A Modern Kajira, Part 4: The Love Furs

Master set kata down rather roughly, but she didn’t mind. Instead, she did obeisance before Him and waited with bated breath for his next order. The order came quickly.
“Get wine from the fridge in the corner and pour it into the chilled crystal goblets beside the bottle, then spread the love furs and light the lamp of love. The love furs are the white, fluffy blankets on the second shelf of the closet, and the lamp of love is the Oriental lamp beside My bed. Lie naked upon them and wait for my next orders. You may stand now.”
“Thank you, Master,” she whispered lovingly, then stood and walked gracefully to the refrigerator, being sure to make her ass wiggle subtly as she did so. The wine was a sweet dessert red. Next to it were two crystal goblets, one large and intricate and one small and plain. She poured the wine, filling Master’s goblet full and hers only half full. She then brought them to Master, who reclined on the king-sized bed, again making sure to walk gracefully and undulate her breasts in a pleasing manner. She knelt before Him with one leg folded beneath her and the other extended behind her with the toes pointed. The bent leg was the one with the kef brand, both in order to avoid pain and in order to display to master the glorious, irrefutable fact that she was His slave.
She raised the goblets above her head, her eyes lowered modestly but her breasts thrust out proudly to display her nipples that were still erect from the cold of the refrigerator and no small measure of sexual desire. She could feel the warm, throbbing openness inside her pussy again, and her clitoris was exquisitely sensitive. For a moment, she was concerned that her wetness would stain His carpet where her open pussy was pressed against the floor, but there was nothing she could do about that.
Nathan was stunned at the fluency with which which she performed her moves and her knowledge of Gorean ways. This girl had certainly done her research! He took the large goblet, trying to keep his expression masterful and neutral, but he was excited not only sexually but emotionally. Nevertheless, his primary feeling was the intense, urgent throbbing of his cock.
He drained the cup quickly and motioned for kata to drink as well. She drank it as quickly as she could without being indelicate and waited for his command to rise. He motioned upward with his hand, and she rose and walked seductively to the closet, where she took out the love furs. She looked questioningly under her eyelids at Master, asking without words where He wanted her to spread the furs.
“There.” Nathan pointed to a spot at the foot of the bed, near the refrigerator. She spread them obediently on the floor, bending low so that he could see her breasts jiggle. She then lit the red-shaded Oriental lantern, spreading a warm glow across the room. She then lay back on the furs, with her wrists crossed over her head and her knees up, legs open. She looked up at Master shyly.
The beauty and vulnerability of her was too much for Nathan. He undid his belt, kicked off his pants impatiently, and stood for a moment in his stretched underwear, admiring the soft, wet, sweet prize before him with his dark, proud eyes under their straight black eyebrows. The muscles of his tall, lean, fit body were as hard and defined as metal, if metal were a dusky olive color, slightly lighter on the area that would be covered by swim trunks. His fat-free abdominal muscles were in the shape of a classic six-pack, and his hips and thighs were long and lean but still square and brutal in shape. His shoulders were broad, with muscles that stood out as clearly as they would if he had no skin at all. His arms, like his body, were long and lean, not artificially enhanced like those of a bodybuilder, but nevertheless would be terrifyingly strong if he chose to inflict blows. In fact, there was nothing at all artificial about him. Unlike male models and bodybuilders, this man did not remove his chest, armpit, and leg hair in that effeminate way that makes models and bodybuilders look as though they are either made of plastic or did not fully complete puberty. No, her Master was proud of His masculinity.
But now Master was weary of looking at his kajira. He wanted to possess her smooth, soft, slender body. With one brisk movement, he stepped out of his underwear and released his large, stern, upward-curving cock. kata could not help but gasp in amazement at the sight of the marvelous weapon; 8 inches long and proud and an angry red, pulsing with bluish veins, and His well-proportioned balls riding high against the shaft in excitement. She spread her legs wider and tried to look as seductive and helpless as possible.
Nathan, of course, was past the point of looking at her. He knelt above her on the furs and grabbed one thigh in each hand, pulling them roughly apart, then plunged f***efully inside her, as deep as he could, ramming his rod against her cervix with vigorous thrusts. kata cried out in pleasure as the upper side of his cock rubbed directly against her G-spot, stimulating it again and again with each thrust while his girth stretched her, making the rim of her pussy-hole ache deliciously. Nevertheless, she managed to keep her wrists crossed above her head like a proper slave, rather than presumptuously wrapping her arms around him.
It was unlike anything she had ever experienced with her past lovers. They were too gentle, too weak. They did not ravish her, use her, make her feel like a toy in their strong arms. This man was more than a lover, he was a Master; her Master.
She could feel the upwelling of feeling begin inside her again, rising and rising as her pussy tensed, pulling him deeper inside her. She was so wet that her juices coated his cock and made a sucking sound as he moved in and out of her. Then the feeling spilled over as her pussy and womb contracted again and again until she saw spots.
“Oh, Master! Master, yes, YES! OHHH!!” A long moan of pleasure f***ed itself from her chest as she came harder than she had ever come in her life. When it had passed, she sagged back against the furs, her knees shaking and her eyes closed with pleasure. Her wrists, still crossed above her head, were no longer contracted into fists of passion, but limp and helpless.
But is wasn’t over, not by a long shot. Master was not willing to give up his prize so easily. He seized her breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard, then lowered his head and began to suck them roughly, using his lip-covered teeth to stretch and bruise them; all the while hammering her even harder than he had before.
kata, still wet from her last orgasm, became even wetter, and she began to gasp quietly again. She had never thought her breasts very sensitive, as they barely responded to the light touches and kisses that her previous lovers had given them, but now she understood why. It was rough usage that they craved, bruising sucks and pinches that made her breasts tingle as though she were lactating and her milk was coming down.
