Personal Maneuvers

Driving is not exactly the sexiest pass time in the world especially for some one whose only experience of it was with a lecherous instructor with a personal hygiene problem and an obsession with dirty jokes. Yes this did happen to me.
Looking back I now realise that all the warning signs had been there but being so young I had not seen them, not until it was to late. At eighteen I was very impressionable and even now I shudder at the thought of what happened. His odour -ridden clothes and narrow beady eyes had filedl me with revulsion. The first lesson had been bad his feeble attempts at making me comfortable having the opposite effect. It seemed he had a weakness for young blonde girls and he was unable to stop himself. According to him I was the one to blame tempting him with my body. Tempting anyone would be a miracle these days but back then my voluptuous frame and long blonde hair seemed to be a siren call to a dirty old man who wanted to get inside my knickers.
I was no longer that young girl but the thought of sitting in the driving seat of a car whilst some strange man sat next to me made me want to vomit. Unfortunately now recently divorced I thought it was time to finish what I had started all those years ago, over come my revulsion, and get my licence. After all I had no one to drive me places now and I had plenty of places I wanted to see.
Sitting in the kitchen with the local business directory in front of me, and a large cup of tea, I took a deep breath and started the un-enviable task of finding a suitable instructor. After twenty minutes of calls I found one that was close enough and whose advert sounded professional. Picking up the phone and punching in the digits I waited for it to be picked up the other end. The man that answered sounded nice enough, his voice was warm and friendly and his replies to my query seemed very professional and not at all lecherous. His lesson prices sounded reasonable and with this in mind I decided that I would book a lesson with him and see how it went. The only space he had was a cancellation for the following day. So deciding that it should be sooner rather than later I accepted and booked it. Placing the phone back on its receiver I took a sip of my drink and letting out the mental breath I had been holding.
The following day dawned sunny and blue skied which seemed like a good sign to me. I spent most of my day pottering around the house and in the garden weeding. I was trying not to think about my upcoming lesson but as the time approached for it I found the nerves in my stomach getting the better of me. In fact the last time I had felt this nervous I was about to give birth. Deciding that a refreshing shower would make me feel better I went up to get ready. It would be wrong of me not to smell nice and look good, I wasn’t the most confident of women and looking good would help to bolster what little confidence I had.
Pacing in the living room waiting for the car to turn up has got to be the longest few minutes of my life, it was almost as bad as getting my divorce papers. Outside a small compact car stopped and the sign on its roof declared it to be the instructor I was waiting for. Minutes later I was sitting in the passenger seat next to one of the best looking guys I had laid eyes on in a long time.
“Mrs Richards good afternoon.”
“Pardon.” He said looking at me confused.
“Its miss Richards, i'm divorced.”
”Oh i’m sorry to hear that.”
“Don’t be because i’m not. In fact I couldn’t be happier.”
“Good for you.” He looked away slightly embarrassed and I got the impression that he didn’t like being embarrassed. The moment passed as quickly as it had occurred making me wonder if I had imagined it.
“Have you ever driven before Miss Richards?” with his brown eyes on me I blushed. They were chestnut brown with flecks of gold, I had never been one for noticing things like that but they looked at me so intently I couldn’t fail to notice their beautiful colour.
“Eleanor, or Ellie to my friends, Miss Richards sounds so formal.” I smiled what I hoped was a friendly smile and I didn’t look like some deranged woman ready to pounce on him. Although pouncing was one of the things I would love to do to him.
“Have you ever driven before Eleanor?”
“Only once and that was years ago.”
“In that case we need to start with the basics.”
“Whatever you think is best.”
