soldier boy chapter 3

Sarah sat staring out of the window of the taxi on the journey home. She was not ashamed of what she had done but she was furious with her b*****r for dragging the soldier from her just as she was about to cum. Her body still throbbed with longing and she knew she would find it difficult to get to sl**p but she also knew that she was in serious trouble. Glancing over at Shaun she also realised that he was angry at her behaviour and biting her lip she sidled over to him on the backseat slipping her hand over his stomach and nuzzling her head into the crook of his arm.
“Are you really mad with me Shaun?”
“Yes Sarah I am mad with you.” His voice was clipped and with each word Sarah flinched inwardly.
“I tried to behave myself but it was so difficult when I knew who it was.”
“I expressly told you to behave and you deliberately disobeyed me.”
“I didn’t do it deliberately.”
“Don’t argue with me, I ask you not to do something and you go against my wishes.”
“I’ve just said I didn’t do it deliberately, what more can I say. I certainly didn’t plan for it to happen.” Sitting up she stared Shaun in the eye. “But if I did I would have done exactly the same as I did tonight.”
“Well it was the stupidest thing you could have done. Your b*****rs wont allow you to go out with them again if you pull another stunt like that. In fact I will be surprised if they ever let you out after tonight.”
The implications of what Shaun said slowly sank in and Sarah began to realise how much trouble she was in.
“I’m sorry Shaun.” Sarah said meekly.
“Good. When we get in I want you to go straight to your room and go to sl**p. If Phil and Mike see you tonight I will not be accountable for their actions.”
“But Shaun I’m still horny. Phil dragged him off me before I got to cum.”
“Well sort it out in your room when you get in. But it will teach you not to do it in public. God Sarah I cant believe you did it after what I told you. I don’t tell you this for nothing, I’m doing it so if you want to have sex in public you can, but do it discreetly.”
Looking down at her Shaun felt his resolve weakening, Mike and Phil would not take tonight lightly and he would not like to be in her shoes when they finally saw her. Hopefully that would be when their collective tempers had cooled down enough for them to be reasoned with. Yet again it would be left to him to mediate between the three of them and it was a job that this time he did not relish. He was tired of playing piggy in the middle and he had a good mind to let them deal with it amongst themselves for a change. Sarah had to be made to realise that her b*****rs did not like the idea of her having sex with their friends. In fact her b*****rs didn’t like the idea of anyone having sex with her. Maybe throwing her to the proverbial lions would be the wake up call she needed. Sarah’s sexual potential was delicious but discretion was not her strongest attribute and it had to be dealt with now. Mike and Phil needed to realise that she wasn’t a little girl anymore but somehow he knew it would never happen. With them it was a case of, do as I say not as I do. Frowning Shaun closed his eyes and dreamt of punishing Sarah and his cock twitched with longing.

An hour later Shaun heard the front door slam and cradling the glass of whisky in his hand he waited for the inevitable. Sure enough the door of the living room opened and the two b*****rs came in, of the two Mike looked the calmer and it was to him that Shaun spoke.
“How did it go after we left?”
Collapsing into an easy chair Mike sighed.
“Not good unfortunately, Phil laid into Jay good and proper but Jay gave as good as he got. I don’t think it would have been so bad if they didn’t know each other, but they do, and Phil is Jay’s superior officer so the fight got a bit messy. Especially when Jay realised who he had just fucked. I did manage to keep the others out of it though so it was at least fair.”
Phil sat on the sofa glaring at Shaun but saying nothing. His face bore the brunt of the fight, his nose looked askew and his eyes showed the beginnings of a nice bruise. Flexing his hand, his knuckles red and bleeding, Phil stripped his torn shirt off.
“Where is she?” Phil growled.
“I sent her to her room and told her to get some sl**p. We can deal with it in the morning when we have all calmed down, then we can hear what she has to say for herself.”
“I knew it was a bad idea for her to come out with us tonight. That dress was fucking indecent.”
Suddenly irritated by Phil’s attitude Shaun stood up and wandered over to the drinks cabinet. Pouring himself another large glass of whisky he turned to face Phil.
“I don’t know how you have the nerve to sit there in judgement of Sarah. How many times have you gone out and pulled some bird just because you wanted a fuck, how many times have you been in a bar and commented on what some woman is or is not wearing. Sometimes you make me sick, Sarah is eighteen years old and she is only doing the things that you’ve done. Hell she is only doing the things we have all done, and that includes me. Why the hell is it any different?”
Shaun could feel his temper rising but unlike Phil he always managed to keep it under control. Taking a large mouthful of his drink he let the fiery liquid slide down his throat as he waited for Phil to reply.
“Because she is my s****r you prick.”
“She is also my s****r.”
