soldier boy chapter 6

Lying on the desk Sarah let the muted sounds of the club wash over her. Stunned at what had just happened she didn’t know how to feel. Should she be shocked that it had happened or was she actually glad it had happened, she wasn’t sure.
On silent feet she went over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. The red wig was still in place, barely, but her perfect makeup was smudged and her lipstick non –existent. What clothes she did have on were fit only for the bin and frowning she tried to put right what was wrong. What the hell had she started; Shaun was really pissed off with her now and if her b*****rs saw her here she would hate to think what they would do. As one solitary tear rolled down her face Sarah sat down on the floor and hugged her knees.
From behind the mirror Shaun and Chris watched as Sarah cried.
“Do you think you went to far?”
“No, she needs to learn.”
“But surely you could have done it a different way.” Chris looked at his friend.
“I did not see you complain when you fucked her.”
”What man would complain about fucking such a delectable body? Just because I don’t agree with how you’re doing something, doesn’t mean i'm going to turn down a piece of that ass when it’s offered to me on a plate.”
“She will learn and she will learn quick, if she doesn’t then she will end up.” He left the sentence hanging, instead choosing to shrug his shoulders.
“What I don’t understand is why? Why are you doing this? Why her?” Chris sat down and leant back in his chair waiting for Shaun to answer.
Through the mirror Sarah wiped away her tears and stood up. Walking over so she seemed to stand in front of the two men she stared at her reflection. Straightening her skirt and adjusting what clothes were left on her she ran her hands over her chest and stomach. Cupping each breast with a hand she offered them to the mirror fondling them delicately and watching as the pink nipples gradually hardened. As she ran her hand over her skin she tipped her head back and opened her mouth a silent yearning evident on her face. Shuddering she flicked and teased each nipple until the puckered skin around it stood out as much as the nipple itself. The look on her face was lust filled and letting each breast go she watched as they bounced before coming to rest. Thrusting her chest out she turned and walked from the room. Her walk was more strut than walk and with her head held high she closed the door silently behind her.
“That is why.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“How many of your girls would do what she just did. Only yesterday she admitted to me that she had let a complete stranger fuck her, then when offered to her she sucked another man off in front of about twenty guys’. Then she admitted to kissing her best mate, she then fucked another guy in a public bar in front of a group of men, her b*****rs included. And her only regret was that she had not been allowed to cum. There was no regret as to her act but only to the outcome of her act. She as just tried to reduce me to being her submissive and then been fucked both ends by you and me. But does she regret these actions no she does not. She does in fact relish them. I can guarantee you that she is even now plotting how to get even with me. Her capacity for sex seems to be boundless.”
“So what are you trying to do, tame her?”
Shaun laughed.
“I intend to tame no one. What I aim to do is teach her that she needs to be discreet. At the moment she flaunts that delectable body all over the place, showing it to anyone who would look. Our little minx needs to learn that it is not always the best way and that if she wants to seduce men she needs to act like a woman, instead of a c***d.”
“What about Mike and Phil, what if they find out what you are doing?”
“They wont, Phil is nothing but a Neanderthal and Mike isn’t that bothered. He thinks that Phil is being too over protective, and really who are they to say anything. The pair of them have spent most of the last few years fucking every woman that’s crossed their paths. I fail to see what they can do to stop me. My only concern is Sarah, she seems to have developed a penchant for guys in the military and in particular a friend of Phil’s. Jay has already sampled the delights of Sarah’s body and I know she would love to sample his again. What I need is to get him to help us.”
“How on earth do you plan on doing that?”
“Easy, we go and talk to him.”

Sarah walked through the bar hoping that her b*****rs would not recognise her. Her glasses now back in place and her cap back on her head she looked just like the other dancers and she was determined to get her own back on her b*****rs even after what had happened. The bar was more crowded now than before and it was hard to see her them standing with their mates. One person she did spot was Jay but before she had time to walk over to him she saw Shaun and Chris stand next to him. Watching to see what would happen she saw them take him into the office she had just left and shut the door.