As lessons go my first one went okay. He started off by showing me what all the dials and buttons were for before running through the controls. When I eventually got round to turning the key in the ignition I was a lot more relaxed. However the car seemed to be fuelled by kangaroo juice and not diesel and I felt like I had developed extra arms and legs. But all in all it went well. Chris didn’t smell and his quiet professional manner instilled me with confidence. It seemed that nothing could fluster him not even me. The fact that he was rather good looking didn’t help me one bit. Romantic notions of good looks aren’t for me I gave up on romance when I got divorced. But I will say that Chris had a certain something about him that I found very intriguing. He was big but not fat, his hair was brown peppered with grey and his smile was warm, even a little cheeky. If I were to describe him I would say he was ruggedly distinguished. A man who has grown into his looks rather than was born into them.
With a voice as smooth as chocolate with the hint of an accent I couldn’t quite place he was playing havoc with my equilibrium. It didn’t really matter where or what it was only that it sent ripples of longing through me. Between his looks and his voice I was finding it hard to concentrate on what I was learning. Going through all the controls he asked me to depress the clutch pedal so he could show me the gears and how they moved. As I watched I noticed how large his hands were, at least twice the size of mine, and it was hard to think of anything other than what they would feel like as they roved slowly over my body. The more he talked and explained what I needed to know the more I wanted him to talk dirty to me. He even managed to make gear changes and acceleration sound sexy. I watched him talking and his mouth moved in such a delicious way and if I made mistakes, which was frequently, I noticed that the corners turned up slightly in amusement. Learning was hard with an instructor like Chris and at the end of the lesson I was more than willing to book some more for future weeks.
Back in the house I sat in the garden and replayed everything that had gone on in the lesson and I chuckled at my own reaction to him. At eighteen I had been naive but now I was older I knew that a man like Chris could be quietly dangerous for my sanity. It had been six months since my final divorce papers had come through. I hadn’t wanted to get divorced but I had been left with no choice after the humiliation I had suffered at the hands of my now ex husband. In hindsight it was the best thing I could have done I had not been this happy for many years. Now I was very happy and thankful for the divorce.
On my second lesson I was more prepared for him and as I sat in the driving seat I took a deep breath aiming to steady my fast beating pulse. But instead of steadying it inhaling only made it beat faster. The smell that pervaded the air was a really deep musky smell that tantalised the nose and made me feel like I wanted to be wrapped in it. Taking a deep breath I let it fill my nostrils, my whole body tingling as it registered somewhere deep in the primal recesses of my brain. I can’t even begin to describe it but it reminded me of woodland grass and of rich spicy cake and musky tones it smelt delicious, tangible, edible. The more I breathed it in the more I wanted to bath in it and wrap myself in it. It seemed Chris was bad for me in all the senses.
Now being of the more mature persuasion I'm not prone to flights of fancy I’m more sensible than that. Where men were concerned at the moment I had decided they were a no go area. My ex husband had wrung all emotion out of me when we had got divorced. His constant demands and c***dish behaviour had pushed me to the emotional limit and I wanted nothing more to do with the male species.
All I wanted was to rediscover who I was as a person. I know that may sound really pretentious but for years I had been a wife, a mother, a daughter in law and an aunty. Now I just wanted to be me. I was divorced so no longer a wife or daughter in law. My lads were away at university so my parental duties were resigned to phone calls and the odd email. And aunty duties were only occasional visits from my f****y so easily dealt with. It was just me on my own now and I was determined to discover more about that person and who she was. Up to this morning I had enrolled in night classes and joined a gym, I had reconnected with old friends and I was beginning to gain some small semblance of confidence. But one thing that was more important to me than all of these things was to learn to drive and that meant overcoming my revulsion of driving instructors. With no man to drive me around I had no choice in the matter. I needed to get my own transport and become more self- reliant which is what I was attempting to do.
But it seemed that the guy teaching me was unwittingly testing my own resolve to abstain from anything to do with men. It seemed my body was telling me that six months with no male interaction was too long for one person to go. The tantalising smell emanating from him was playing havoc with all of my senses and I was very aware of his body next to mine, a body that was toned but not muscular with arms that looked strong enough to wrap around me and protect me from everything life through at me. Shaking myself mentally from the image in my head I gave a huge sigh and continued with what I was doing.
