Soldier Boy chapter 1

The sun streamed through the window and Sarah stretched languidly on the bed letting the heat warm her already warm skin. The bedcovers were loosely thrown across her petite frame leaving only her ample breasts exposed. Stroking them softly with her fingertips she watched as her nipples hardened and tiny goose-bumps appeared on her body. With the sun stoking the tiny flame of arousal in the pit of her stomach she began to move her hand lower. Across her flat stomach it travelled with a feather light touch. Down even further her hand went caressing her hips and then her mound. Parting her legs slightly she slipped her hand between them feeling the heat. Gently rubbing herself she wondered if she had time to play. Sighing heavily she knew she hadn’t so reluctantly she took her hand away leaving a longing there which needed fulfilling.
In a fluid movement she hopped out of bed, stretched, and padded to the bathroom for a shower her, tanned bottom sashaying sexily. Turning the shower on Sarah tied her long blonde hair up into a loose knot before climbing in. The water flowed over her body feeling warm and silky against her skin. Soaping herself down Sarah washed the stickiness from her hot body, the waters cool spray tracing tiny clear rivers down her back and over the curve of her bottom. Rinsing the sweet smelling soap from her skin she climbed out of the shower. Wrapping a large towel round her hair and another around her chest she walked back into the bedroom. Opening the doors of her very large closet she stood wondering what she could wear her reflection looking back at her from the mirror.
Rubbing her hair dry slightly she threw the towel onto the bed before letting the towel fall from her still damp body. Sarah turned this way and that, smiling at what she saw. Five minutes she thought to herself, just five minutes of pleasure.
She started to caress her stomach with her hands. The gentle touch sending quivers of arousal between her legs. Her nipples slowly hardened at the touch and moaning slightly she started to play with them. Holding both breasts in her hands she pushed them together and tried to lick her nipples. Letting go of them she watched as they bounced on her chest. Pinching one nipple then the other she felt a trickle of moisture between her legs and her clit throbbed in response. Again she pinched them and again she felt her clit throb Looking into the mirror she watched herself as she massaged her breasts, watching the nipples stand to attention as she played with them. Longing to delve deeply between her thighs Sarah parted her legs and slipped her finger into her warm wet pussy. Watching her reflection Sarah continued to delve deeper, her finger finding her tender clit. Circling it with her finger she sighed in pleasure. Using her other hand to play with her hard nipples she pinched them between her fingers the pain making her gasp.
Slowly sliding to the floor she sat with her back against the bed and parted her legs slightly so she could see her hand between her thighs. Opening her legs even wider Sarah licked her lips as she saw how wet she was. Her pussy glisterened with her juices and The sight of her own arousal made her moan. Her clit ached to be touched but she continued to play with her nipples. One hand caressed her breasts and fondled her nipples and the other parted her pussy lips, tiny drops of moisture trickled onto her fingers. Dipping her finger into her warm wet pussy she gasped slightly at the sensations which washed over her. Taking it out she watched herself as she slowly licked her finger, tasting her own sweet juices. Pushing her hips forward she pushed her two fingers deeper in. Sarah longed to let go and plunge her fingers deep inside herself but she also wanted to make it last. Aching all over she took her time.
“Hey s*s. You got a minute spare?” her step-b*****r called from the other side of the bedroom door.
Groaning her frustration she removed her hand and tried to calm her breathing. Taking a deep breathe she stood up and wiped her hand on her towel. Calling out as she did.
“Sure come on in.”
Walking into the room he slung himself onto the nearest chair and stared at Sarah. His tall frame filled the seat and his casual clothing hung well on his broad frame. Presenting her well rounded ass to him she asked over her shoulder.
“So what you after now? If its money I’ve only got my credit card, if it’s the car I’m taking the soft top.”
“bl**dy hell how did you know that’s what I was after?” he said.
“Because I know you well Shaun.” Turning to face him she added. “I’m meeting up with Paula for lunch and maybe some shopping afterwards. I haven’t seen her for ages so I maybe back late. So if you see mum tell her will you.”