“Hey pretty lady show me how you move.” A d***ken voice whispered in her ear.
Planting a smile on her face Sarah turned to face the voice behind her.
“ If you got the money I got the moves Hun.”
“Oh I got the money and I intend to spend it,” the voice slurred, “ now show me them sexy moves.”
Doffing her cap and smiling sweetly Sarah turned and led the guy to the nearest booth.
“Now sugar can you really take what I got to offer, cuz what I got to offer is to hot to handle.”
“Oh baby show it to me.” The man said almost falling backwards into the seat behind him.
With the music in her head Sarah started to sway. As her hips traced figure eights in the air and her hands slid over her body she closed her eyes and let her self go to the beat of the music. The touch of her fingers, barely there, aroused her senses and seemed to give her movements more suggestiveness. Facing away from him she wriggled her bottom letting the material of her tiny skirt rise and swirl around her. Teasing him with a hint of what lay underneath it she lowered herself down almost sitting on his lap.
“Oh honey, give me what you got.”
Bending and stretching forward Sarah danced with a feline grace. Reaching outwards she pulled her body across the table in front of her, the cold metal a soothing addition to her hot skin. In her element she taunted the guy with her body. Rolling suggestively on the table, arching her back, opening her legs letting him stroke her thigh before moving away and smiling. Wagging her finger at him she frowned then sucked on it causing the man to laugh at her teasing. Sarah saw his hardness in his trousers and licking her lips she raised an eyebrow before lowering her eyes, showing him that she knew what she was doing to him.
Reaching forward he paid for the dance in the age old way and rolling her body over his she whispered into his ear.
“Thank you.”
Before leaning backwards with her bottom on the table and opening her legs placing a foot either side of his thighs. Supine on the table she pumped her bottom upwards tracing her fingers down her face and over her breasts, her nipples hardening at the touch. Both hands touching her inner thigh and seemingly trying to push her open thighs even further a part Sarah touched, stroked and caressed her whole body. Rising up she looked at him through her glasses and bit her bottom lip a half smile playing at the corner of her mouth. She cupped her breasts the flesh spilling through her fingers. Pinching them so her nipple hardened even more she let them go the weight causing them to bounce and jiggle. Placing a finger playfully over her lips she shook her head, letting him know not to speak. Turning her head from side to side she watched the bar for signs of her b*****rs, or anyone else, for that matter coming over and disturbing her. Then she lowered her hand and slipped it into her tiny thong. Aroused beyond the point of no return Sarah looked the guy in the eye and with the tiniest movement of her fingers she came swiftly and silently. As she shuddered she removed her finger and let him lick her juices from it.
“No, thank you.”
Swivelling round on the table she hopped off and walked away.

Jay sat in the office waiting for one of the guys in front of him to speak. Shaun and Chris leant on the desk with their arms folded. Weighing up his options his eyes narrowed and he knew that if he had to he could take them both on, not relishing the idea of it though. Chris owned the club and he didn’t really fancy getting barred from here. Shaun was Phil and Mike’s b*****r and he didn’t fancy hassle in that direction either. So he sat and waited for one of them to speak. The silence seemed louder than the music in the club itself but he wasn’t going to be the one that broke it. Leaning back he crossed his legs nonchalantly.
“We seem to have a bit of a dilemma on our hands.” Shaun said. “ Sarah appears to want to spread her wings, or in her case her legs. And I, as her b*****r, don’t feel she is doing it in a safe and discreet manner.”
“What’s it got to do with me?”
“A lot.” Chris interjected.
“It appears that she has found a liking for guys in the military, you in particular.”
“And that effects me how?” Jay shrugged. If by Sarah he meant the tiny blonde whom he had fucked the other day he couldn’t really see any problem with her, other than the fact she was Mike and Phil’s b*****r. He wasn’t feeling generous enough to lose a chance at a career for a bit of skirt.
“Well I thought you may be able to help us in some small capacity.”
