Soldier Boy chapter 2

Sarah slammed the door behind her as she ran into the house. Throwing open the living room door she threw herself across the sofa grabbed a cushion and held it over her head. Groaning loudly she couldn’t believe what she had just done.
“What the hell has happened to you?”
Peeking from under the cushion she spoke.
“You really don’t want to know.”
“Oh yes I do. Your dress is filthy and i know you were immaculate when you left earlier. So come on girl spill the beans.”
Shaun sat on the arm of the chair with his arms folded waiting for Sarah to speak. His blue eyes gazed down at his s****r, waiting patiently.
“I told you, you really don’t want to know.” Her muffled answer came from under the cushion.
“Well I’m not going anywhere and I’m very patient, you know that. So if I were you I’d just tell. “
The silence that followed seemed to stretch out. Sarah argued with herself wondering if she should tell Shaun or lie. But knowing her the lie would come back to bite her on the bum, she sat up on the sofa holding the cushion down on her lap, and looked across at her step b*****r. His brown hair really did need a trim and how could he look so poised dressed in those old jeans and t shirt, she thought.
“Are you sure you want to know?”
“Details dear girl, details.”
“Well you know I was meeting Paula for lunch today?”
“Yes.” Shaun nodded.
“Well that bit went really well. Lunch was great and the pub was beautiful. However things went wrong just after that.
Standing up Sarah paced the floor nervously letting the sound of the wall clock fill the air. Turning to Shaun she frowned slightly.
“I can’t believe I did it.”
“Did what? Sit down and tell me now.”
Sitting on the edge of the sofa Sarah looked at Shaun. Her once clean dress was wrinkled and smudged with dirt stains and her blonde hair was dishevelled.
“I kissed Paula.”
“You did what?” Shaun felt a stir in his trousers.
“I kissed Paula.”
“What sort of kiss, a friendly kiss on the cheek or a kiss?”
“A full blown kiss.”
“Wow, why?” Shaun asked. There was a definite stirring now in his trousers and he shifted slightly in his seat. Paula was gorgeous, short black hair, striking features and a toned body. She was a lot taller than Sarah but not as tall as he was.
“It just happened. One minute we were talking and the next we were kissing.”
“But a kiss won’t get you looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.” He said indicating the state of Sarah’s clothes.
“That wasn’t the, sort of wrong, I was on about. After I kissed her I was a bit shocked so when I drove home I took a wrong turning. Then just when I realised what I’d done, I got a puncture and had to change a wheel.”
“Well that explains it then.”
“Nope, that’s not how I got like this. I was about to sort it out when some guys stopped to help me. A couple of them changed the wheel. I sat with the rest of them and one thing led to another.”
“What do you mean, rest of them, how many were there?”
“I’m not sure how many were in the back of the truck maybe about twenty but only three of them helped. Two changed the wheel and I sat talking with the other one whilst they did it.”
Tossing the cushion to one side Sarah looked at Shaun and bit her lip slightly.
“I didn’t mean it to happen but they looked so fit and sexy in their uniforms. I couldn’t help myself, honest.”
Her large blue eyes pleaded with him not to be mad at her.
“You didn’t?” Shaun interrupted.
“I did.” She giggled.
“Oh my god Sarah.”
“I only did two of them. It was so good too .He really did know what he was doing and he did it while all the others were watching. I was so horny I had to do something.”
Shaun stared at Sarah with an incredulous look on his face.
“Am I such a naughty girl Shaun?”Sarah pouted lowering her eyes.
“You're a very naughty girl Sarah.”
“But it felt so good to be taken like that. Right there Shaun, in front of all the others he fucked me hard. Then afterwards I sucked his mates cock and that felt good too Shaun.”
Sarah looked at her step b*****r with her hands quietly resting on her lap. Unable to look at her Shaun stood up and walked over to look out of the window.
“I couldn’t help myself.” Sarah admitted.
