A Modern Kajira, Part 7: Party Day

As if to reward kata for her acceptance of the punishment, Master was particularly generous with the sex that night. First He licked and fingered her pussy until she came explosively, then He held her upside down by her feet as He penetrated her from above so that her hair brushed His feet and she looked up into his face. The bl**d rushing to her head made her breathtaking G-spot orgasm even more intense. This time, Master did not come inside her, as her birth control pill would have worn off by this time and He did not want a pregnant slave. Instead, he came on her breasts, coating them with his seed so that it looked like she had been lactating. He told kata that tomorrow she would be started on a birth-control pill that did not allow her to have periods, so that she would always be available to Him.
She was jolted awake by Master removing his arm from under her head, where she had nestled last night.
“Get up, girl. Today Master Roger is having a dance party, and as a new slave you’ll be the star of the show. There’s no time to clean the whole house today, so just make Me breakfast and clean the kitchen. I want two poached eggs on wheat toast, g****fruit juice, coffee and cubed pineapple. You can have one egg, no toast, half a serving of pineapple and g****fruit juice. Can you remember that?”
kata immediately did obeisance before Master. “Yes, Master. Will there be anything else?”
Master smiled slightly. “Well, while you’re down there, you might as well suck My rod.” He produced a length of scarf. “Stand up and turn around. I want you bound. But we only have 10 minutes, so you’d better get Me off within that time frame, or after the party I’ll give you another day of the dildo.” kata nodded fervently. She would do anything to avoid that torture. She allowed her hands to be bound, then turned around and knelt in the nadu position before him.
Master had slept naked, so there was no clothing in the way to break their intimacy. kata looked up through her eyelids at Master, then gently slid His cock into her mouth an inch at a time, until it brushed the back of her throat as usual. She ran her tongue in circular motions around the shaft, again varying the pressure of her lips. In a sudden flash of inspiration, she withdrew farther, gently scr****g her teeth along the shaft and coming to a stop at the uncut foreskin, which she nipped gently with her teeth and circled with her tongue. The covering was loose enough for her to stick the tip of her tongue under, and this she did.
Master groaned loudly. “You goddamn whore!” He rasped, “You’re going to make me-No! NO! Suck my balls! Do it NOW!”
kata quickly withdrew and blew lightly on the wet cock before taking His balls into her mouth, tenderly licking them and running her tongue along the seam. Master let out a desperate cry.
“PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH BEFORE I-” kata switched rapid-fire back to His cock and took it deep into her throat with maximum lip pressure.
“YES! OH, FUCK, YES! DRINK IT! DRINK IT-YYEESSS!!” Master tensed, and kata felt jets of cum hitting her throat. She gulped it down as fast as possible, not wanting to disobey orders or get any of it on her face and hair.
Master sagged a little, and withdrew his now shrunken tool from his slave’s mouth. “God,” he gasped. “I’m going to keep you around forever, you twisted, beautiful little slut.” He looked at his watch wearily. “Five minutes. Holy Christ. Well, girl, get up and get Me breakfast.”
kata hurried as a slave to the kitchen and made Master’s breakfast; two poached eggs on toast, pineapple, g****fruit juice and coffee on the good china for Him and one egg, pineapple and g****fruit juice on the second-rate china for herself. He was waiting in the dining room in his suit and tie, his fingers drumming impatiently on the tabletop. She served Him, then knelt at His feet next to His briefcase, with the plate balanced on her spread knees, waiting for permission to eat.
Master took a bite, nodded in approval, and motioned for her to begin eating. She kept pace with His rather hurried eating, being sure that she was finished and waiting to clear the table before He was through. When Master pushed back His plate and snapped His fingers, she rose with a bow and quickly cleared the dishes, then washed and dried them, wiped down the table and returned to Master’s side.
“Wash, shave, and do your makeup as you did on the day of the collaring, but put red lipstain on your nipples and the lips of your slave heat. Return to Me when you are finished. I will be in the sitting room. Do not take more than twenty minutes.” kata hurried to the bathroom and completed her tasks just barely within the time limit and scurried to Master’s side, where she did obeisance.
Master motioned for her to stand. He pointed to one of the armchairs, on which sat a red camisk made of medium-gauge red rayon netting. “Robe yourself in that.” kata gasped in awe at the magnificent garment and smiled a thank-you at Master. Reverently, she lifted it over her head and admired her smooth, slender body in its red gauze that was just rough enough to make her painted nipples stand on end. Master smiled slightly at the pleasure His slave was taking in her costume. “Yes, it is beautiful, but I’m afraid it won’t last the night. That thing is MADE to be torn off. Now stand as a slave.”
kata stood straight, stomach sucked in, breasts out, hands behind back and head high but eyes cast down. “Open your mouth,” He said dispassionately. kata opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, wondering what Master wanted now. Instead of performing some sexual act that even kata had not tried, Master took a circular plastic packet from His pocket. “These are the pills. I didn’t come in you last night, but there’s going to be a lot of it in your sweet heat tonight since your mouth will be full of other Masters’ cocks; more than enough to make you pregnant. As long as you’re taking these, you’ll be sterile as the desert and bl**d-free for year-round fucking.” He placed one on her tongue and motioned for her to swallow. The pill had the sweet, medicinal taste of all birth-control pills, and she tried not to make a face.
Master then produced a rhinestone-studded red leash from His briefcase. “Leasha,” He commanded. kata turned her head to the left so that He could clip the leash to her collar. He clipped it on, then produced a pair of red-leather-lined aluminum cuffs linked with a thin chain from the same briefcase. “Bracelets,” He ordered. kata held out her hands for binding, and Master clipped them on. They weren’t very tight, as it was clear that Master did not expect His obedient little slave to struggle much. Once the bonds were on, she went to kneel again, but Master tugged on the leash. “No. We’re going to the car now.”
kata stood with her head bowed and followed him out the huge door, walking behind Him and to the left. The rayon netting of the camisk teased her breasts and buttocks, and she began to feel warmth in her pussy again. This was a dance party, a big event. She would be performing the slave dances she had learned from her tutorials before Master George, Master Robert, and even more Masters and their Ladies whom she had never met; and she was sure that she would finish her dance by sucking every cock in the place, as at all parties.
She was broken from her reverie by Master opening the rear door of His sleek maroon Lamborghini. “Get in,” He ordered. kata complied, sitting with her knees apart like a good slave. Master clipped the other end of the leash to the door handle and buckled her seatbelt. If she had wished to escape by opening the door, even if she could have escaped her seatbelt and bypassed the automatic locks, she would have been strangled if she had attempted to jump out of the car. This would have been a diabolical trap if kata was not such a willing slave. In fact, this did not even occur to kata as she sat placidly on the velvet seats of the Lamborghini.
Master got in the driver’s seat, fastened His seatbelt, and started the car. He looked back at kata with a wry grin. “It’s party time, kajira.”

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3 years ago
oh can't wait to hear about the party, keep it up hun, this series of stories will be treasured in my faves for a long time