
and gave me a funny look as she sat up.

"Thanks" she said as she got up to give me the bench again.

"I'm not going to do any more benches" I said.

"I think I know why" she replied and shot me a sly grin that almost made
my heart stop and must have turned my face three shades of red.

"I'm going to do same curls. Let me know if you need another spot" I
said hopefully.

"Thanks, but I'll be OK" she replied. I walked across the room and
grabbed two 25 lb dumbbells off the rack, faced the mirror, and started
doing a set of curls as I watched in the reflection as she did another
set on the bench. I was pleasantly shocked when this beautiful woman
strode up, grabbed a pair of 35 lb dumbbells, stood almost shoulder to
shoulder next to me, said "Lets see who can do the most curls" and
started doing bicep curls in the exact same rhythm as me. I started
loosing steam at around 15, but she was still going strong. After
pumping out 20 quick curls on each arm, she put the dumbbells back onto
the rack, stared at herself in the mirror while flexing her biceps, and
cooed to me "Do you like my muscles?"

"They're awesome ..... and you're beautiful" I said.

"I'm Zoë" she said.

"I'm George, pleased to meet you".

"I like to swim after I workout" she said.

"Me too".

"So let's go" she said and turned to walk out looking back over her
shoulder at me. In the men's locker room, I had a hard time putting my
bathing suit over my throbbing penis. I walked onto the pool deck to
the sight of Zoë walking out wearing a skin tight Speedo suit that
looked like it was painted onto her. She dove in and I quickly
followed. There was hardly anyone else in the pool, and after a few
laps, we stopped to rest at the deep end. As we rested on the pool
edge with just our flushed faces above the water, I reached under the
water and caressed her arm and shoulder. She was hard as a rock, as
was I at this point. She closed her eyes, let out a soft moan, said
"This muscle looks pretty well developed", and kneaded my cock through
my swim suit. Now, I may not be very muscular, but I'm not lacking in
the penis department: I sport a fat 8 incher. As we caressed one
another, our lips locked into a hot kiss till we started sinking
beneath the water. When she panted "Lets go to my place" I was ready
to go in a flash.