At forty years old I preferred my partners to be men and not boys. Chris may not be superstar good looking but he was definitely handsome to me with a smile that played on his mouth and that was echoed in his eyes. He was big and tall, any man is taller than me though, and broad. Just being in the same car as him made me want to be wrapped in those strong arms. Isn’t it strange how although you resolve to be more independent some people make you want to be protected? Call it a gut feeling but I knew he would protect me if the time ever arose. Now that did sound precocious
“Are you okay Miss Richards? You appear to be a bit distracted today.”
“I’m fine thank you, just a small headache brewing.” As soon as I spoke the words I blushed the lie sitting uneasily with me. The only headache I had was the one from thinking about him and what I wanted him to do to me.
Normally when I’m learning something new I’m very focused. I like to get whatever it is right, and right first time. The only trouble with this method was that this time I was sitting in a confined space with a man who was very distracting and who smelt good enough to eat, in more ways than one. There I am trying my hardest to remember my left from my right and all I can think about is the guy sitting next to me. Shaking with nerves my hands gripped the steering wheel and with the mantra, concentrate, concentrate going through my head I tried to do exactly that. It wouldn’t have been so bad if only I hadn’t fluffed the gears and instead of reaching for the gear stick to put the car in first gear my hand ended up resting on his knee, which just so happened to be right next to the gear stick. It was a very nice knee one that I wouldn’t mind exploring more but also one I didn’t want to be putting my hand on at that particular moment.
On saying that I much prefer a man’s ass to his knee.
My hand touched his knee instead of the gear stick on several occasions during the lesson and the more it did the redder I became, over ripe tomato was now my colour.
The lesson went down hill from there on in or so I thought. My hand much preferred the feel of his knee to that of the gear stick and I had to make a concerted effort not to keep touching it. I even managed to stall the car a few times because of my clumsiness. I could have understood if I was some clumsy love struck teenager but I was a mature woman of forty. But Chris ticked boxes that the other men I knew didn’t tick; tall, yes, witty, yes, confident, very, sexy voice, oh my yes and don’t forget that delectable smell and those distinguished looks. Eyes that were so brown they looked like spots of dark chocolate and a mouth I wanted to explore with my own. Yes he was very distracting.
Never afraid to say what I was thinking I had on occasions got myself into trouble because of it and when I was nervous I tended to talk and talk which wasn’t always good. When you can hear yourself saying stupid random things you know its time to shut up. Do I? No. It got so bad that eventually he asked me if I ever took a breath. Feeling the hot colour rise in my face I just smiled inanely before driving on.
I don’t know what it was this guy next to me did but when I sat next to him I felt tongue tied and uncoordinated. Any intelligent thought I had seemed to just disappear out of the window. On more than one occasion I had to give myself an imaginary kick up the bottom. Because of my nerves and my run a way mouth conversation didn’t exactly flow. It seemed that I was unable to produce one semi-intelligent thought and show Chris that I was more than just a blonde.
That night I lay in the bath relaxing and drinking a cold glass of wine. Soothed by the water I wondered if Chris was single. I had not noticed a ring on any of his fingers but that did not mean he was available. After my past the last thing I wanted was to tread on a fellow females toes so to speak. My life didn’t need to be made complicated I liked it just the way it was at the moment. Yes it seemed I was becoming slightly obsessed with him but I would call any female a liar if they didn’t want to know what he would be like as a lover. No man ever had had such a profound effect on me, not even both my husbands, and I was shaken by it to the point that all I could think about were my lessons. The interim week was full of all the new things I was determined to learn. But still I thought about them. Monday was salsa dancing, Tuesday was art class, Wednesday was yoga, Thursday was college and Friday was a night in with a bottle of wine and a chick flick movie. As for the weekend they were reserved for old friends and catching up with gossip.