Shaun rubbed the front of his trousers subconsciously at the image in his head. Turning to look at her he wondered how someone could look so angelic but behave the way she did. She sat with her hands on her lap playing with the hem of her dress watching him intently. Eighteen years old, he thought, with the most delectable body he had ever seen, one which he had watched develop from just plain skinny with no breasts to the one he now saw in front of him.
“Was I so bad Shaun? Do I need to be punished?”
The eagerness in her voice made him catch his breath and he almost came in his trousers.
Walking back over to her he stood and looked down at her innocent face. With one finger he lifted her chin and stood looking down into her eyes. There was no shame in them for her actions and he wondered if he should take some responsibility for what had occurred today. Then again he had not f***ed her to do the things she had done. All he had done was point her in the right direction.
Stroking her face with the side of his hand he thanked god that they weren’t related because how he felt at the moment he could have fucked her stupid. His cock was ram-rod hard in his trousers and he could tell that Sarah was still horny. Her eyes twinkled and she oozed sex from every pore of her skin. It would have been so easy to bend down and take her mouth with his.
Torn between his b*****rly feelings for her and those of a man for a woman Shaun sighed and let his hands drop to his side.
“Yes Sarah you need to be punished.”
“How do I need to be punished?”
Shaking his head with regret Shaun replied.
“No. I’m not going to punish you.”
“Please Shaun, I’ve been a very naughty girl and i need to be punished, you just said so.”
“I said no, now behave.” Shaun’s voice took on a hard edge.
“Don’t you love me Shaun?”
“Yes i love you Sarah.”
“I love you too Shaun.”
“Behave now.”
“Yes Shaun.”
Shaun stood there and wanted nothing more than to put Sarah over his knee, pull down her panties and spank her bottom till it shone. He could see himself doing it in his mind’s eye and he groaned inwardly. Resisting all temptation he stood back and just looked down at her. Taking a deep breath he felt it was better to change the subject or he would not be responsible for his actions.
“Don’t forget we are going into town later.”
“I’m supposed to be meeting Paula tonight for a drink.”
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about tonight!”
“Well after today I’m surprised I remember my name.”
Looking at his watch he stated, “Well for starters Phil and Mike are due back sometime soon. Then we’re meeting up with a bunch of their mates in town for drinks.”
“Oh shit, I had forgotten, do you think they’d mind if Paula came with us.”
“I can’t see why not.”
“I’m going up to grab yet another shower before they arrive home. Give us a shout when they get here.”
As he watched her walk from the room Shaun started to touch the front of his jeans.

Following her up the stairs he could understand why men would want to fuck her. She was innocently sexy and even he was not immune to her very delectable charms. Her ass swayed from side to side with each step up and he could only imagine how her breasts would bounce slightly as she moved, with their juicy fullness and semi-hard nipples swaying very slightly with each step.
As Sarah walked up the stairs she reached down and pulled her dress up and over her head revealing her tiny panties, the material of which only just covered her heart shaped bottom. The white lace now dirty and ripped clung to her like a second skin. His eyes roved over her body and he quietly undid the buttons on his jeans. Sliding his hand inside, he held his hard cock. He wanted to take it out and stroke it as he walked behind her but he was too scared to go that far. Instead he squeezed it inside his trousers and stroked it with tiny movements.
Tossing her hair from her shoulders Sarah caught a glimpse of Shaun behind her with his hand down his jeans. Not letting on that she knew what he was doing Sarah smiled slightly and she knew then that he was hers.
Opening her bedroom door she walked in and closed it behind her leaving Shaun to wonder what tonight was going to bring. Feeling braver he took his cock out and openly stroked it has he walked across the landing. His hand felt good as it slowly moved up and down his shaft. Reaching his room he quietly went in and sat in his chair turning on his computer. The image that came up showed his step s****r in her bedroom. Watching intently Shaun continued to caress his cock.