“Well I hope you plan on wearing some clothes you’re a bit under dressed right now.” He said this as he looked her up and down chuckling. Even Shaun admitted his baby s****r was hot. She wasn’t very tall but she had curves in all the right places and her ample chest was certainly noticeable, firm with very perky nipples. He could smell her muskiness in the air and he knew she had been pleasuring herself before he had walked in. Her nipples were still hard and her cheeks were flushed slightly. He could feel his hardness growing on its own accord and he smiled to himself, later, he thought, later.
“Well what do you think I should put on?” she asked sarcastically turning back to her bulging wardrobe.
“How about the pink alter neck sundress with those white high heeled sandals you bought last week!” he replied, equally as sarcastic. Shaun had seen the dress when she had bought it and knew that it would be perfect for meeting Paula in. Incredibly short it fitted snugly to her almost perfect figure, showing of her generous breasts to perfection before sliding tightly over her waist and flaring at the hem.
Dressing quickly Sarah added a matching sunhat and bag to the outfit plus a pair of oversized sunglasses.
“How do I look?”
“Hot, if I do say so myself.” He laughed.
“Anyway I must dash I said id meet her at 10 and it’s a quarter to now.” Giving him a peck on the cheek Sarah hurried out to her car and drove to meet Paula.
Paula was her best friend, had been since primary school. That was until her parents had moved away while Paula was in her early teens. Every year since Paula had tried to come and visit at least once to catch up with all her old friends, especially Sarah.
“Baby you look adorable.” Paula cooed at her friend. “You are just so cute in that outfit. I wish I could wear it.”
Her eyes roved hungrily over Sarah’s body lingering on her tiny waist and large chest.
“Shaun chose it for me.” She said blushing.
Almost purring Paula replied.
“Well when you see him. Tell him he has excellent taste. I could eat you here and now.” Reaching out she stroked Sarah’s cheek.
“So where are we going for lunch dear?” Sarah asked laughingly.
“Oh you will love it. It’s a tiny pub out of town. I discovered it last time I was up and thought it would be nice to go for lunch there sometime. Well now’s the time. We’ll have to take both cars because unfortunately I have another appointment to go to afterwards. I’ve got until about 2 ish before I have to leave you. So it means no shopping I’m afraid.”
“No problem babe. We can save that for another day. Is this place far?”
“About an hours drive, but its well worth the travel. I’ve booked us a table for 12 so I think we had better get gone.”
Hopping back into her car Sarah smoothed her skirt down over her legs and checking herself in the mirror she started it up and waited for Paula. Following her friend through the streets and out onto the country roads Sarah turned on her stereo. The car ate up the miles and the drive led them out into the country. Birds sang and the sunlight caressed her skin nicely. Cultivated fields of summer crops gave way to wilder scenery. Rocks jutted out of the hills proud and hard and the hedgerows became less tamed. The road was quiet with no traffic in either direction but over the music Sarah became aware of a deep rumbling behind her. Looking in the mirror she saw a large vehicle descending quickly upon her. Pulling over slightly she wondered who or what could be so arrogant on the roads. Up in front Paula was doing the same and both cars let the large trucks pass them by. Sarah’s breathe caught in her throat as she finally realised what was in the back of the trucks. Smiling to herself Sarah wondered where they were going.

Pulling up outside the pub Sarah closed off her stereo got out and locked the car door. Paula stood waiting against her own looking poised and sexy in her white trousers and top. Her short black hair contrasted nicely with her tanned skin.
The pub was an old coaching inn and it stood in the middle of nowhere. Large containers of flowers stood like footmen around the façade cascading their contents over the sides, riots of blue, red and yellow flowers jostling for space. Hanging from the inn was a sign declaring it to be the Fox and Hound. Opening the door for her to enter Paula caressed Sarah’s behind feeling the tiny material of her panties beneath her dress. A shiver of lust ran through her body and she whispered in her ear.
“You are so sexy today babe.”
Sarah laughed quietly wriggling against Paula’s hand.
“Thank-you dear heart.”
“I will have you one day you know.” Paula’s voice was husky as she spoke.
“Shall we eat? I’m starving.”
The double meaning was not lost on her and Paula groaned to herself. She knew that she was being teased and tempted. She knew that Sarah preferred men but she wanted her so badly it hurt. Not removing her hand from Sarah’s behind they walked into the pub and she could feel the cheeks of Sarah’s bottom moving beneath the material of her dress. Her own panties were starting to moisten with desire and the longing to slide her hand under the dress and stroke Sarah’s ass was almost too much.