During the week between lessons the great British summer had decided to make a glorious appearance. The heat was wonderful and during the day I spent most of my time in the garden. It was great to do something physical and before the week was over I had caught up on all the jobs I had neglected. The need to keep busy was also a need to think of something other than my both my lessons and the instructor that taught them. The borders were a riot of colour my hanging baskets had cascades of colour tumbling from them that were beautiful to look at. I had set the table up and cleaned the barbeque ready for the party I hoped to have the following weekend. That was if the weather held out. I had sorted through all my clothes and spring-cleaned the bedroom, not that it was dirty but just because I wanted to. But it seemed that no matter what I did I could not get either of them out of my head. At night I dreamt of Chris making mad passionate love to me. When I woke in the mornings I could almost feel his lips on me and my whole body trembled with a need that I had not felt in a long time.
On the day of lesson number three I was almost shaking with nerves. Outside the weather was glorious, clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds, hot sunshine and a rising temperature. The lesson was scheduled for mid afternoon when the sun was at it’s highest and with this in mind I decided to wear shorts and a short summer dress to try and keep cool. When I say shorts I know I haven’t got the legs or the figure for those daisy dukes the young girls wear so instead I wore knee length denim ones for some modicum of decency. My summer dress was loose fitting, came mid thigh in length and was rather low cut. Being blessed in the breast department, and having had them on my chest for most of my life, I tend to forget how large they actually are or how low my tops can top sit on them. They are there plain and simple, like them or not there isn’t anything I can do about them. On my previous lessons they hadn’t been very noticeable due to the clothes I was wearing. Unfortunately my instructor is very much male and unknown to me prone to liking breasts more than is normal.
A word to all the men out there we are not the sum of our breasts, they do not define us as women they do not make us the people we are. Mine happen to be rather big and yes I am rather happy with them but even if they were smaller I would still like them. I think they are the only part of me that I do like. I’ve got way to many lumps and bumps and stretch marks from pregnancy. So although my breasts don’t define me they are something I love and I will dress so that I look good and so do they.
The type of underwear I use to hold them up is just as important as the clothes I wear on top. I love my large breasts and that means I have lots of nice bras to put on them. Many of which push and hold my breasts in a very nice way. On the day of the lesson I decided to wear one of these bras, just to feel extra feminine.
When I need a boost to my confidence I like to dress as sexily as I can, without being sluttish, and that usually goes from the skin outwards. For me sexy doesn’t necessarily mean short skimpy clothes or even clothes that cling and hold up what’s on the inside, sexy to me are clothes that give you confidence and that look good when you wear them. Although until my divorce my outer clothes have always been very conservative. Even now my everyday clothes could be classed as conservative but with a bit more colour and style to them.
So today under my shorts and top I wore a baby blue thong and bra set with cream lace trim. The thong sat snugly between my legs and the bra pushed up and held my breasts firmly the lace trim skimming my nipples creating two perfect mounds of flesh above. Low cut and tight the top pushed them up and out even further. The resulting cleavage was very impressive and when fully dressed I was incredibly happy with the result. Maybe it was a bit saucy for a driving lesson but how I had driven the previous week I think I needed all the help I could get. Maybe in the deep recesses of my brain I was trying to gain his attention but it wasn’t something I was doing intentionally.
So there I stood waiting for Chris to arrive wearing sexy lingerie underneath a plain pair of shorts and a low cut top, my ample breasts almost spilling out over the material. Plain Jane on the outside but sexy sally underneath, I now felt able to cope with anything that could happen.
Chris arrived promptly for my lesson and climbing in to the car I failed to notice his eyes as they skimmed over my body. Fastening the seatbelt I let it nestle between the deep cleft of my breasts frowning as I saw how it pushed them further out. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to wear this top. A wardrobe malfunction would not be a good thing in traffic.
