After speaking to a Dom on line for 2 weeks I eventually decided to go and meet him for the weekend already lock in chastity by order from him when we very first started chatting he had me give the key to one of his friend he in Brighton.

so was very turned on and had been for weeks and even knowing when I was there I would have no relief as he did not have the key and his friend would not give me the key back until he desired I was stuck in it and only going there to relieve his desires

When I was getting on the train to Southampton where he live he already told me he would meet me at the station

the train set off and I was staring to feel nevus as did not know quite what was going to happen but this turned me on more as he kept hinting at k**napping me and that was a big fantasy I'd had for years the train did not seem to take long before I could see Southampton think my mind was on other things

the train pulled in the station and I got off and went to the front of the station there he stud waiting by his car he said

"hi sub you’re here now I don’t have time to hang around I want some fun so get in and lets go"

we then drove out of town to a scolded spot at a car park and then he told me to take my shoes and socks off and get out of the car i was wondering what was going on as there was no houses around it was very much trees and fields for miles he then said

“shut the door and go in front of my car and strip”

the floor was very rocky and hard to walk on as i shut the door he lock it i looked and saw that he had locked all the doors so now i was there with no shoes or socks and i knew it was a long walk to any where
so i walk around to the front of the car and did as he said and striped off everything

he then thou a bin liner out of the window and said “ put you clothes in that and put the bin bag thou the back window”

so now naked in the middle of nowhere i did as he said feeling very exposed he then wound the window in the back up and opened his drivers window a bit and pasted me a swimsuit he said “put this swimsuit on” so i did it was bright orange almost look like it would glow in the dark if people cold not see me before they would see me coming now that’s for sure it also had on it SLAVE in big bold black letters

Once i had that on he then past me out the window a pear of leg cuffs and handcuffs he said “put them on now hand behind you” so as i did he then opened his door and got out he looked me u and down

“very nice only a few more things and we are sorted”

he then reach in the car and pulled out a blindfold and a hood he put the blindfold on me and the put the hood over the top and laced it up he then put a collar on me and then started pushing me around

Saying “you my slave now just look at you cant even see and there no way of escaping”

he then walk behind me and quickly put his arm around my neck like a strangle hold there was nothing i could do but go with what he was doing i knew even if i struggled he would win he had me right where he wanted me helpless he the f***ed me to the boot and opened it

he f***ed me in to it and said “this is how you going to be from now on and this is how you going to travel to my house so you have know idea where it is” he then shut the boot and got in the car and started driving

i was starting to get really sacred now as this was really happening and as i was hooded there was no way of telling where i was being taken as i never been to Southampton before so did not even know what to listen out for to give me some indication of where i mint be

the car stopped and i heard him get out and shut and lock the doors i thought we was there at his house and i have know idea where i an but the boot never opened i waited not knowing what was happening i could here ppl talking and walking pasted the car

after a wile the boot opened and he started putting plastic bags around me some of it had frozen food in it as it was still cold and the bag was wet i worked out he had been shopping wile i was there in the boot he then shut the boot and got in the car and started to drive

about 15 minutes later we stopped and he got out he opened the boot and took the bags out and then shut it again

he left me in the boot for some time before coming to get me out when he opened the boot i felt like hours had pasted he said

“ ok bitch out now I’m ready for you he then help me out of the boot shut the boot and the quickly get me in to the strangle hold again and pushed me up a ramp there was a step at the top that i nearly fell over before he said “up the step bitch”

then i felt the floor change to what felt like damp dusty floor after a few short steps he f***ed me down on the floor and the attached a chain to the collar with a padlock “there you go this is where you staying for the weekend so get comfy”

he the removed the hood and blindfold i was in a brick shed about 1 meter wide by 3 meters in length it was very dark even with the door open
“yes bitch this is where you staying you thought i let you in my house i don’t think so i cant have you having some nice comfy place in my house you have to earn that and i can say one thing it won’t be this weekend no mater how much you try and please me”

“ but you better try as best as you can or conditions will only get worse as i have a nice hose pipe out side just made for you if you don’t please me it will be spayed at you i also have a way of spraying it in without the door being open and it can be left on for hours and hours so you would be sprayed with cold water and in pitch black is not the way you want to be going believe me ”

the shed with a door at one end and the chain padlocked to an eyelet in the floor at the other witch was now padlocked to the collar there was nothing else was in there and the chain was only about 50 centimeters so there would be no way of getting to the door or even touching it with my foot.

he then stud over me and said “give me a blow job NOW BITCH as that’s what you here for you better get use to it”

“remember I’m you master and you just a slave to do as i please”

100% (8/0)
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3 months ago
i love the story and wish and hope it will happen to me one day.
1 year ago
get your self to Manchester bitch i will continue this story and make sure you have more to wright about as it will end when i desire and you will be lock in my out house chained to the old toilet for at least a week to do as i please with you.
Master JB
1 year ago
great start hope to read more luv thank u