With an hour to go before lunch the two of them went to sit outside in the beautiful garden.
Crossing her legs Sarah now realised why Shaun had had her wear this particular dress. By its very nature she was unable to wear any bra with it and her nipples were now erect and straining against the material. As they had walked outside a group of middle aged business men had openly watched her, their admiring glances causing her to blush. Lust filled their eyes and a few even absentmindedly stroked the front of their trousers.
Paula chuckled and whispered in her ear.
“I see I am not the only one who wants you.”

When it was time to order they both decided that they would eat al fresco. The glorious sunshine and beautiful scenery added to the already perfect lunch.
Sarah knew her friend wanted her and tried not to think about it. She was unsure if she should spoil their friendship. Deep down she wanted Paula as much as Paula wanted her but her friendship was worth more than casual sex.
The time flew and before long it was time for Paula to leave. Paying the bill they walked out of the pub and towards their cars. Leaning back against the door Sarah smiled up at her friend watching her face. Paula stood looking down at Sarah and suddenly felt herself leaning forward to kiss her.
Surprised Sarah stood still but then felt the gentle caress of her friend’s lips on her own. Slowly her lips parted and she felt the tip of a tongue flick between them. Paula nibbled Sarah’s lip gently, tiny bites which promised so much. Wrapping her arms around Sarah’s waist and pulling her forward Paula could feel her chest heaving slightly.
The taste of her was intoxicating and Paula felt d***k as she kissed her friend. They moaned as their tongues entwined hungrily feeding from one another.
Sarah’s arms went up to her friends neck and locked behind it drawing her closer.
Suddenly they were interrupted by the loud noise of a horn. Parting quickly they turned to see the truck that had passed them earlier drive by.
“I’d better get going or I’ll be late.” Paula spoke, her voice uneven.
Sarah was shocked to think she had kissed Paula, more surprised she had been turned on by it. Her body ached for more and she shivered with the thought.
“Call me later and we can arrange to meet tonight if you want.”
“That would be nice, I will do.” Shaking she turned and walked away leaving Sarah by her car.
Standing still Sarah became aware of the scrunch of gravel and the honk of a car horn.
“See ya later.” Paula shouted over the noise.

Getting into her car and driving away she didn’t realise she had taken the wrong turning until she saw the church. They hadn’t passed a church on their way in.
Shit, thought Sarah. Now where am i?
Finding a large lay-by Sarah pulled over to get her bearings. Unfortunately she had followed Paula so hadn’t got a clue where she was. Opening the glove compartment for the sat nav she fumbled around trying to put her hands on it. Not finding it she bent over to look in and swore when she saw it wasn’t there, then swore again when she realised she had lent it her b*****r.
Hitting the steering wheel with her fist Sarah’s language was less then ladylike. Revving the engine in her anger she wheel spun the car.
Thud, thud, thud. The noise was coming from the front of the car, Thud Thud Thud .
Wondering what it could be she stopped again and got out. Walking around the entire vehicle she saw that the front wheel was blown. A broken bottle lay next to the wheel in question and she cursed the stupid person who couldn’t be bothered to use the bin she had noticed.. Kicking the wheel with her foot she cursed again when she hurt her toes. Standing and staring at it she knew one thing, she wasn’t changing a tyre in these clothes. Changing the tyre was the easy part getting the dirt out of this dress was another. Reaching into the car, her pert bottom on show, she looked for her phone. Her day could only get better after this.

The guys in the truck had watched as the two girls kissed one another. They were so obviously into each other that they had not heard the large vehicle drive past. Jay was sat in the back listening to the other men .Anyone would think they hadn’t seen two women kiss before, he thought, although this one was defiantly a hot one. The blonde was defiantly worth a second glance but so was the brunette. He could feel his arousal in his uniform as he thought of those delectable bodies in his bed. That long hair cascading over the sheets as he showed her just what the British army was capable of.
Driving down the road he let his mind wander about just what he would do to her and how he would do it.
“Earth to jay, come in Jay.” Mark nudged him.
“Uhh.” His revere broken he turned to look at Mark.