"I just live two blocks away" smiled Zoë, "wanna race?" We sprinted and
I could hardly keep up with her. We were both sweaty when we got to
her place. It was a large, but very sparse apartment in an older
building. She grabbed my hand and led me down a hall to a room with
just a queen-sized mattress on the floor with some plain white sheets.
There was a sturdy looking wooden chair against the wall, but other
than that and the bed, no other furniture. She was stripping as fast
as she could and throwing her clothes randomly across the floor. I did
likewise, and couldn't wait to feel her in my arms. We locked in a
very wet kiss, our hands frantically tracing the curves of each other's
bodies. My fingers traced the hard valley of muscle along her spine
all the way down to her ample and curvy, but hard-as-a-rock ass. Zoë
stands 5'-11", an inch taller than me, and my cock was pulsing between
her slightly parted legs. She moaned as I ran my index finger down
into the crack between her butt cheeks and gently caressed her asshole.
My other hand reached up along her neck; my fingers combed through her
thick red hair; I pressed against the back of her skull forcing our
mouths together. She practically dragged me over to the bed and pushed
me down onto my back. "This is what I want" she said as she crawled
backwards towards my cock. When she got to it, she grabbed it in both
hands with just the head poking through her clinched fists. She pumped
it slowly while staring at it with her lips right above the head. She
spat a big wad of saliva on the head and with her two hands rubbed that
spit over the entire length of my cock. Zoë was saying stuff like
"Would you like me to put my lips around this cock? Hmmmmm, you want
me to suck it?" A hoarse "Yeahhhh" was I could get out of my lips but
with both hands I combed my fingers through her hair, grabbed both
sides of her head firmly by her beautiful red hair, and started pushing
her mouth gently but steadily down over my cock. Most women I've been
with start to gag with 2 or 3 inches of my dick still out of their
mouths, but to my amazement, Zoë offered no resistance even as her nose
pressed hard against my pubic hair. There's nothing I like better than
to fuck a woman's mouth hard, deep, and fast, but I was so excited that
I knew if I started fucking Zoë's mouth, I would be shooting my load
down her throat in no time, so I held her head still and slowly pushed
it down hard to see just how far I could stuff my cock down her throat.
I felt her tongue slid out and lick my balls. She started humming
loudly and the feeling of the vibrations in her throat was almost
putting me over the edge. I didn't want to cum so soon so I pulled her
head off of my dick. I became aware of my own heavy breathing as she
said, "You'd better not be cuming yet, I've got lots of plans for you"
as she slowly crawled back up toward my head trailing her tongue up my
belly and chest. I ran my hands up her arms feeling first her hands,
then her strong forearms, her big biceps and triceps, and her shapely
shoulders. As I caressed her shoulders, she reached back under her,
grabbed my dick, and slowly sat down on it. She sat up, and leaned
back, and gave me a view of her washboard abs as my cock disappeared
into her pussy. She moaned, flipped her head back, reached up and
straighten her hair and bushed it back behind her head giving me a
perfect view now of her huge biceps and lats. I reached up and felt
the firm "V" of her torso. As she started pumping her hips, I grabbed
her breasts, then reached up and put my hands on her biceps. Zoë
moaned, put her hands up on top of her head, and started really flexing
her arms. I couldn't believe how hard and big they were. Although I
had often admired muscular women, I had never actually been with a
woman as powerfully built as Zoë. It was a fantasy fulfilled. The
feel of her huge and well defined arms, the sight of her perfect tits
and belly right in front of my face, and most of all, her vigorously
pumping her cunt up and down over my cock. As I reached this sexual
nirvana, I grunted loudly and exploded deep into her pussy. Zoë could
also instantly feel my huge ejaculation. I kept pumping my cum into
her as she started humping and grinding me ever faster trying to reach
her orgasm along with me. Totally spent, I slumped back and caught my
breath as my dick started to loose its rigidity. I'm not one of those
guys whose dicks stay hard after they've cum, but after a short rest it
will get hard again. Zoë, however was in no mood to wait. "That's no
fair" she said "I haven't cum yet."


"George, I'm sooo horny, you GOTTA make me cum. Now!" she said as she
crawled up toward my head. "Eat my pussy, Babe" she cooed, "Suck on my
clit and make me cum". As she got up to where I could see her swollen
reddened pussy lips, I could also see thick globs of my cum dripping
down the slit. I'd never eaten out a woman after I'd cum in her pussy,
the thought always seemed kind of gross to me, but Zoë had such a hot
body that I did want to eat her pussy. And, it was, after all, my own
cum. And, Zoë was very persistant and was now traddled right above me
with her powerful body. It occurred to me that she could, and probably
would, f***e me to eat her pussy even if I didn't want to. "Go on
baby, lick my pussy. Make me cum". It was now right over my mouth,
and at this close range, I could see her huge clit poking out from
between her pussy lips. It was as big as the end of my thumb had a
smooth pink tip that looked almost like a little dick head. A big drop
of my cum started to slowly drip down and I caught it on my tongue as
Zoë combed her fingers through my hair, held my head tight and still,
and steadily f***ed her dripping snatch onto my mouth. I was surprised
at how much cum I had shot into Zoë's cunt. As I started licking my
cum out of her pussy, Zoë began steadily flexing her abdominal and
pussy muscles in rhythm to f***e my cum back our from the depths of her
pussy and into my mouth. With each pulsing wave of her muscles, I
could feel more of my cum flowing into my mouth. Zoë was breathing
hard now and I reached up and cupped her tits in my hands. "Clean me
out Baby", she moaned "Suck all your cum out of my cunt". I had to
swallow several times to keep up with the flow of sperm that Zoë was
literally pumping into my mouth. She rubbed her pussy all over my
mouth and I could feel her hard clit hitting against the underside of
my nose. "You like sucking that cum out of my cunt, don't you Babe?"
My mouth was too full to do anything but moan, but she was right, I was
loving doing this to her. The nastiness of sucking my cum from her
pussy was turning me on incredibly, and although I could neither see,
nor touch my cock, I could feel it starting to get hard again. Then
Zoë said "Feel my hard clit" and started rubbing it hard against my
nose "I'm gonna fuck your nose with my clit." Everything near her
pussy and my mouth was now slick with the combination of cum and pussy
juice. She held my head tight by my hair and quickly slid her slick
and swollen clitoris into my slippery nostril. She penetrated my
nostril with her over-sized clit and was pushing it as far into my
nostril as it would go. In this position, I could hardly breathe. I
remembered the many times fucking women's mouths, how they'd complain
that my cock was not letting them breathe, and I had always gotten a
sadistic thrill out of choking and gagging a woman with my cock. I
could tell that Zoë was getting the same thrill out of depriving me of
my breath with her pussy and clit. She was actually hurting my nostril
- It felt like putting your thumb deep up your nose. When I could catch
a breath, the humid aroma of sex was almost overpowering. Zoë let out
a huge yell and started cumming, flooding my mouth with her pussy juice
and whatever of my cum that I hadn't already sucked from her pussy.