“Well I want you to keep her busy, you and maybe a few of your more discreet friends. Keep her b*****rs from finding out what we are doing and enabling me to get her to be more discreet in what she does. She is a c***d still, only just turned eighteen, and she is attempting to play in a man's world, your world. She does not care that it has potential implications on her b*****rs’ military lives, nor does she understand that when you play with men the stakes are higher. Men are men and boys are boys. Do you understand what I'm saying?”
“Sure but what’s in it for me, and what do you hope to gain from it?”
”I gain nothing just the knowledge that she is safe and that she learns how to play discreetly. And you get to fuck her.”
“Why not just let her get on with it? Like you said she is eighteen so she can take care of herself.”
“Maybe so but I prefer to point her in the right direction than let her do it herself. I do not want her getting into a situation she cannot get herself out of. She is a tease and she has a body that needs to be fucked, but what happens if she doesn’t want to fuck? Or someone wants more than she is prepared to give. If you and a few of your mates can keep her busy then it’s a win win situation for both of us. Now are you going to help us or not?”
“Well I’m not going to turn down a bit of skirt like her.”
Jay wondered what else Shaun was trying to achieve with Sarah and although he relished the thought of burying his cock in her sweet pussy he knew that if the shit hit the fan he didn’t want to be anywhere near it.
A knock at the door sounded in the room and calling for whomever to enter Chris waited for them to speak.
“Boss you had better come and sort the new girl out.”
“Why what’s she doing?”
“Walking round topless.”
“Fucking hell she will get mauled in there tonight.”
Chris went to find Sarah.

Back in the bar Sarah loved the attention. Hidden behind her wig and glasses she made her way through the guys in the bar flirting and teasing them. Her nipples stood to attention and every now and again she felt a hand stroke the skin at the top of her stockings making her quiver and harden even more. The men in the bar placed money in the waistband of her skirt as she walked, many stopping to chat and stare at her. Some even tried to touch her skin. Sensitive from everything that had happened she felt like she could not get any more aroused. The more she walked around the more aroused she got and the more she let the men touch her.

Chris watched as Sarah walked around his club. The men flocked around her like bees around a honey pot. Her tiny frame made her look younger than her actual eighteen years and even though he had already tasted the delights of her body he still wanted her. Not immune to her considerable charms But more importantly he had to get her out of the club. He had a strict no touching policy and she was allowing the customers to many liberties with her body. Even as he stood watching a bald man with a paunch had his hand up her skirt. Frowning he saw her encourage a younger guy to stroke her stomach, his hand moving closer to her breasts. Chris could see her hard nipples from where he stood. The moment the guy bent forward to take one of those cherry red nipples in to his mouth and suck on them both Chris and the bouncer moved forward. The bouncer grabbed the guy and Chris gathered up Sarah. Throwing her over his shoulder he strode purposefully from the bar to deposit her in the changing room. Behind him he heard the outcry of the men but he wasn’t bothered by it.
“What the fuck do you think you are playing at?”
“I was having fun, what the fuck do you think I was doing?”
“I told you before you went out there what the policy of the club was. No fucking touching.”
”But I don’t work here so it doesn’t effect me.”
”No wonder Shaun wants to keep an eye on you,” Chris pushed his fingers through his hair as he stood looking at Sarah, “You are here tonight as a dancer and entertainer so for tonight that policy does effect you. I don’t make them up for my health; they are there for a reason young lady. I do not want the girls in my employ to be subject to the men in this bar groping them whilst they work and you go and do the exact opposite.”
Sarah stood and looked at Chris before shrugging her shoulders.
“Well aren’t I glad I don’t work here then.” Pulling her hat and wig off she handed it to him. With her hands on her hips Sarah stared defiantly at Chris almost willing him to do something.
“Well seeing as I’m no longer your boss I want you out of my club.”
“Because your under twenty one that’s why. Now get changed and get out.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I will have you forcibly removed from the premises.”
Sarah laughed.
“Would love to see you try that one.”