“No get it right Shaun she is your step s****r not your s****r.”
Suddenly standing up and walking over to Shaun Phil stared him in the eye.
“When it’s your s****r being fucked by some stranger in a bar in front of everyone then fucking comment, until then keep the fuck out of it.”
Smiling slowly Shaun looked Phil in the eye.
“Don’t try and intimidate me. I may not win in a fight but neither do you scare me. I have been here for Sarah while you have been playing soldier boy so believe me when I say she is a big girl now.”
Putting his half full glass down Shaun pushed passed Phil and walked from the room.

The following day showed itself to be as hot as the day before but the atmosphere in the house was decidedly frosty. Sarah sat at the kitchen table in her sl**p shorts and a vest top. Her long blonde hair was tied in a loose ponytail and her face was devoid of makeup. Half eaten her breakfast lay on her plate and her coffee was cold in its cup. Every now and then her eyes would flicker towards the door and her stomach would flip at every noise. In the cold light of day she realised that, maybe, last night hadn’t been such a good idea.
Behind her Shaun walked through into the kitchen and watched Sarah as she looked out onto the patio. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and he wandered over towards her.
“Good morning Sarah.”
“Good morning Shaun.”
“sl**p well I hope?” he asked as he bent down to kiss the nape of her neck. Breathing in deeply he smelt the fresh scent of soap on her skin and noticed that she wore no bra under her top.
“Like a baby. Were they very mad with me last night?”
“They were furious. It was a good job you went to bed I would hate to think what would have happened otherwise. I did tell you to behave when we went out. For god’s sake Sarah you know how protective they are over you. What you do when they aren’t here is one thing but behave when they are.”
“But Shaun I’m eighteen I should be able to fuck who ever I want.”
“That’s not the point, yes you are eighteen and yes you should be able to fuck whomever you want but having sex in a public bar with your b*****rs around is not a good idea. Learn to be discreet. You have to remember that they are your older b*****rs and they will always see you as their baby s****r.”
Turning her head to look up at him Sarah smiled sheepishly her blue eyes sparkling with inner mischief. “But Shaun I love being watched.”
“You do?” Shaun asked, his voice hiding the shock he felt at this revelation.
“Yes Shaun.” She whispered lowing her eyelashes. ”Does that make me a bad girl?”
Leaving the question unanswered he went to sit opposite her. Sighing heavily he let his eyes wander over her figure. His cock twitched as he took in her clothing. He had always loved seeing her first thing in the morning. That just woken up look was guaranteed to arouse him. Seeing her top tight across her ample chest and her nipples hard under the fabric made his cock twitch even more. Step b*****r or not he wanted to take them in his mouth and suck on them leaving a wet patch on the material when he took his mouth away. He wanted to nibble on them and roll them between his teeth as he flicked his tongue over them. His hands itched to fondle her breasts, to feel the luscious weight of them as he massaged them. He wanted to push the material up so he could feel skin on skin he wanted to enjoy the taste of them as she moaned for more. Leaning back in his seat he put his hands on his stomach and watched her willing his hard cock to go down.
“I’m sick to death of being their baby s****r, I want to be me and do what I want to do. They are not going to stop me from fucking who ever I want.”
“When you fuck one of my squaddies then yes I can tell you who to fuck.”
Phil’s voice was hard as he spoke and Sarah jumped at the sudden interruption, looking round she frowned at him.
“If I want to fuck your entire platoon I will do and you are not going to stop me. I am sick to death of you and your dam attitude.” She said as she stood up, her tiny frame dwarfed by his bulk.
“You will do as you are told young lady.”
“I will do as I dam well please.”
“Sarah,” Shaun’s voice was cautioning.
“Keep the fuck out of this Shaun.” Sarah told him bluntly. Suddenly Sarah was mad at all of them not just Phil but Mike and Shaun to. Who the hell did they think they were, Phil pretending to be the protective b*****r, Mike doing his devils advocate routine and Shaun who wanted to dominate and fuck her. Well she could play that game after all she had learnt from the best, her b*****rs. Her anger swelled and she felt like she was going to explode with it.
“Most of the time you’re never here so you have a nerve telling me how to live my life. I enjoyed last night if you must know. I enjoyed having that soldier fuck me, loved the feel of his hard cock inside me. Do you know that I love sex, dirty sluttish sex?”
Sarah goaded her b*****r with her every word. Standing in the doorway Phil balled his hands into fists and his face was like thunder as Sarah shouted at him.
Reaching out he grabbed her hair and dragged her closer to him causing her to cry out but undeterred she carried on in her tirade.