As soon as Zoë's moans died down, I heard the sound of clapping. In all
of the noise and excitement, I hadn't noticed that three people had
come into the room and were now applauding our performance. "This is
George" said Zoë "He's a 'preemie' - a premature ejaculator". The
onlookers laughed. "But he's a good preemie and he let me fuck his
nose till I came". Even more laughter erupted from our audience. They
were a virtual UN: a tall man, very muscular, very bald, and very
black; a petit pixie of a blond with a cute round face, short bobbed
hair, and a gymnast's body; and an Asian guy barely taller than the
girl, with black hair cut in the same style as hers, and a very stocky
muscular body. I tried to get up, but Zoë scooted back onto my chest,
grabbed my wrists, and quickly pinned me against the floor. "I want to
cum again" she said "and I think this preemie is still hungry. Make me
come again George. Suck on my clit." When I looked over all three
members of our audience were quickly stripping. The black guy was a
giant, with absolutely huge cut muscles, and a gigantic dick hardening
but still swinging heavily between his muscular thighs. The blonde
pixy had a perfect body and a vertical inscription of five Japanese
characters tattooed just to the upper right of her shaved pussy. The
Asian guy, although short, was as muscular and cut as the black guy and
had a band of what looked like runic inscriptions tattooed around both
arms and both legs exactly where the biceps and triceps were the
largest. Zoë slid her self just far enough forward to press her clit
into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and stuck it into her pussy and
sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. It felt like sucking in the tip
of your tongue it was so big. "I want something to suck on too" Zoë
said, and directly over me I saw the black guy stride over and put his
dick in Zoë's mouth. She let go of my one of my wrists and started
stroking his dick as it reached full erection. I ouldn't believe the
size of it. It must have been at least a foot long and was very thick
too. But the most impressive part of his equipment was his balls,
which must have been the size of two pool balls. Zoë licked these then
put the huge black head between her lips. I reached up with my free
hand a put it on Zoë's breast and started fondling her nipple. She
moaned and placed my other hand on her other nipple as she started to
buck her clit between my lips. With my hands on Zoë's breast I could
make sure that they did not block my view of the huge black cock
stretching her lips and slowly penetrating her mouth. Zoë had been
able to handle my 8" cock all the way down her throat with no problem
(I guess she had been practicing on this monster) But when the black
guy had pushed all but about 2" into her mouth, she started to sputter
and choke. "You want me to fuck your mouth, Zoë?" the black guy asked.
She could barely moan out a muffled "Uh huh" with her mouth so full of
cock. As he slowly pulled his giant black cock back out of her mouth
he said "I couldn't hear you Zoë - Do you want me to fuck your mouth?"
As his cock popped free from Zoë's lips a torrent of pleading erupted
from them "Yes! Roy, please fuck my mouth! I want you to fuck my face
hard!" She was really humping her pussy and clit against my mouth now
and I noticed a distinct increase in her wetness. Roy grabbed Zoë's
hair with one hand and with the other started rubbing his cock all over
her face. Then he started slapping her face with his enormous cock
really hard. Zoë was frantic humping my mouth and saying "Please fuck
my mouth Roy. Please shove your big hard black dick all the way down
my throat, but please don't cum in my mouth." The smell of sex, the
taste of Zoë's pussy and my cum, hearing her beg to be throat fucked by
Roy's enormous cock, and the sight of him now pushing that cock back
into the depths of her throat had me fully erect. Roy grabbed Zoë
roughly by the hair and now started pumping his cock hard into Zoë's
mouth. She still gagged whenever he went too deep, but Roy didn't seem
to care, and neither did Zoë. He'd just grab her head even tighter and
shove those last two inches in while Zoë was gagging and coughing. Her
salvia was dripping out of her mouth and down her chin with every one
of Roy's strokes and a big drop of her spit landed right on my face. I
watched in total lust as this black giant ruthlessly fucked Zoë's face.
I kept sucking at her clit and licking her pussy while pinching at her
nipples. Suddenly, she grabbed my hair once more, ground her twat into
my mouth, and let loose a flood of pussy juice as she reached her
second orgasm.


