The Art ofTemptation, part 1

I may be wrong but I have always thought men react better to the subtle tease rather than the blatant. Don’t get me wrong I know men love to look at naked women but I also think that a man likes to see it when a woman doesn’t realise she is showing anything, the naughty boy syndrome. In fact I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriends but they think men prefer a woman to be nude, completely on display. To prove them wrong I decided to try a little experiment but I wasn’t sure where to do it, should it be at work, on public transport, in a shopping centre or somewhere else.
I also believe that its not what a woman wears that make her sexual or sexy I believe its how a woman reacts or acts as she wears them. I’ve got female friends who could wear a sack and still be incredibly sexy and I’ve got female friends that are as sexual and sexy as a sack of potatoes even in sexy clothes, all because of how they think and act. Am I over thinking all this? Maybe, but I still think I’m right. Ok back to my little experiment.
Having decided where it was going to happen I just had to decide how it was going to happen. When its happened in the past I’ve had no control of it but this time I would and for some reason its hard to arrange that sort of thing. In the end it happened as always with out any help from me.
Monday mornings are always hateful, I hate getting up and getting ready for work, I hate the commute to work but mostly I just hate mornings. My alarm sounded and I switched it off cursing as I flung the covers off me. Even the warm water of the shower failed to make me feel any better and wrapping a towel around me I walked back into the bedroom. I didn’t have to think about what I was going to wear for work I always do that the night before, but only so I can get up later. Now this may sound strange but I’m not one of these women that wear tights or even goes bare legged. I much prefer to wear hold-ups or proper stockings. The contrast between the lace and skin is so sexy it never fails to arouse me when I put them on. It doesn’t matter what I wear on top, unless its jeans, I like to feel ultra feminine underneath. So this morning I had some of my favourite underwear ready to put on. Slipping the towel off I felt my nipples harden from the cold air in the bedroom and I shivered slightly. Slipping my black lace panties on I shimmied them up my legs and smoothed them over my bottom feeling the material sit snugly on the skin and between my legs. The matching bra seemed indecent to wear to work but it was so comfortable that I just had to wear it. It held my breasts like a lover would and I loved it. After slipping it on and then my stockings I stood in front of the mirror and nodded at my reflection. The bra cupped my breasts gently yet still managed to push them up and the half- cup only just hid my nipples, if I stretched or moved too much I knew it would pop over the top. The flesh showing above was creamy and smooth, two achingly touchable mounds. Perfect I thought, just what I was hoping to achieve. My panties were lace and I knew if they got wet they would show everything clearly.
Okay lets take a break here, I don’t dress like this everyday, well I do but not the bra the bra was a more deliberate step on my part. That’s it back to the story now.
Dressed in my underwear I stood in front of the mirror and appraised what I saw. Im not a tall woman nor am I that slim. I’m more what you may call generous, my hips flare my waist goes in and my breasts are of the more ample kind. In fact I would go so far as to say they are very bountiful, they may even be to big for my frame but even so I adore them. Standing as I was now in my underwear I thought I looked ok. Plus the black lace contrasted nice with my creamy skin, raising my arms and then lowering them I saw my nipple peaking over the cup of the bra and I noticed it was already getting hard. Pink and ripe it looked good enough to eat and I felt a throb between my legs as I thought of someone seeing that cherry like nub.
Now my outer clothes were more conservative than what was underneath at first glance but I knew that with the right moves a malfunction would occur. As I reached for my skirt I heard the doorbell ring so abandoning it I grabbed my robe and put that on instead. Loosely tying it I went to get the door wondering who it could possibly be this early in the day.
Looking through the glass I saw that it was a deliveryman, frowning I wondered why he was coming here I hadn’t ordered anything. Opening the door and smiling I stood looking up at him.
“May I help you?”
“I’m sorry to bother you so early but I was hoping you could take this parcel for your neighbour.”
The parcel in question was at his feet and quite large. I could understand just why he didn’t want to take it back to the depot I wouldn’t want to either.
“Sure I can just place it inside till later.”
Bending down I forgot about the robe until I stood up and realised that the postman was staring at my chest. Glancing down I smiled when I saw that the robe had gaped and he could see my more than ample charms. Risking a look at his crotch I saw the beginnings of a bulge, plus the chance for a wardrobe malfunction.
“Do I need to sign anything?” I said pretending not to have noticed and I held my hand out for his clipboard. Pushing the door open further so I could take it from him I let my robe cape further and I could feel my hard nipple pop over the bra.
Perfect, I thought.
Not taking my eyes from his face I pretended not to notice anything was wrong.”
“Yes miss, could you sign this for me.” He said handing me the board.
As I signed I let him look down my robe and at the very hard nipple that was peaking over the lace. I looked at his crotch and noticed the slight bulge was now an even bigger one and I knew it was because of me. I was tingling all over and I could feel the juices dripping onto my panties. Giving him his board back I bent down to pick the parcel up letting my breasts hang forward. Feeling the other nipple pop out I stood up holding it against me but making sure my bra was resting on top.
“Well im glad I could help you out, do I need to do anything else. Its just I need to finish getting ready for work.”
His eyes were doing their best to stay focused on me but I could see them glancing down at what he could see nestling in the bra.
“Thankyou but that’s everything.”
Pushing up the parcel I smiled up at him.
“Okay I better go in this parcel is very heavy.”
Stepping back I pushed the door shut with my foot and then laughed at the look on his face.
Well that went better than I thought and I still had the rest of the day to go. Putting the parcel down I went back to my dressing and wondered just what else could happen.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
damn it u know how to tease ;)
2 years ago
One of my best friends works for City Link, if only he knew what goes through the minds of some of his customers lol
3 years ago
Looking forward to the next bit! x