“It wasn’t the first time he fucked me either do you know that. He fucked me yesterday afternoon too, in the back of some dirty truck, with all of those other squaddies watching and shouting obscenities at me. I felt like a common whore and I loved it. Then do you know what I did I sucked his friends cock. It was so nice sucking it, letting his cum slide down my throat. I would have done them all but I didn’t, maybe I will next time. Maybe I will lie there and let them cum all over me.”
Laughing up at him Sarah carried on.
“Should I get on all fours and let them take their turn with me as I suck them off b*****r? Should I? Should I have one fucking my mouth as another man fucks my pussy, shall I let them wank all over my naked body? I’d love to do that, I’d love to fuck them all one by one, dear b*****r. Have them hold me down as they stand around me with their cocks out wanking over me as I get fucked nice and hard. Do you think they would enjoy it knowing they were fucking your little baby s****r?”
Inarticulate with anger Phil flung her away from him and turned his face away unable to look at her. Sarah whirled around to face him her eyes flashing in anger.
“You stand there acting all innocent and virtuous but your nothing but a fucking hypocrite. The amount of times I’ve listened as you bragged about the bird you shagged the night before, how dirty she was, how many times you fucked her. How you have done her with your mates. Don’t you ever stand there and tell me what to do.”
Shaun blanched as he listened to Sarah’s tirade but he could feel his cock hardening with every word she uttered. He could imagine her being used by all those soldiers and he wanted nothing more than to watch it happen. He wanted to take out his cock and wank over her delectable body as she lay their spent and happy.
Lost in his revere he did not see her storm from the room nor did he see Phil stride over, not until he found himself thrown on the floor and Phil sat astride him fists raised.
“What the fuck has she been doing why we have been away you bastard?” Phil growled at him. His cock suddenly deflated Shaun stared up at Phil surprised to find himself in this position.
“You really think I’m going to tell you that,” he laughed.
“If you don’t, you will regret it.”
“Oh grow up. Don’t you see she wants to get a rise out of you, yesterday was the first time she did what she did, well it is as far as I know. I’m not her keeper Phil, I’m not with her all day everyday even you should know that.”
Suddenly Shaun felt Phil’s weight being lifted from him. Getting back onto his feet he watched Mike shove Phil up against the wall and hold him there.
“What the hell is going on?” he hissed.
“Did you here what she said, did you here what she has been doing?”
As Phil spoke he struggled to free himself but Mike held him fast.
“How the hell could I not hear what was said the pair of you were bl**dy loud enough.”
“I feel sick thinking about it. The thought of someone touching her like that and I want to vomit, she is only eighteen for gods sake.”
“Let’s face it Phil Sarah has grown up in more ways than one. Its no use taking it out on Shaun he can’t watch her all the time and besides that she was right in what she said.”
The atmosphere in the kitchen was heated and Shaun hoped that Mike could get Phil to calm down and listen to reason. He knew that he had a task on his hands trying to control Sarah and he hoped that she would listen to him finally. She was turning into the proverbial wild c***d and he wished she would learn to be more discreet at least. Fucking every guy she saw may seem like fun but he knew she would regret it in the end, having a reputation as the local slag was not what he wanted for her. But Sarah was so like her b*****rs he was worried that if he didn’t try and rein her in things would get out of hand. Deciding retreat was the best attack Shaun left the kitchen to shower and dress for the day.

Mike let go of his b*****r when he saw that both Sarah and Shaun had left the room. Running his hand through his hair he watched as Phil made himself some coffee.
“You are going to have to let her go you know.” He said to Phil’s back.
“I know I am, but all I see when I look at her is my baby s****r.” He said. Sipping his coffee he sat on the kitchen side looking at Mike his face flushed in temper still.
“What the hell do you think I see when I look at her, I don’t like the idea of her growing up either but we can’t stop it and even you know that much. Shaun is right in what he says the more we try and stop her the more she will want to do it.”
“I don’t care if he is right or wrong, while I am here she is not fucking any of the guys again. Now if you don’t mind keeping out of my face I’m going out.” Putting his cup in the sink he left Mike wondering what on earth the solution was.
Phil grabbed his phone and keys and headed out the door. He scowled as he realised he had grabbed the wrong keys. The soft top was Sarah’s car and by taking it he knew she would be furious, well it would teach the little bitch to argue, he thought.
The gym was quiet when he got there and Phil immediately started on the treadmill. Pounding away he tried to forget what Sarah had shouted at him but the more he tried the angrier he got. Cranking up the speed on the machine he took his anger out on it. Sweat poured from him but still he carried on. His chest heaved and he knew he was pushing himself close to his limit but he needed to get it out of his system. Eventually he had to stop and bending over he gasped for breath. An hour of cardio later Phil conceded defeat and headed towards the changing room to shower unable to change his clothing he frowned. Wiping his forehead with a gym towel he almost knocked some one over on his way to the changing room.