Roy slowed his assault of Zoë's mouth, glanced at my raging hard on,
laughed and said "I think the Preemie likes watching me fuck Zoë's
pretty mouth?" It was obvious that I did, and I now noticed that the
blonde Pixie and the Asian guy were making out like crazy. Zoë reached
up to where my hands were on her breast, grabbed my wrist and again
pinned me to the floor. "Roy, I'll bet this preemie would like to watch
you fuck me even more." "He already came in you didn't he?" Roy asked
"So I'd be getting sloppy seconds?" "Yeah, but he cleaned me up real
good for you though Roy, and after you come in my cunt, I will feed him
HIS sloppy seconds." I now understood what Zoë had in mind for me, and
I didn't particularly like it. I struggled to get up, but with her
powerful body pinning me down, I couldn't move. Roy laughed, walked
behind Zoë, and then sat down heavily on my chest just behind Zoë's
ass. His weight was almost crushing me. Zoë raised her hips up and as
she did, Roy's enormous cock slid out from behind her ass and was
bobbing just an inch or so above my face. It was shinny with Zoë's
spit, and I couldn't believe the size of it. The veins on his cock
pulsated and the whole thing bobbed with each of Roy's heavy
heartbeats. He grabbed it and placed the head at Zoë's pussy lips.
Zoë slowly backed her pussy onto Roy's huge black rod, and as she did
so, his cock filled her cunt and f***ed out the remaining bits of my
cum. As I watched just inches below, globs of cum and pussy juice
dripped down onto my face. The pixie and the Asian guy then moved
behind Roy. I could see nothing but Roy's giant black dick sliding
into Zoë's pussy, but I felt a hand, a pair of hands, three hands, then
four fondling my cock and balls. "Zoë, I think your preemie really
likes watching Roy fuck you." the Pixie said "He's all hard". Zoë was
moaning in her own world and couldn't answer the Pixie. But she
shouted out "Suck my clit" to me and ground her clit once again into my
mouth. I licked it, and could feel Roy's huge rod sliding past her
clit with each of his long strokes, and his big balls were slapping
against my chin as he picked up pace. "Oh, fuck me Roy." Zoë begged
"Fill me up with your cum." As Roy picked up pace, a warm mouth
engulfed my rigid dick. Hands continued to massage my balls, but I
couldn't tell whose hands or mouth were doing the sucking or rubbing.
At one point I could feel a wet mouth on my cock, then it was removed,
and again my cock was taken into a warm wet mouth. I'm sure the Pixie
and the Asian were taking turns sucking me off, but I never found out
for sure. In my state of lust, it no longer mattered. I was watching
Zoë's tight muscular cunt getting absolutely pounded by an enormous
black cock just an inch over my face and my dick was getting sucked by
the Pixie and/or the Asian guy. Roy started fucking Zoë really hard
and fast now. She was juicing and cumming and moaning like crazy. I
was still reaching up with my tongue and licking her clit. Then Roy
tensed up and shoved his cock hard into Zoë. "Lick my balls, Preemie!"
Roy ordered "Lick my balls while I cum inside of Zoë's cunt". His
balls were hard and enormous and pressed right on top of my mouth. I
did as I was told and started bathing Roy's balls with my tongue,
slurping off Zoë's juice that had dripped there. With my tongue, I
could feel his balls tighten and stir. He grunted loud, and I could
see his cock and Zoë's cunt throbbing in unison as Roy pumped a huge
load into the depths of her pussy. By now the two mouths sucking my
own dick had been replaced by just one and I guessed that the Asian was
fucking the Pixie as she took my cock down my throat. I continued
tonguing Roy's balls and felt them relax as his throbbing subsided. As
Roy slowly started to withdraw from Zoë little drops of cum were
clinging to his still rigid dick and little beads of it were clinging
to both his and Zoë's pubic hair. As soon as his cock popped out of
Zoë's cunt, huge globs of his cum started flowing from it, and she
planted her slit right back over my mouth. "Clean me out again,
George" Zoë ordered "suck all of Roy's hot black cum out of my cunt",
and she started once again to flex her abdominal muscles and pussy
muscles to expel his load into my mouth. As soon as Roy's cum poured
into my mouth, I started to unload another load of my own into the
Pixie's mouth. But Roy's load was much, much bigger than mine had been
and my mouth was soon totally filled by his sticky cum. I had to
swallow as fast as I could just to keep from drowning as Roy's black
seed kept flowing into my mouth. Zoë came yet a fourth time with a
moan and another flood of her pussy juice.