“What you doing in there, fucking those girls?”
“Dam right I am. Wouldn’t you given the chance?”jay replied with a smile.
“Hell yeah. Id show them some decent fucking love. The blonde was so fucking hot my dicks still hard after watching that.” He laughed.
Aware that the truck was slowing down Jay wondered what was up. Finally it stopped and he jumped out. As the officer in charge it was up to him to determine the problem, if there was one. Walking round to the front of the truck he opened the door and climbed up to the cab.
“What’s the problem?”
“I thought we might like to help a damsel in distress Jay.” The driver replied.
“You know we never stop.”
“Yes I know that but this one is defiantly worth stopping for. Take a look and tell me you don’t want to stop and help.” The driver said a huge grin on his face, Intrigued despite himself Jay leaned over to look around the driver and then smiled.
“Well. Well. Yes I think it is worth the stop.” Laughing he climbed out and walked over to the car.

Sarah glanced over her shoulder when she heard a vehicle stop behind her.
Oh shit, she thought.
Standing up and leaning back against the car door she waited for the guy to come over and talk to her. Sarah hoped he had come to help and not give her any trouble. Although she would love trouble if it looked like him, god he looked sexy in those camos.
Calming her breathing she waited for him to get closer. Her blue eyes a challenge behind her sunglasses.
“What’s the problem miss?”
“Looks like ive driven over a bottle or something. Could do with changing my wheel but I need help.”
“I’ll get a couple of the men to do that for you.”
Shouting over to the truck he ordered two of them to come and help.

Jay couldn’t believe his luck. It was the blonde from earlier and she was even hotter up close and personal. Long waist length hair ended at a well rounded ass that was barely covered with the dress she was wearing. Her ample breasts strained to escape from its confines, the nipples hard and tantalising as she breathed.
He could feel his cock getting hard.
“In that case let me open the boot so you can get the spare out.” As she spoke she turned and leaned over the door to press a button on the dash board. Her dress rose slightly and the rounded cheeks of her ass came on show. The moment lasted only seconds but it was enough for him to see she wasn’t wearing any panties, or if she was they were tiny ones.
Fucking hell, he thought.
Jay smiled to himself and defiantly wished he could do her, from behind, over the car, just as she was now. Remembering what he had seen her do earlier he felt his cock get even harder.
He walked over to stand next to her his tall muscular frame dwarfing her petite one. As she bent over her arse wriggled slightly. Jay imagined it on his cock as he raised her skirt and lowered her panties before sliding himself deep inside her delectable pussy.
Sarah stood up and turned to find him standing next to her. Swallowing hard she stepped to the side her heart pounding in her chest. He was so, she struggled to find the right word, male.
His height intimidated her but it was more than that, it was the way he stood, confident, strong and almost predatory. Even when he had walked over to her it was almost like a tiger stalking its prey. Sarah felt like the prey but the idea of being eaten by this tiger only made her hotter.
Mark and another soldier, Taffy, jumped out of the truck when he heard Jay shout. Striding over to the car, he noticed that Jay was standing next to the blonde they had seen earlier. His cock hardened.
Jesus she was fucking sexy.
“Jay?” he asked. The question unspoken.
“”Change the tyre on this vehicle private.”
“Sure thing.”
Indicating to Taffy to help Mark started to change the wheel, every now and then looking at jay who was talking to the blonde.
Lucky bastard he thought. Mark’s cock was still hard after watching her earlier. Now it was so hard it hurt. What he would do to her right now.
“Would you like to sit with us while they sort your car out miss?” Jay asked Sarah.
“If you don’t mind.” Sarah was beginning to get aroused. How many more sexy guys were going to jump out of the back of the truck, she wondered.
Following Jay she walked around to the back of the vehicle.
“Would you like a hand getting up or can you manage.” Jay asked unsure if he wanted to see her climb up, maybe seeing what was under the dress, or putting her there himself and feeling those large breasts rubbing against him.
“Could you help please.” She stood with her back against the truck waiting for him to pick her up.
The men in the vehicle watched as Jay placed his hands on Sarah’s waist to lift her and he knew that they wanted to be in his position. He knew that everyone of them wanted to slide their hard cocks into her very wet pussy and fuck her stupid.