“Hey watch where you’re going.”
“Sorry I was miles away.” He apologised looking up he noticed the redhead he had sent flying.
“Well I’m here and you almost sent me into those machines.”
“Listen I’ve just said I’m sorry, what more do you want?”
“Sincerity would help. That’s the worst apology ever.” She bristled at his attitude.
“Well fuck you.” He shot back at her pushing open the door to the changing room. Dragging his t-shirt over his head he made his way to the shower. Stripping completely he stepped under it water cascading over his body. Closing his eyes he tried to relax and enjoy the heat of the water.
“Don’t ever tell me to fuck of you prick.”
Phil’s eyes flew open and he saw the red head with hands on hips eyes blazing in front of him.
“What the hell are you doing in here?”
“Clearly I’m telling you I don’t like being told to fuck you, or is that to much for your brain to calculate?”
The other guys in the changing room stood staring at the two of them.
“Get the hell out of here, now.”
“Fuck you.”
“If you don’t leave now I will personally throw you out. Now do as I say and get out of here.” Phil was really pissed off now, first Sarah and now this bitch. Stepping from the shower he towered above her butt naked and dripping water.
“You have got to the count of three to get the fuck out of this changing room.“ his voice was low in his throat as he spoke.
“I have never met a man with such a bad attitude as you.” The redhead shouted at him.
“Who the hell are you? Not getting any from the girlfriend?”
“Two.” Lower still his voice registered as dangerous but still she provoked him
“You really do need to get whatever is shoved up your ass out of it and get a better attitude.”
“Three.” As he spoke he walked forward and picked her up.
“Put me down you oaf.” She screamed at him wriggling and squirming to free herself.
“I warned you.” Phil tried not to react to the squirming body in his arms but he could feel his cock growing. Scowling he tried to open the door but she put her arms out and pushed against it.
“Put me down now.”
Throwing her down he went to turn away. He did not want her to see his growing erection. A hand on his arm brought him up short and it was the final straw. Spinning round he grabbed her and shoved her against the wall.
“Don’t ever come in here and expect to talk to me in that way. Now if you want to get out of here in one piece I would open that door and walk through it.”
Looking her over he realised he was hugely turned on by her attitude. Her green eyes flashed angrily and her chin jutted out in defiance.
“You walk round here like you own the fucking place. All you had to do was apologise nicely and it would have been fine. Instead you talk to me like I'm dirt on your shoe. Who the hell died and made you god you Neanderthal.” She spat at him.
“The same one that made you a bitch. Now if you hadn’t noticed this is the men’s changing room so why don’t you run along and go get showered in the ladies.”
“Don’t talk to me like that you ass.” Raising her foot she kicked is shin.
Lifting his hand he went to strike her for her insolence but quickly lowered it instead he bent forward and kissed her, his lips a brutal assault on her mouth. Grinding his mouth against hers he felt his cock harden and he moaned into her. Pinning her hands above her head he steamrolled her resistance, his tongue probing her mouth tasting her as he delved deeper.
As her resistance faded her kiss became as frantic and hungry as his own. Pulling down her pants he lifted her slamming her against the wall before parting her legs with his thighs. Leaning back he looked her in the eye and smiled before ramming into her pussy. Gasping loudly he felt her nails dig into his shoulder as he pushed harder and harder. Listening to her moan and whimper beneath him he thrust deeper into the velvety warmth of her wet pussy. a****l instinct took over and he fucked her harder as her moans got louder. His legs burned but all he wanted was to fuck this woman harder than she had ever been fucked.
“Harder you bastard.”
Her hands grabbed his hair and he almost came. Howling he thrust even harder ramming her against the wall.
“Harder.” She snarled.
Pushing her away from him he spun her round and pushed her head forwards. Her bottom thrust into the air for everyone to see Phil looked at the guys in the changing room and grinned. Standing behind her he held his cock at the entrance to her glistening pussy.
“You want it hard bitch?”
“Fuck me asshole.”
Holding onto her waist he watched as his cock disappeared into her. Pumping hard he suddenly had a vision of his s****r in this position and his anger resurfaced. Slapping the woman’s bottom beneath him hard he howled loudly shooting his load into her. Holding still he let her take everything he had his legs quivering with tension.
Pushing her away he growled.
“Now fuck off.”
Quickly pulling on his own clothes he walked out of the changing room her shouts ringing in his ears. Bile rose in his throat as he realised what he was doing, cursing under his breath he turned and walked back in.
Hands on hips he looked down at her and taking a deep breath he spoke.
“I’m sorry.”

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that is outstanding part 4, 5, 6...????
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WOW thats so hot, mmmmm nice one