The lesson started well enough and my hand managed to avoid his knee. Conversation was one sided due to my mouth running a way from me. Poor Chris didn’t stand a chance really my nerves got the better of me and I couldn’t shut up talking. I tried my hardest to sound intelligent but it didn’t really work. Everything and anything came out of my mouth, it didn’t help that all week my toy had been used to good effect and the fantasies had contained a certain driving instructor. Have you ever tried holding an intelligent conversation with someone after you have dreamt of straddling them naked in bed? No? You should try it sometime. My conversation was anything but intelligent; in fact I’m surprised it was even coherent
“At the end of the road I want you to turn left.”
Following his instructions I drove around the corner and into a side street.
“Pull up on the left when it is safe to do so.”
Again I followed his instructions wondering what he was going to have me do. Hoping that whatever it was I wasn’t going to fluff it again.
“Now I want you to use the car in front to do a parallel park.”
As Chris explained how to do it I could feel my hands getting clammy. This sounded complicated and I wondered if I could get my hands and feet to coordinate or if I would mess it up. Positioning the car next to the parked one I tried to remember everything I could about moving the steering wheel and which foot to move. Slowly I reversed the car turning the wheel when I thought I had to. Turning to face Chris slightly I looked over my shoulder and continued the manoeuvre, what I didn’t realise was that my breasts were now on level with him and the act of looking over my shoulder thrust them higher, almost to the point where the top was surplus to requirements. Glancing forward I noticed his eyes on the contents of my top and my chest. His eyes had a look I hadn’t seen from any man in a while. It had been a while since I’d had sex normally it was just my toy and me which although satisfying wasn’t the same has a hard cock.
Oh god, I didn’t want to think about what he was packing in that department. The thought of what lay in his trousers had me salivating.
I gulped trying to concentrate on the job in hand not letting him see that I had seen him looking down my top. My nipples slowly hardened and I longed to use his cock as the gear stick for my own personal manoeuvres. Completing the parallel park I sat with the engine running and trying to breath calmly patting myself on the back at what I thought was a job well done.
“Are you sure you haven’t done that before?” Chris asked.
“Why?” I asked, my voice husky with a suddenly dry mouth.
“Brilliant.” I said smiling at him.
His eyes flickered down to my heaving chest and quickly looking at the burgeoning bulge in his trousers I smiled even harder. Don’t ask me what got into me but I heard myself saying.
“Like what you see?”
He had the grace to blush now that he knew that I knew where he had been looking.
“Something tells me you do.” And I let my eyes wander to his crotch. The atmosphere in the car became tense and the moment of silence was electric.
“Shall we continue with the lesson?”
We both knew that he had been looking down my top and that it had been deliberate.
The week between lesson three and lesson four went so slowly. Night times were the worst. My dreams were full of Chris and what I wanted him to do to me. The toy I kept under my pillow had to have a change of batteries that week. Every morning I would wake up feeling drained and only start to feel human again after several cups of tea. Sitting in my garden listening to the muted sounds of the traffic I tried to fathom out what it was about him that made me so horny all the time. It couldn’t just be his smell or his looks. It had to be something more. Was it purely the fact that I had told myself that I would not become involved in any of the male species for the foreseeable future? What you deny yourself you want and with Chris being the only male I had contact with on a regular basis I had decided I wanted him. Or was there something more. With every lesson I had I felt the atmosphere in the car get thicker and thicker as though I was waiting for something, anything, to happen. Could it be that there was a mutual attraction between us one, which needed to be explored, then again I was probably reading too much into that look and Chris didn’t think of me in that way.
I looked forward to choosing the outfit I was going to wear for the next lesson. I’m no model by any stretch of the imagination; two pregnancies and a love of cheesecake had left their mark on my body. I was curvy rather than thin. Neither was I very tall and my curves seemed curvier because of it. I had stretch marks and wobbly bits but I still tried to look after myself. So what I wasn’t a size zero but what women actually wanted to be that thin. I certainly didn’t. Besides with these puppies out in front of me I knew I could get his attention
Lesson four and the weather was still shining and the sky was still a lovely shade of blue. This week I was hornier than I been for a very long time, just the thought of Chris looking at me and I was wet. Carefully I chose what I was going to wear.
