Her dog...

My Msitress asks me and i obey.
My Mistres gives me orders and i execute.

I do not mind, I do not think I let my body and my pleasure between her powerfull hands.

Our games have started for several weeks. First through discussion and quickly with this desire to live for real. i do not think i would can, she told me she thought i was weak. it stung me, I did it ...

Unfortunately for me, now I am punished. I disobeyed an order. No matter which, the result is there. She wants to see me, and I'm here.

We planed our rendez-vous at her house, as usual. I arrived on time. I wear what she asked me to put it under my clothes, a black leather thong that goes into my buttocks, two clamps are connected by a chain hanging from my nipples.

Since this morning I suffer deliciously when I move, and yet I know that the real fun has not even started.

She arrives, beautiful, with her thin lips, his grey eyes and short hair, her face stern and strict with a touch of makeup that made her femininity, a strapless black mold forms. His little leather shorts revealed her white legs disappearing into boots that I already know so well.

Hardly has she entered the room that I'm already at attention you. Posted as a young puppy, I am kneeling, hands on the floor, head down as she approaches me, his favorite toy in hand.
While she avoids me, I feel the leather sliding on my back, my shoulders. The object passes over my head, I look down a little more ...

It comes back to me and slid his stick under my chin intimating me about looking up to her.

- While no one wants to obey ... You know I can not stand it ... You know I'm going to punish you ... I expected something that will make you think before you start.

She throws me a scarf in the face, and said:

- Follow me.

While on all fours, I walk behind her while she goes to the stairs leading upstairs. She stops and asks me to go.

First step ... and the first whip. Unexpected, dull, dry. Enjoyable. Immediately the tears to my eyes. The climb will be painful, delicious.

At each step, a new movement of his wrist snapped his whip on my ass. My teeth are closing in on the piece of fabric that I put in my mouth.

Here we are on the floor, my butt sting and burn. I always head down until she tell me where to go. I see her heels go with me. She walks towards the room, I'm behind her. It opens the door. I enter.

The room is dark, lit only by a few candles. The curtains are closed, the bed is made, the atmosphere is heavy almost solemn as that of a secret court, ideal for a punishment.

- Come here, my slip does to the ear. And wash my boots as I have learned.

I went up to lick the leather. She moves his foot and returned it in my mouth. Unfortunately, I let a small groan of annoyance out of my lips. The award is immediate, the whip has come down on my back. After long seconds of cleaning, I turn to the second.

She watches me and ordered me, the smile on her lips:

- Go and install it on the bed.

I climb and I sit on the back, legs and arms outstretched. She approaches it with his stick going down my ribs, my thighs. She slides the tip of his whip in the chain between my f***eps and lifts. My nipples are pulled up, I hurt, she smiles.

She just moved to my side, standing on the bed. His foot caress my balls.

- You deserve that I emasculated like a little bitch, she told me the utmost seriousness.

The tip of her foot, she plays with my cock and I felt the desire rising in me. As soon as she realizes, she said:

- It excites you ... You love eh? Go ahead you bustle for me.

So I bring one of my hands to caress me. The whip through the air soon.

- Caress you on my foot ... not your hand ... you are punished, ordered me she.

Then I move my hips to rub me on his boot.

Occasionally pull back his whip on my nipples, taking with it the chain that unites them. She also passes on his stick my balls along my cock, before snapping on my thighs. After a few minutes of this long ordeal, she asks me to run, I run. She tied a black blindfold over my eyes. She shoves it in my mouth a rubber ball. She slips a rope to my wrists to bind and ordered me not to move.

Then, alternating hugs and spankings, she visits my body. Bites, inflammation, stinging, or soft hands that fly over me, sometimes I even feel that she kisses me. Suddenly a burning, the wax along my back ... then on each buttock ... I groan.

- Get on your knees ... Make yourself like a dog.

I run. The wax has dried, cracked and pulled my hair buttocks. I find myself so bound, tense back ready to play again. She spends her whip and gives me a little bit. She slips between my buttocks for better pass along my balls. I want to enjoy, and she knows it.

She is behind me, I do not see it but I feel close to me. His hand has replaced the whip, I still hold out my ass for her. She slid her hand under my butt to grab my testicles she f***efully ground. That's when I feel the whip between my buttocks.

- Hold out your ass ... If you want to enjoy.

So I retreat again. The more I declined based on his stick over my ass and I lean over her fondling my balls and my sex is good.

- You like it? Tell me you love ...

But my mouth is filled with this ball that I can not speak. So what is it that draws a little more. I feel this pain ... My ass ... departs the whip falls.
I groan ... Muffled sound, pain, pleasure ...

- You prefer her in my whip your ass. You love when I take care of you.

And massage continues. She goes, she goes down her hands. On the one hand on my cock, the other on the whip, which in each descent, enters a little more in me. Suddenly she leaves me well. It comes before me, his stick still stuck between my buttocks. I know she looks at me. I like.

- I want you to lick me like a good dog ... ...

Then she removed my ball and his approach to sex. I spend my tongue ... She wets. It resumed its handle in hand, and gives me the pace through the vibrations that passed through my washer, it attacks stronger and faster and faster.

- Go ahead, lick me well ... make me come like that ... I'll look after you ...

And I redoubling its efforts to make it go away, excited by the strong smell and the sensation of penetration. After several minutes, his body is recovering, vibrates, no sound, just the satisfaction of knowing that my mistress has enjoyed.

- Some languages ​​still shots, to clean, she said before getting up once my work done. Lie back.

I try as best they can to obey. The whip always planted, I lie on my back, legs raised ... offered. I feel his hand then just take my penis.

- I do not want a sound, not a breath if I stop.

I nod, and clenched lips. I know I'll love it.
Then she finger myself with one hand while the other handles the dildo still in place.
Delightful sensation ... ecstasy ... not to make noise.

- Want to enjoy? You like it?

I do not answer so it does not stop ...

And that's the issue. My ass is on fire by his repeated assaults, as my sex. She locks him in his hand. The pace is unsustainable. And suddenly I literally explodes in silence.
I do not have time to enjoy it, she hands me her fingers on which a few drops of my sperm came from land.

- Cleans me that.

I lick.

A few minutes later, still blindfolded, she was dressed and e****ted to the exit.
I got home, I became an honest citizen but I remain forever his dog.
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