Behind her he could see a few of them gesturing what they were thinking. They whispered to each other and he knew just what they were saying. He was just glad she couldn’t hear there comments.

She shivered as the cold metal made contact with her skin. Glad she was wearing her sunglasses Sarah’s eyes travelled over the soldier’s body, wondering what lay beneath his clothing. As she held on to him she could feel his muscles beneath his uniform. Finally her eyes settled on his face and she swallowed quickly.
“Thank you.”
She was surprised her voice worked. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she hoped they would hurry up and fix her car. Never had she been in a position like this before. Sarah wasn’t sure if she was grateful or scared.
Letting go of her Jay took a step back trying to hide the raging hard-on in his trousers.
The silence that followed was almost palatable.
Licking her dry lips Sarah watched the flitting emotions on the soldiers face and smiled to her self. His trousers did not hide the bulge at all and she was getting wetter by the second. Her nipples were hard and her mouth was dry.
Never had she wanted any man this badly and she was so horny sitting here. He was unconventionally handsome. Brown eyes to the point of black stared at her and she shivered when her eyes travelled over his body. The uniform only added to his attraction and Sarah sat drinking in everything about him. Throwing caution to the wind Sarah decided she just had to have him.
“Honestly I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along.”
“It’s no problem miss. Glad to help.”
Sarah wriggled on the cold metal her dress riding further up her legs showing him more of her creamy skin. Parting her thighs slightly she spoke quietly.
“Is there anything I can do to thank you for your help.?”
Was it his imagination or did she emphasise the word anything.
Conscious of the other men behind her Jay shook his head.
“I’m sorry to be a nuisance, I would normally change it myself but as you can see I’m not wearing the right clothes for the job.” She said as she indicated her dress.
“no your not a nuisance miss, I’m glad we could help.”
The conversation was stilted and awkward. Turning her head Sarah glanced behind her, swallowing as she saw the other soldiers. A few of them grinned at her making her blush. She knew just what she would like to do with a couple of these and she wished she had the courage to do it She also had a good idea what they would like to do to her.
When she looked back at Jay she smiled sexily widening her eyes and biting her lip.
“well at least I’m safe with all you guys around.”
Jay smiled back, little did she know, he thought. Everyone one of those guys was probably sporting a boner and dreaming about fucking her senseless. He defiantly wanted to feel his cock buried deep inside her.
“I mean what girl couldn’t fail to feel safe with all of you guys carrying those big guns.” Her eyes travelled over Jay’s body lingering just below his waist.
The duel meaning wasn’t lost on him and he grinned back at her.
“Do you like big guns?”
“oh yes, the bigger the better. Are they all loaded and ready for use?” Sarah asked innocently.
Jay nodded.
“We’re always ready for action miss.”
“That’s so reassuring to know, and you’re all fully trained in how to use them?”
“Oh yes, fully trained. Every one of us knows how to use his weapon.”
Sarah could feel her self getting really wet and her nipples were so hard.
“I’ve always wanted to hold a soldiers weapon. Would it be possible?”
“I’m afraid not but I can let you feel it while I hold it.”
Stepping forward so he stood in front of her jay offered her his weapon. Watching as she reached out to touch it he saw how she gently wrapped her fingers around the barrel before stroking its entire length.
Fucking hell, he thought, how suggestive was that. His cock jumped violently in his trousers and involuntarily he stepped closer.
Up and down the barrel her hand went feeling the cold hard metal between her fingers. Down and round her hand went feeling all of it then stroking back up to where Jay held it. Touching his hand tentatively she looked up at him and smiled.
Sarah looked him straight in the eye as she continued to play with his gun. Biting her lip she glanced down and then back up at him.
“Its defiantly bigger than I expected. Are you sure you know how to use it?”
Jay nodded.
“I hope the safety is on, I would hate it to go off while im holding it.”
Low and husky her voice was driving him mad.
Jesus fucking Christ, he thought, how fucking tempting was she.
It was taking all his control not to take her here and now. His cock was straining in his trousers. Looking past her he could see the guys gesturing and making crude comments.
Sarah knew what was going on behind her and inside she was laughing to herself. She wasn’t as innocent as her baby blue eyes suggested.
Leaning forward so that her mouth was level with his ear she whispered.