This week it was red underwear, the thong was red lace and the bra was trimmed in lace to match. It covered yet showed my nipples to perfection; pushing my breasts even higher than the one I had worn the previous week. Holding them firmly the bra thrust them right out and forward, mounds of creamy flesh proudly displayed and on offer to be suitably looked at. Daringly I decided to wear a top that just about hid the bra, yet in the right position showed everything underneath it. I knew it would show my breasts off and with the lace I knew he would be able to see my nipples, especially if they were hard.
The seed of confidence that had been sown the week before was growing inside me and I hoped that it would not get trampled on by a certain guy who made my insides twist and turn every time I thought of him.
Much the same as last week my lesson followed the same pattern.
“Take the next turning on your right and then find a safe place to park.” In my hand I was holding a nice thick cock and with each gear change I stroked the velvety skin of its head. The smooth skin felt warm in my hand and twisting it I squeezed gently licking my lips as I thought of all the things I would love to do to it.
“Is everything okay?” His voice penetrated my salacious thoughts and I blushed a deep red the heat adding to my embarrassment.
“I want you to do a turn in the road.”
Taking a deep breath I started to do as I had been asked. The cock, sorry gear stick, felt warm in my hand and caressing it I slowly let my breath out. Licking my lips again I stroked the knob gently wishing it belonged to someone. I felt rather than saw my nipples harden and my clit throbbed in answer to some unanswered question.
“Are you okay?” Chris’s voice sounded concerned.
“Sorry, miles away.”
Quickly I shook myself and continued with my driving. Putting the car into first gear I started the turn in the road. First part complete I put the car into reverse and started the second part.
Looking over my left shoulder I partially turned in my seat concentrating on the job in hand. Only Chris’s sharp intake of breath let me know that something had happened. Trying not to smile I didn’t let on that I knew where he was looking. Not until I was ready to drive away.
“Do you like the view?”
Silence reigned as I could almost hear him formulating a reply.
“Drive on please.”
I smiled as the none answer showed his guilt.
“At the end of the road turn right.”
“I don’t mind you looking.” I was so wet at the thought of it. Driving off I followed his instructions.
“At the roundabout take the fourth exit, turn right and follow the signs for the city centre.”
“I take it you’re a breast man? I’m sorry I can’t hide them but being so large they do rather stand out.” I chose my words carefully. My thong had crept inside me and rubbing my legs together I shivered at the resulting sensations. Driving was getting difficult but using all of my limited experience I managed to negotiate the round about.
“Take the next right and then pull over on the left.”
In the side street I pulled over and waited for the next instruction. The street was empty of people but a few cars were parked in driveways and on the street itself.
“When your ready we will try another turn in the road.”
A slight smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. Keeping one eye on what I was doing and another on Chris I did as I was told. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as he waited for me to begin before he let his eyes drop to my chest. A look of lust showed on his face and turning in my seat ever so slightly I gave him a better view. My nipples contracted and puckered visibly and I knew he would notice that through the lace of the bra. I also knew that with a tiny movement I could make my nipple peak over the lace. As I ended the manoeuvre I made that tiny movement letting him see the hard pink nipple behind the lace. Glancing at his crotch I saw movement and knew he would be feeling uncomfortable with the erection I assumed he would have.
“Drive on.”
Was it me or did his voice sound strained.
“At the end of the road turn left then take the second right.”
Yes his voice was strained and rubbing my legs together surreptitiously I felt my clit rub against the material of my thong. Changing gear I drove a way. As I drove I wondered where this sudden bout of confidence had come from. Looks like I was engaging mouth before engaging brain as per normal for me.
The road I drove into was quieter than the last one and I noticed the houses were boarded up.
“Pull over on the left in a safe and convenient manner.”
I smiled.
“When your ready.”
“Oh I’m always ready.”