“Mmmm, oh yes, oh MASTER, yes!” she groaned. Master did not seem to acknowledge her cries by facial expression, but responded physically to her passion by lifting her legs and throwing them over each of his shoulders. He then grabbed her shoulders and pushed her body down until her ass rested directly against his ballsack and his cock was entirely sheathed within her pussy. He thrust violently so that her body shook to and fro, abrading her back against the furs. Fortunately, the love furs were of angora, so she felt no pain.
At this more upward angle, his cock was always against her G-spot, whether he was on the upstroke or the downstroke, and the head of his cock rubbed up and down the slit of her cervix. Furthermore, the closeness of his body to hers caused his manly bush of black pubic hair to stimulate her clitoris. This double stimulation was so exciting that she felt the throbbing heat begin again. Her toes curled and her back arched as it built up, until the wave crested again, even more powerfully than before. This time, her vision went black for a moment, but when it cleared she found that she was STILL coming, something that she didn’t even think was possible. The contractions of her pussy walls were so strong that they were almost painful. Suddenly, she felt a steady stream of moisture come out of her in rhythm with her orgasm, and for a moment she thought that she was urinating, but then she realized that she was doing something that she was incapable of doing. She was squirting!
Frantically, she bucked her hips up and down in seizures of passion. She was so wet that Master moved in and out of her as smoothly as a piston in a factory moving through its casing, but like a piston moving with a controlled, devastating power.
“MASTER! Master, please...Oh! OH, MASTER! Oh, yes, YES, YYEESSSS!!!” With a final, affirmative scream, she collapsed against the furs, so weak and drained that she didn’t think she could have moved a muscle if she had wanted to. Master pulled out of her, but the penile punishment wasn’t over.
“Nadu, kajira!” The command snapped her out of her reverie, and she looked up. She was so weak, but she was too dedicated of a slave to even dream of disobeying her beloved Master’s orders. She sat up painfully and knelt back on her heels with her back straight, head high, knees wide open, hands on her thighs and eyes lowered.
Master seized her hair and pulled her head backward. Terrified, kata began to apologize. What had she done? Had she not pleased him? “This girl begs forgiveness!” she cried, eyes full of tears.
Master cut her off with a wave of his hand. “I don’t want your apologies, I want you to suck my rod.”
kata could not suppress a sigh of relief. Suck His rod? That was a privilege, not a punishment! Perhaps she had pleased him after all. She nodded and relaxed under his hand as he guided her face to His cock, still clasping her hair. She tenderly kissed the head, then began to run her tongue around the opening of his urethra. Master gasped, but it seemed to be a gasp of pleasure, so kata wrapped her lips around his cock and slowly worked her way along the shaft until it brushed the back of her throat.
She had never possessed a gag reflex, a fact that she had found out when she was four and had eaten a poisonous plant. Her frantic mother had stuck a tongue depressor down her throat, but the sick c***d had not responded, and her father had been f***ed to take her to the emergency room. This was fortunate in this situation, as it allowed her to please her Master in a way that other slave girls had not. Still with His cock in the back of her throat, she ran the surface of her tongue over the underside of His cock in a U-shaped motion that provoked an a****listic groan and a tightening of Master’s fingers in her hair. With one hand she stroked his balls, and with the other she combed her fingers gently through his pubic brush.
Nathan could not keep his fierce control any longer. This girl was a sorceress with her mouth! The other girls had sucked apathetically, and had avoided deepthroating unless they were specifically ordered to do so; and even then they had gagged. The tongue motion was also unique, not the short, blind licks of his other slaves. With a growl, he withdrew himself from her mouth and hauled her to a standing position by her hair.
“On your hands and knees, legs apart, and turn around!” he ordered in a shaking voice. kata immediately assumed the position, and Nathan wasted no time. He seized her breasts in his hands, pinching her nipples as he did so, and thrust himself violently into her wet, gaping pussy that was swollen with use and desire. He hammered her so fiercely that her arms almost gave way, but she propped herself on her elbows instead. Besides, she could no longer feel the strain on her arms; not when the shaft of his cock was abrading her G-spot and the tip was battering into the small pouch at the top of the vagina, on each side of the cervix. She could feel the throbbing, burning buildup to orgasm begin again.
She came again, once again experiencing the still-novel squirt at climax. Spasms rocked her body as she pressed herself backward to take all of him inside her as she came. She could not see, she could not breathe, she could only feel.
At the sound of his slave’s voice pleading and crying out his title, MASTER, as she came for the third time, Nathan came harder than he had ever come in his life. He too was blind, and he too cried out.
Seed spurted from the end of his rod in jet after jet, so much of it that it poured out from around his cock and dripped like rain onto the furs, which were already sticky with kata’s juices. It felt as though his entire body was being drained into this wonderful, obedient, sex-witch of a slave.
Finally it was over, and Master pulled out, his cock limp and shrunken with satisfaction. kata collapsed onto her belly, breathing in shuddering gasps, her legs wet with cum down to the knees and her makeup smudged into a harlequin mess with sweat, cock-sucking and tears of pleasure.
Nathan stared at his exhausted kajira in a post coital glow, then tenderly picked her up and laid her on her back. He gave her cheek a few gentle slaps to wake her.
Nathan did not smile with his mouth, but his eyes said it all. Reclining on his back, he snapped his fingers and pointed to a place beside him in the furs. “Nestle, kajira.”
Without a sound, kata crawled humbly to the crook of Master’s elbow, where she sank down and fell instantly into and exhausted sl**p. Nathan tried to keep his eyes open, but he too soon succumbed to sl**p, his arm around the warm, soft slave beside him.
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wonderful, thankyou
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wonderful, thankyou
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