“Don’t push your luck young lady.” As Chris spoke Sarah walked towards him. Licking her lips she bit her bottom lip and then fluttered her eyes at him.
“Now Chris do you really want me out of your club? Or would you prefer to be doing something a bit more, fun?” Glancing downwards she smiled sweetly before slowly looking back at him.
Chris felt his cock twitch and he frowned.
“You haven’t got a clue what your doing Sarah. I’m not one of those fawning little boys you play with. This is the adult world and your just a little girl.”
Sarah stood in front of him and touched his thigh stroking it her fingers gently caressing it. “Really, I could have sworn you were all man earlier.” Her hand crept around to the front of his leg.
“Sarah behave.”
“Or else?” Both hands stroked and caressed Chris’s body as she spoke.
“Or else you may regret it.”
“I regret nothing Chris.” Standing on tiptoe she kissed his chest through his top. Her hands moved upwards tracing small circles on the way. “Did I tell you earlier how much I loved your cock in my pussy. Mmmmm it felt so good to be fucked by you.”
Her voice was low and husky as she spoke and Chris found himself responding to her. His hands stroked the soft skin of her back as he wrapped them around her. Leaning forward he kissed her hair smelling her perfume on her neck as he trailed his kisses downwards.
“Nothing like a real man to make a girl feel full.” Sarah pressed her body closer to him her hands moving to grip his ass and pull it closer to her. Purring up at him she leant backwards thrusting her breasts up encouraging him to take her hard nipples into his mouth.
Looking down at her Chris knew that she was dangerous; Her nubile body was luscious and ripe. Already she had guys wrapped around her little finger and if he wasn’t careful he would be another one to that number. Used to being the boss he realised that he would be dancing to her tune and that was unacceptable. Taking first one nipple into his mouth he wrapped his tongue around it. Teasing it until she moaned loudly and the hardness was almost painful. Nibbling on it he smiled as she pushed her hips nearer to him. Letting go he went to the other nipple and did the same to it. When he let go and leant back he saw how they were ripe red and jutting out from the pale skin of her breasts. Flicking them with his tongue he drew them once again into his mouth biting harder before releasing them.
His hand pushed her legs apart and he rubbed her thong pushing the material into her wet pussy. Pressing harder he circled her clit the bud hard beneath the thin material. Growling he held onto the thong before swiftly pulling on it. The ripping sound was loud in the silent room and free from any barrier he pushed his finger into her. He listened as she gasped loudly before he spoke.
“Is this what you want Sarah?” My fingers fucking you.”
Pushing harder he added another finger making her groan as he stretched her open.
“Your so wet. Does this feel good?”
Leaning forward he again bit her nipple.
“Fuck me Chris.”
“Please.” She begged.
“Please Chris fuck me.”
Chris added yet another finger to her pussy, taunting her with his movements.
“OH god please.”
”I said no.”
Sarah shivered on his arm and Chris could feel his own hardness in his trousers.
“You’re playing with the wrong man Sarah. You need to learn we don’t all dance to your tune.”
Twisting his fingers inside of her he used one of them to tease her bottom.
Almost crying in his arms Sarah didn’t know if she could take any more of his teasing her body felt like it was on fire.
“Please Chris I need to cum. Oh god I need you.”
”What do you need Sarah?” his voice was edged with steel as he spoke.
“Fuck me.”
“No, tell me what you need.” He twisted his fingers again and she moaned louder.
“I need you.”
“Tell me what you need.”
Another twist.
”I need your cock.”
Another twist.
“I need you to fuck me with your cock.”
Suddenly he removed his hand and pushed her away.
“Now that wasn’t hard to admit was it?”
Confused Sarah looked at him her body shaking violently as she tried to focus on Chris.
“Bastard.” She screamed at him.
“Now, now young lady. There is no need to swear at me.”
Launching her self at him she pummelled his chest with her fists screaming obscenities.
“Run along and play with the boys little girl.”
Removing her fists from his chest he turned and walked away leaving Sarah alone.

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