“A turn in the road please.” He ignored my comment and I chuckled inwardly.
Mirrors, check, first gear, check, find the bite, mmmm check, handbrake, check, manoeuvre, begin, wardrobe malfunction, oh yes.
His intake of breath showed it was working and the twitch in his trousers told me even more that he had noticed it. What I was doing went against everything I would normally do. Was I enjoying his discomfort? Oh yes very much so. It had been years since I had been such a tease and the feeling was amazing.
“How many more of these am I going to have to do before you admit that you are looking down my top?”
“Admitting something like that would mean I am acting in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. Besides you have to do the manoeuvres anyway.”
This simple sentence was an admittance of guilt but I wanted him to tell me he was doing it.
“So the erection you are sporting is not inappropriate?”
“Chris I may be blonde but I’m neither stupid nor deaf. Every time I do this you spend your time looking down my top drooling. I have spent all of my life having guys look at my cleavage it really doesn’t bother me. I am not going to stop booking my lessons with you just because you like looking down my top.”
Parking the car up and turning off the engine I waited for him to speak. It was near the end of my lesson and I dreaded the drive back. Maybe he was going to say that he no longer wanted to teach me. After all I had caught him doing something completely unprofessional and compromised his integrity as an instructor. The tension in the car was palatable along with the silence. Which direction would this moment take? I had no idea. What I did know was I was incredibly horny and that when I got home the first place I was going was to bed with my vibrator and fantasises of his cock.
The longer I sat the more my body hummed with tension.
“I’ve been an instructor now for five years and I have taught some very attractive women. But none of them have been as upfront as you. Neither have I found myself in this position before.”
This was it, this was the moment he told me he would not be my instructor. Maybe I had gone to far.
“I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.”
I chuckled at his use of words. He was in deed hard.
“The professional in me says you need to find another instructor. What do you think I should do?” He turned to look at me.
Oh god, what should I say. Choosing my words carefully I spoke.
“I reckon you should go with the right choice for you.”
He took a deep breath holding it in before letting it out slowly, the sound ragged in the confines of the car.
“Drive on please.”
I had my answer. When I got in I would be looking for a new driving instructor.
The rest of the lesson was uneventful and parking up outside my home I turned off the engine letting it fall silent beneath me.
“Take me inside now, we need to talk.” His voice was firm and more than a little curious I did as I was asked. Standing in the familiar surroundings of my living room my stomach churned with nerves, what on earth was it he wanted to tell me here that couldn’t have been said in the car.
“You are determined to tease me. You sit in my car and try to tempt me. For five years I have been doing this job and never have I been in the position I find myself now and its all your fault”
Letting him talk I stood and listened. I had no defence to what he was saying. It was true; I had chosen my clothes and my very movements to tease him, to get a reaction out of him. What could I say to that? Nothing.
Now I stood waiting for him to speak.
“What is it about you that I want? I have seen better-looking women. I have been with better looking women yet you have managed, somehow, to get under my skin. ” As he spoke he paced up and down in front of me.
He stopped his pacing to stand directly in front of me. Hands behind his back and his feet apart letting his gaze rove from top to toe and back again coming to rest on my face. My heart beat faster in my chest and I had to tell myself to breath. God he was hot. I had never seen him standing before and he towered above me. Broad shouldered with grey hair peppered amongst his brown he looked distinguished. Looking at his face I noticed the lines at the corner of his eyes. There was nothing remarkable about his looks but there was something that I couldn’t place my finger on that made me want him.
His steady gaze gave nothing away. With his deep brown eyes on me I tried to hold my head up and meet them with my own blue ones.
“You think you can better me, you think you can flaunt yourself and suffer no consequences?”
Suddenly he reached up and ripped my top from me exposing my bra clad breasts to his eyes. Shocked I tried to cover up with my arms.
“Don’t you dare cover up, I have had to sit in that car and listen to you and watch you offering them to me,” his voice took on a hard edge and lowering my gaze I flushed crimson.” Now its my turn to have the upper hand.”