Sarah sat on the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled and her lipstick was smudged. Her body ached from earlier and opening her legs and touching her inner thigh she could still feel the roughness of the guys’ uniform on her skin. Smiling to herself she could also see the look on Shaun’s face when she told him what she had done. At one point she actually thought he was going to cum in his trousers.
If only he knew how much I want him, she thought.
Her smile became a grin as she thought about the night ahead. All those squaddies in one place, surely that would be every girls dream. Fuck what her b*****rs thought, she was going to pull out all the stops tonight and show them that she had finally grown up. Her reflection showed she had a good body, petite in height but curvaceous with large breasts and very sensitive nipples.
Holding her still tender breasts in her hands Sarah gently cupped them. Looking down she noticed that her nipples were still hard. With the pad of her thumb she stroked the skin around them and watched as they got harder. Fascinated she swirled her thumb around the nipple again and felt her body starting to respond. Her nipples felt painfully hard now and she started to pull on them trying to make them harder still. Reaching under her pillow she pulled out her trusty vibrator and switched it on. The gentle hum made her shiver as she anticipated the pleasure which was to come. Laying it on the bed she pulled her panties off and opened her legs as wide as she could, watching her reflection she slowly inserted the vibrator into her very wet pussy. Deeper and deeper she pushed it in and all the time watching herself in the mirror. The vibrations sent shockwaves through her body and using her free hand she stroked her stomach and chest. Feeling the softness of her skin beneath her touch she moaned. Letting go of the vibrator she leant back and let the vibrations go through her. Shivers ran through her body as she flexed her muscles holding it in her pussy. Her body was humming gently and she gasped out loud. The skin on her inner thighs felt tender from earlier and she could see the goose bumps as her fingers caressed it. Slowly her hands covered her body going high and higher up until once again she held her breasts in her hands. The comforting weight made her feel horny and she let them drop so they bounced onto her chest. Pulling on her nipples she gasped at the sensation which swept over her. Letting them go she just let the vibrations go through her body.
In her head she replayed the fucking she had had that afternoon and she could feel herself cuming. Moaning loudly she tugged and pinched her nipples letting the vibrator send her over the edge. Arching her back and pushing her breasts together she pulled on them. Feeling the vibrator slowly slide out she exploded onto it and pushed it out with her muscles almost screaming out her pleasure.
Collapsing back onto her bed she lay spread-eagled on the duvet her pussy throbbing and her nipples aching. The dull hum of the vibrator could be heard from its place on the floor and Sarah shook in the aftermath of her orgasm.

In his room Shaun watched as Sarah came and his cock exploded into his hand. Never had he watched anything as erotic as Sarah masturbating. He had tried so hard not to explode too soon, but as she screamed he could hold it back no longer, and his hand flew up and down his shaft bringing him closer and closer to his own release. When the vibrator had popped out of her glistening pussy his control drained away and he finally let himself cum wishing it was all over those perfect breasts.

Her shower was refreshing. Wrapping a towel round her body but leaving her hair free she walked out of the bathroom.
“Sarah, Mike and Phil are here.” Shaun’s voice was muffled from downstairs but unmistakable.
“I’ll be down in a sec”
Grabbing an over sized t shirt of Shaun’s which she used to sl**p in Sarah ran downstairs to greet her b*****rs.
Slinging their bags onto the floor Mike and Phil stood in the hallway just in time for Sarah to launch herself at them. Squealing in delight she clung to Phil tightly as he swung her round before dropping her back onto the floor.
“Don’t I get a hug to s*s?” Mike asked his arms out-stretched.
Sarah threw herself at him and wrapped her slender legs around his body laughing up into his face. As she wrapped her legs around Mike Shaun noticed that she was completely naked beneath his t shirt. Her nipples stood out proud through the material and he glimpsed her pussy when she opened her legs.
“Of course you get a hug.”