After Zoë's orgasm subsided, she sat up still grasping my wrist above my
head and pinning me down. The Asian and the Pixie came over kissing
like crazy. Each of them sat on one of my pinned arms as Zoë sat up on
my torso. They started kissing again. Then they stopped and the Asian
said "You've tasted white cum today, and you've tasted black cum, and
now your gonna taste Asian cum". And with that rose up till he was
kneeling with his cock was about a foot above my head. The Pixie bent
down to take his cock into her mouth and as she opened her mouth, my
cum flowed out of her mouth and onto my face. She, or they, had saved
it to feed to me in this way, and had, I guess, been swapping my cum
between their mouths the whole time they'd been kissing. I was so
filled with lust and by now so used to eating cum, that I just opened
my mouth and let it flow in. As the Asian inserted his own dick into
the Pixie's mouth, the flow of cum continued. His cock was about the
size of mine and he jacked it as the Pixie slobbered all over it making
sure that much of the spit and cum mix landed on my face. Zoe was
watching intently and fingering her clit. The Asian grabbed the
Pixie's bobbed hair and started really fucking her face. I watched his
balls tighten and he withdrew all but the swollen head from the Pixie's
mouth. I could see his cock pulsing and the Pixie's cheeks bulging as
he unloaded into her mouth. Her nostrils flared as she breathed
through her nose: her mouth was obviously filled with the Asian's
sperm. She bent down and pressed her lips against mine. Mine were
still closed and she started pushing through my lips with her tongue.
As I parted my lips, my tongue met hers, the Asian's cum flowed into my
mouth. The Pixie's and my lips were locked together in a watertight
seal and our tongues danced and darted together in the warm semen that
flowed between our mouths. Zoë was grinding against my cock and
licking my nipples and saying "Go ahead, swallow Alan's cum! Suck it
right out of Tina's hot mouth! I know you love tasting cum, don't you
Babe? Swallow all that hot cum!"

And I did.

And my workouts have never been the same since.
90% (27/3)
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1 year ago
WOW!!! What a horny story, that really got my pussy juices flowing and wanting cock

3 years ago
really good story - well written and very sexy details...
3 years ago
deserves a 5.
3 years ago
Great story...thanks!
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Great story! You are a very good writer.
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very good
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That was incredible!