“Kiss me soldier.” Her mouth brushed against his ear lode as she spoke her breathe warm againt his skin.
Needing no second telling Jay turned his head and captured her mouth possessing it completely. No gentle kiss he invaded her mouth with his tongue, tasting her lips hungrily. Pressing against her he could feel her breasts rubbing against his uniform and his cock ached to own her. She moaned loudly and he kissed her harder.
Shouts behind her were ignored as he took her mouth for his own. Pulling away from her he stepped back gasping for breathe.
“Go for it.”
“Fuck her.”
The guys were shouting this and more behind her.
His breathe sounded harsh as he looked at her. Wiping his mouth with his hand he glanced over her shoulder to the men in the truck. Jay knew he wanted her but did she want him as badly.
She looked at him and her eyes roamed over his body before locking on to his face. The lust in her eyes shone like a beacon and he knew she wanted more than just a kiss. Needing no encouragement he placed his gun on the tailboard and stripped of his helmet. Stepping forward again he reached round and grabbed her hair tilting her head back before taking her mouth. His free hand held her tight against him as he took her. Biting her lip he took possession of her, forcing her legs apart with his body.
Her hands were round his neck pulling him closer and her moans were muffled in his mouth. Pulling her head back away from his he f***ed her backwards, pushing her further and further back. With one hand he f***ed her legs further apart and pushed up her dress. Grabbing her panties he practically ripped them from her body the smell of her arousal wafting up to his nose.
Sarah lay against the cold hard metal of the truck and prayed she was doing the right thing. She wanted to be fucked so badly she ached all over. Looking around her she realised she may have taken on more than she could manage. It was one thing to dream about something but so different in reality. Breathing heavily she let her eyes roam.
Everywhere she looked male eyes focused on her and all she could see was pure unadulterated lust.
Jay watched as the others crowded in slightly.
“Back off. This one is mine.” He growled.
Sarah heard him jump into the truck as she inched herself further into it. Watching as he stood above her unbuckling his belt and undoing his trousers she gasped loudly as he knelt down between her legs.
“Is this what you want?” Jay said as he stroked his cock
Sarah nodded.
“I asked you a question. Is this what you want?” his voice was commanding and she shivered in anticipation. A trickle of moisture dripped from her pussy and again she nodded.
“Yes what?” he commanded.
“Yes sir.”
Leaning forward he plunged into her wet pussy and started to fuck her. Sarah moaned loudly as Jay went into her. The sudden feeling of fullness almost made her come. Closing her eyes she arched her back and threw her arms to the side. Lying there as he pushed into her she moved her hips to meet each thrust.

Mark stood next to the car as he helped Taffy change the wheel. He could hear shouts and whistles coming from the truck.
“Be right back.”
As he walked over the shouts got louder and he could make out words that were being shouted.
“Fuck her.”
“Give it her Jay.”
“Screw the bitch.”
His cock hardened as he walked and he just knew what was happening.
Fucking bastard, he thought. I wanted her.
As he walked to the back of the truck all he could see was Jay fucking the blonde. Smiling to himself he jumped in and knelt beside Jay, watching has he plunged into her.
Opening her eyes Sarah whimpered as the other soldier appeared her eyes widening when she saw the obvious arousal in his trousers. Licking her lips she turned her head away and closed her eyes. She was so close to coming all she could think about was how much her clit ached and how good it felt to be fucked so hard. Groaning loudly she arched her back wanting more.
Mark watched as she moved under his mate and grinned.
“Need a hand.”
Jay shook his head and moaned as he felt her muscles tighten around his cock.
Fuck she was tight, he thought.
Leaning on one arm he reached up to pull her dress to one side exposing her breasts. Bending down he captured one in his mouth and sucked hard on the nipple. Biting down he heard her moan loudly and he thrust harder into her. Letting go he captured the other nipple and bit down onto it. She moaned even louder and he sucked on it hard. He let go and leaned back watching as they bounced up and down.
Suddenly he stopped and looked at her. She groaned in frustration and lifted her hips to encourage him. Jay resisted her movements and very slowly pulled upwards.
“What do you want? He asked suddenly.
No reply.
“I asked you a question. What do you want? Answer me now?” he ordered
“I want you.” Sarah answered, her voice small and shaking.