Shaun stood watching as he leaned against the wall. Mike and Phil were Sarah’s natural b*****rs he was just her step b*****r. All three looked alike with blonde hair and blue eyes. The two men could have been mistaken for twins if it wasn’t for the glasses that Mike wore.
“I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on this one. It looks like she’s done some growing since last time we saw her. Just sorry we had to miss her birthday, but duty calls and all that jazz.”
Phil laughed as he spoke but Shaun caught the hidden warning in his voice. Blonde and blue eyed Sarah was most defiantly the baby s****r. In the time they had been away she had toned up and filled out in all the right places.
Clinging tightly to Mike she was carried into the kitchen and placed on the work surface. Walking behind Shaun noticed that Sarah wasn’t wearing any underwear and he hoped Mike and Phil didn’t notice. Unwrapping her legs from Mike she sat on the kitchen side and swung her legs in front of her twirling her blonde hair in her fingers. Grinning like a cat Sarah looked from one b*****r to another as they stood talking.
Glancing at the clock a while later Sarah let out a small gasp.
“Listen guys, have you seen the time? Are we eating in or are we grabbing a curry while we are out.”
“Tough question, what do you reckon its going be?”
“Curry it is then. In that case I’m going to get ready. Plus I need to phone Paula to double check arrangements. See you in a bit.”
With that she jumped down and padded out of the kitchen.

Phil turned and looked at Shaun.
“Why didn’t you tell us about this development?”
His voice was hard and his gaze even harder. Shaun swallowed slightly.
“Which development is that?”
“What about Sarah?” he asked innocently. Shaun knew exactly what he was talking about but he didn’t want to admit it.
“Jesus Christ man, have you seen the figure on the girl.”
“It is rather nice isn’t it?”
“Don’t fucking wise crack with me Shaun or I will knock that smug look right of your face.”
Shaun stepped back nervously. The look on Phil’s face was enough to make him want to leave town right now and he hoped it didn’t get any worse.
“I can’t stop nature. It happened all by itself.” He shrugged.
Moving a step closer Phil was only stopped by Mike who stood in front of him.
“Shaun’s right Phil, you can’t stop her growing up.”
Turning to Shaun he continued.
“However we did ask you to keep an eye on her for us Shaun.”
“I have kept an eye on her and she hasn’t got into any trouble as yet. I cannot be behind her twenty four seven and you should know that.”
Shaun was only glad they weren’t aware of just how much growing up Sarah had done since the last time they had seen her.
“He could have told us.” Phil repeated.
“And say what. Hey Phil just to let you know Sarah has grown tits and is so hot all you can think about is fucking her. And like that would go down well. Stop acting like some Neanderthal and give the girl a break. She is eighteen now and above the age of consent.” Shaun’s voice was as hard as steel as he spoke.
“She isn’t coming out with us tonight the guys will eat her for breakfast. It’s like throwing a lamb to the wolves.”
“And who is going to stop her?” Shaun said as he leaned against the counter top.
“If you think I’m going to tell her she can’t come out with us then forget it I’m not that stupid. She may only be tiny but she has a wicked temper.”
All three looked at one another and realised that Shaun was right, no one wanted to tell her she couldn’t come out with them.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Phil said as he stomped out of the kitchen to get showered and changed. Shrugging at Shaun, Mike followed Phil out the door. Shaun stood and breathed a sigh of relief. If only they knew, he thought, that Sarah was the wolf and the guys were the lambs.

Half an hour later Shaun, Phil and Mike were stood in the living room waiting for Sarah to come downstairs. Pacing back and forth Phil still hadn’t yet calmed down from seeing the new Sarah.
“How long can it take to get ready?”
As Mike spoke the door opened and in walked Sarah. Holy cow, Shaun thought, the shit is really gonna hit the fan now.
Looking from Phil to Sarah and then back to Phil he waited for the fireworks.
Sarah looked from one b*****r to another as each one stared at her. The expectant look on her face as she wondered just what they were thinking spoke volumes.