Placing his hands on the material of my lace bra he gripped it tightly and pulled. Offering little resistance the bra came away from my body the loud ripping sound filling the air.
“Well I will say one thing. You have something to be proud of. Those are magnificent, far better than even I imagined. Now get down on your knees and take care of what you deliberately caused.” With each word he undid a button on his jeans and let them fall to the floor. Doing as I was told I knelt before him and waited to see what he wanted. The thought of being at his mercy made my clit throb and my already hard nipples even harder. This was much better than any fantasy.
“What are you waiting for?”
I gulped as I reached up and pulled down his briefs. Oh my lord, I thought, I want this so much. His cock was hard with the slit exposed showing a tiny drop of pre-cum at its entrance. With infinite care I placed my mouth against it and let the drop rest on my lips. Moving away I looked up at Chris and let him watch as I licked the drop from my top lip. His hips moved forward involuntarily at the movement of my tongue.
“Suck me.”
Needing no further instruction I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and sucked. Not to hard and not too much of it but just enough to taste him. He tasted so good and the smell was as musky as I thought it would be. Mingled in with the smell of whatever shower gel he used it tantalised my nose and tingled all of my senses. From above I heard him sigh as more and more of his cock went into my mouth. Feeling hands on my head I glanced upwards and saw him watching me. Lust filled his brown eyes and with it my own confidence grew. Suddenly I felt powerful and as I sucked the feeling swelled within me.
His cock filled my mouth completely and although average in size it was thicker than I had ever had. Loving the feeling I tried to wrap my tongue around it but failed miserably. Instead I licked what I could moving my head to accommodate as much as possible. Above me Chris moaned loudly and encouraged I bobbed my head up and down on his erection.
What I would do to feel his thick cock inside of me filling me completely, stretching me open. Placing my hands on his hips I drew him towards me the feel of skin on skin making me shiver.
His grip on my hair tightened and his cock seemed to almost twitch in my mouth. Letting it pop out I bent to lick his balls the hair rough against my tongue. Sucking first one then the other I teased and taunted him, digging my nails into his thighs. For what seemed like minutes I lapped and nibbled him. Dragging my teeth gently over his delicate skin I devoured his cock once again. As it touched the back of my throat I moaned gently letting him know I was happy to do this.
Up and down my head moved, my mouth stretched to its limit.
“Oh god that’s good.”
Boosted by his words I set an even pace wanting nothing more than to taste his cum in my mouth. Up and down, in and out his cock went. Seconds then minutes followed and with infinite slowness I coaxed his hard cock to the point of no return. His loud moans and tightening grip told me he was close. Backwards and forwards his hips began to move fucking my mouth with abandon. More and more I sucked, not changing anything but sucking softer then harder. With one last thrust he pushed his cock deep down my throat almost making me gag and then I felt it, a long hot stream of cum shooting down my throat. Swallowing it all I let him take control his final thrusts sharp and hard.
Relaxing back on my heels when he had done I wiped my mouth and went to stand up. Half naked with my breasts on show I felt awkward in my own house now. What the hell should I say or do now? Should I thank him for his cum and hope he lets me continue with my lessons or should I ignore what had happened and start looking for a new instructor? I had no idea.
Neither of us spoke as Chris righted his clothes and with out a word walked out of the house. The loud clunk of the door as it shut made me wince with its finality. It seemed like I had been dismissed and although it did not sit well with me I did not regret what had happened. My only concern was whether Chris would continue to teach me to drive.

Chapter 1

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1 year ago
If he doesn't return.......
I'll teach you to drive! :)
1 year ago
this story is written so well! you even spell properly! I really feel you have a talent for writing that you should continue, not just for erotic writing but for mainstream story writing. the fact that you conceived an erotic theme is irrelevant. I hope you see this and continue x
1 year ago
ace story
1 year ago
Wow, totally hot!!