Full Fledged Suck Puppet

By my mid teens I had already sucked alot of cock, mostly in toilets within 30 miles, sometimes they would take me for a ride somewhere, or take me to where they lived and played with me there. Sometimes there was more than one cock, this mostly happened in the toilets. I like being stuck in a toilet cubicle on my knees, in my white pantys, two or more men and their cocks pressed up against me, their cocks slapping my face and forcing their way into my mouth, no room to move in such a cramped and confined spaces. During those years I learnt to deepthroat, and eventually learnt how to just kneel down open my mouth and let strangers skullfuck me, I got used to the drooling choking puking, even learnt to enjoy it, crave it even, now I not even satisfied until my face is soaking in my own spit and puke. I remember one time spending a day on a toilet in another town, I had bought some items of clothing to wear with me, white knee high socks, a purple boob tube, a black pleated mini skirt, and my white pantys, I tied my blond hair back into a ponytail. I postioned my self in the middle cubicle, so I could be seen by whoever peered through the gloryholes either side of me. I was already a couple of hours into my session, I had sucked 5 cocks so far, all a decent size, but the next guy that came in put them all to shame, infact it was the biggest I'd seen so far about 10-11 inches and quite thick. He played with my body a little first, he was quite rough moving me around like I was a object, not that I complained, then pulled out a bottle of poppers, this was the first time I had poppers and I've loved it since. He held the bottle up to my nose and held my other nostril down with one of his fingers and told me to inhale deeply, I did, then he did the other nostril. As he was taking his pants off, I was begining to feel warm and loose and a little light headed so I sat down on the toilet, then I saw his cock, it was like a wrist. He took another sniff of poppers before giving me some more, then his huge cock was at my mouth his hand at the back of my head. I opened up and it went all the way in. After a mere few seconds I started to convulse, like my stomach trying to jump out of my throat, but he didn't let go instead I could feel more pressure on the back of my head. I was seriously wretching, spit spluttering out of my cock tight mouth, trying to suck in air at the same time, at the same time I was wanking, the poppers had seemed to intensify my arousal and the pleasure was immense. He pulled out, as he did I regurgitated a nice lump of lung batter, long strings of spit connected his fat cock to my wet mouth and tongue, we were both breathing heavy. I scooped up the lung batter and rubbed it onto my cock while he sniffed on more poppers, I had some again, two very long sniffs in each nostril, I wanted to feel as passive as possible as I had my throat destroyed by this mammoth cock. He rammed in again so my nostrils were right up against his stomach and his balls were on his chin, his cock had pushed well past my tonsils, I immediatly began convulsing again. He then began to pump my throat, he wasn't gentle, my face smacking his stomach with each thrust. My mouth was pouring out spit, so my much so I ended up kneeling in a pool of it, it had also dribbled down my neck drenching my boobtube and absorbing into my miniskirt. The slimly squelching sound being produched from my throat being used was so lound I was paranoid it might have been heard from someone outside on the street. I don't know how long he pounded my face for, he had only pulled out a couple of times, and I had ended up throwing up over his cock a couple of times but he didn't stop when this happened. He came down my throat which I regurgitated and smeared all over my face. I sat there legs spread covered in puke spit and cum as he put his clothes back on, before he left I asked if I could keep the poppers, he handed them to me before leaving not saying a word. I sat there masturbating sniffing poppers for the rest of the day, even sucked a couple more cocks, sat in and caked in bodily fluids, thinking about that alpha cock r****g my throat, using me like a piece of meat.

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2 years ago
holy fuck that was so hot. i came hard all of the place. facefucking, huge cocks, and puke they all go together.
3 years ago
Poppers are so sexy and so is this HOT story!
3 years ago