“If you think you’re going out wearing that fucking dress then forget it.” Phil shouted.
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? “Sarah shouted back.
Looking down at her dress Sarah couldn’t see a problem with it. The short red dress clung to her figure showing off every curve. The long sleeves covered her arms tightly but still managed to look sexy and the neckline was high. It clung to her body covering everything but at the same time showing her ample breasts to perfection. Turning round to show her b*****rs the back of the dress she heard them gasp. The dress scooped down low to show all of her slender back stopping at the curve of her bottom. Barely covering her ass it stopped short of being indecent, yet it was plain to see she wasn’t wearing bra or panties. Her slender legs flowed nicely from beneath the material and her diminutive frame was accented by her red high heels.
“You are not coming out wearing that dress Sarah Jane. So go upstairs and find something decent to put on.” Phil shouted.
“Who the fucking hell made you the boss. This dress cost a fortune and I will wear it.” She shouted back stamping her foot like a petulant c***d.
“There isn’t enough of it to cost a fortune. Go and do as you are told. Now.”
“No.” Sarah screamed stamping her foot.
Mike and Shaun sat down and waited as Sarah and Phil shouted at each other. Digging her heels in Sarah stood her ground her eyes blazing in anger.
Ten minutes later with much screaming and shouting Sarah walked from the living room having won the argument.
Placing his hand protectively on the small of Sarah’s back Shaun walked with her outside to get into the taxi. Wriggling her bottom slightly Sarah encouraged him to lower his hand. Whispering softly in her ear Shaun caressed the small of her back feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers. Her bottom felt wonderful under the material of her dress and with ease he moved his hand over it feeling each cheek as she walked.
“Behave yourself otherwise...”
Raising his hand he lightly spanked her ass revelling in the feeling he got from her startled reply.
Hearing the sudden shout Phil turned to look at the two of them scowling at Sarah as she smirked at him. Whispering in her ear Shaun said. “Now do as I say and behave your self tonight.”
“But I’m always a good girl Shaun.”
“Behave, now.” He replied giving her ass another quick spank, his voice suddenly hard and intimidating.
Sarah sat in the front sulking and Phil sat behind her his face like thunder. Mike and Shaun just looked at each other and hoped it would get better.
The taxi stopped in front of the pub and they all piled out. Paula was waiting outside for them looking stunning in a short black dress and matching shoes. Her tanned legs went on forever and she received several admiring glances from men walking past.
Leaving the girls to each other the three b*****rs walked into the bar.
Shouts and cries went up as the large group of men at the bar saw Phil and Mike.
“Phil you tosser what fucking took you so long.”
“Mike get your lazy ass over here and get me that fucking pint you owe me.” The guys shouted.
Testosterone induced greetings ensued and Shaun watched as the two girls walked away from them and over to the ladies toilets. Quietly he slipped to the bar and ordered his first pint before lounging against it to watch the scene in front of him. Mike and Phil soon became the centre of the large group of men.
bl**dy squaddies, he thought. All they were interested in was booze and women.

Ordering another pint he was surprised to see Phil wander over. The two of them got on but he never felt comfortable in Phil’s company. Shaun preferred to spend time with his computers unlike Phil who liked his sports. His temper was unpredictable and his over protective attitude towards Sarah always grated. The girl was eighteen and over the age of consent but he did agree that bringing her out tonight was a recipe for disaster. All this testosterone was bound to spill over and for some reason he knew that there was going to be trouble before the end of the night.
“Where’s Sarah?” Phil asked.
“No idea. She was with us when we came in but she disappeared as soon as she got in the pub. I think she may be in the toilets with Paula. You know what that pair are like when they get together.” Shaun shrugged as he spoke.
“You don’t give a rat’s arse either do you?”
“Listen Phil; just give the girl a break will you. Girls will be girls.”
“Not all girls are my s****r and not all girls scream to be fucked. What the fuck happened to her?”