“That wasn’t the question. What do you want?” his voice was hard and the tone commanding.
“I want to be fucked.”
“I want to be fucked.”Sarah said louder.
“I want to be fucked...what?”
“I want to be fucked sir”
“Better. You learn quickly.”
Suddenly he plunged deep inside her and she moaned even louder arching her back as did.
He was finding it hard to hold back as she moved beneath him. Suddenly her body tensed and her muscles tightened around his cock. Moaning loudly Sarah shuddered and her quivering body sent him over the edge. Coming suddenly he grunted as he thrust into her.
Getting off her he leant back on his heels his cock glistening with both their juices .Sprawled in front of him Sarah opened her eyes and smiled a slow sensual smile.
“I needed that.” She laughed.
Sitting up she reached forward and touched Jays face.
“Well soldier you certainly do know how to use your weapon.”
Turning to Mark she saw the bulge in his trousers and smiled sweetly.
“I’m hungry have you anything I can eat?”
Mark stood up in front of her and unzipped his trousers. As they slipped down his legs his erection came into view and Sarah licked her lips. Kneeling in front of him she straightened her skirt and pushed her long hair away from her face. Gazing up at him her blue eyes gleamed with admiration at what she saw in front of her.
Slowly she wrapped her slender fingers around his thickness and leant forward. As she kissed the tip of his cock she held his gaze. Gently she flicked her tongue across the head before taking him into her mouth. Sucking gently she wrapped her tongue around him taking him deeper into her. Reaching around him she drew him closer, digging her fingers into the tight muscles of his ass. Humming gently she took him further in, swirling her tongue around before letting him out of her mouth. Flicking her tongue up and down his shaft she sucked on his balls before licking him all over. Back into her mouth she took him sucking hard and long. Slowly but firmly she sucked his cock building the pace and groaning into his crotch has his cock went deeper into her throat.
Mark was in heaven, his cock twitched violently in her mouth as she took him deeper. Moaning loudly he grabbed her head and held it to him trying to push further in. His knees felt weak as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. When her tongue swirled round his cock he started to fuck her mouth. Grunting loudly he pushed forward and felt himself slip down her throat.
Fuck, he thought, heaven.
Harder he pushed. Her fingers dug painfully into his flesh but he didn’t care. He wanted to come. He wanted to shoot it down her tight throat. He wanted to fuck her face and then fuck her pussy. Hanging onto her head Mark pushed harder.
“oh yes.” He gasped
“Oh my god I’m coming.”
Harder and harder he fucked her mouth as he came down her throat.
Sarah held on as Mark used her mouth. Sucking deeper she felt his balls tighten in her hands and the hot flow of cum shoot down her throat. Taking it all she swallowed it down, eating him hungrily.
When he had finished shuddering she let him go with a pop and leant back on her heels.
Looking round Sarah smiled as she saw several of the soldiers with their cocks in their hands. The noises they were making were turning her on again, her pussy throbbed for more cock. Standing up she winced at the pain in her legs but not caring. With care she moved to the edge of the truck trying to decide how she was going to get down.
Mark and Jay grinned at one another, hopped down and helped her from the truck. Leaning back she looked at them carefully unsure what to say. It wasn’t everyday that she got fucked or gave a blowjob with others watching. She could hear angry comments from those that she had left behind. All of a sudden Sarah realised she could be in trouble and she looked worried.
Jay and Mark saw the look on her faced and both realised she was worried about what was going to happen now.
Wishing she had been a good girl Sarah wondered how she was going to get out of the situation. Suddenly it didn’t seem so much fun any more but she tingled all over at the thought of doing it again. Aware that they were talking to her she focused on the smaller of the two.
“Well the wheels changed so we’ll leave you to it.”
“Thank you for your help.”
Quickly turning and walking away Sarah hurried over to her car. Opening the door she turned to watch the two men jump back into their vehicle. Sitting in the driving seat Sarah looked at her hands on the steering wheel and realised that she was actually shaking. Turning the key in the ignition she revved the car and drove off.
Well at least she had a tale to tell Paula when she saw her later, she thought.

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3 years ago
Very fucking good
3 years ago
that was oh so hot & sexy