“She grew up or didn’t you notice that.”
“You know, that mouth of yours is going to get you in some serious shit.” Phil almost growled.
“I’m being serious. She grew up. One minute she was Sarah the next minute she was Sarah with tits. There isn’t anything you or I can do about it.”
Spotting a mate Shaun took his pint and wandered over leaving Phil by the bar. Downing his drink Phil scanned the bar trying to spot his s****r.

Sarah and Paula emerged from the toilets and made their way over to the bar. Standing waiting to be served they looked around the room to see if they knew anyone. Instead all they saw were Mike and Phil drinking with their mates. As they talked Sarah felt a warm breath on the back of her neck and somebody trailing a finger down her spine. Not daring to turn round she stood stock still and hoped it would carry on. The breath got closer and closer to her ear and a deep velvety voice whispered gently.
“My weapon is well oiled and fully loaded. Would you like to pull the trigger?”
Gasping loudly Sarah spun round and stood face to face with the guy she had fucked that afternoon.
“Oh my god it’s you.”
Her words were almost drowned out as his mouth descended on hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed her body against his wanting to feel him against her. Deep inside her body she could feel the stirrings of desire and her naked pussy responding. Her nipples became hard as they rubbed against the material of her dress. On her back his hands stroked the soft skin at the top of her ass and inch by slow inch she could feel his hand descending inside her dress. Her pulse quickened and gasping into his kiss she pushed her pelvis against his harden. The kiss became deeper and she could feel a trickle of moisture leave her pussy and trail its musky scent down her inner thigh. Holding on to him she curled her nails into his shirt feeling the toned body underneath it. Pulling his shirt out of his trousers Sarah raked her fingernails across his back and heard him growl deep in his throat. Overwhelmed with lust she pulled harder at his shirt feeling his own hands pulling up the hem of her dress. Quickly she unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers as she felt him lift her up. Opening her legs she wrapped them around his waist and was lowered on to his hard cock. Moaning loudly she threw back her head and growled a deep guttural noise that was echoed by Jay.
Slamming her back against the bar Jay plunged his cock deep inside her warm and very wet pussy. Feeling her legs around his waist he fucked her eager body. Grasping her large breast in his hand he swore at his inability to taste them instead Jay bit and suckled on them through the material.
Sarah moaned and meowed in his ear spurring him on to fuck her harder. Each gasp and groan brought him closer to cuming and he fucked her harder still feeling her juices trickle out of her wet pussy and down onto his balls. Slamming into her he knew he was going to cum soon and he bit her nipples even more. Sarah could feel herself cuming as Jay rammed into her leaning back she almost screamed as she felt Jay shoot his cum into her.
Suddenly she felt him dragged from under her and she fell, banging her head against the wooden floor. Dress still raised she lay on the floor looking up into the furious face of her b*****r.
“What the fucking hell do you think you are doing?”
“I was enjoying myself.”
“Is that what you call it? Damn it girl I should...”
Phil was inarticulate with rage as he looked down at his s****r. Turning round he raised his fist and hit Jay squarely on the jaw knocking him onto the floor.
“You bastard! You fucking bastard!”
“For fucks sake what was that for.”
Standing up Jay fastened his trousers and stood facing Phil.
Shaun and Mike were holding him back as he tried to get at Jay, his face contorted with anger. Glancing at the two other b*****rs Jay could see the controlled anger of Mike but it was the look on Shaun’s face which surprised him the most.
Shaun stood holding Phil back with a look of dark lust glowing in his eyes. He had stood by the bar and watched as the squaddie had taken Sarah and he had wanted it to be him instead. Looking on he could see that the two of them were oblivious to the rest of the world. He was rock hard in his trousers as he watched Sarah get fucked against the bar and glancing round he had seen other squaddies watching, he had hoped that they all wanted to do her as well.
Letting go of Phil he walked over and helped her stand up.
“I told you to behave yourself. Now you will be punished.”

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