The Never-Ending Fuckstory [Episode 4: A New Hope

I walk towards my bedroom door, fresh back from the beach, my skin all new and clean, goosepimply from the last of the evaporating moisture, wearing a simple little red two piece bikini, my long touselled hair tied back in a loose ponytail, bare footed and bare faced, my makeup left in the sea, no jewelery but for the curved barbell trough my navel and the thick straight one through my left nipple under my bikini tops.

I open the door, tired and ready for a catnap, when I see you have beaten me home and are sat down on my sofa, flicking through a magazine in your lap, covering just enough of you for me to presume you are wearing just the shorts you wore to the beach. I catch your eye and gaze at you lovingly, smiling happily. You put aside the book to prove me wrong as my eyes move down and fix on your long, thick cock flopped lazily over your thigh. My eyes bulge and my smile widens over my face. You stand up, smiling back and begin to walk over to me, stopping as I shake my head and tell you to stay where you are, my eyes moving back to yours where they lock on, gazing into your eyes as I run my hands over my smooth body, removing my bikini top and letting it fall to the floor. My full pert round tits fall free and my hands linger over briefly before sliding up into my hair as I slowly fall to my knees, then to my elbows too, my ass held up high, large and proud and flesh, my head and my breasts close to the ground, my head held up so as never to lose eye contact, my tits hanging down squeezed together between my arms.

I crawl over to you like a slutty commando on my forearms and shins, my hips and my ponytail swaying in unison as I crawl slowly over towards you. My eyes grow wide with hunger as I glance at your cock to see it rock hard, thick and long, biting my lip with excitement as I reach your feet and spring up towards you, my long tongue licking around my lips as I wrap my little hand around the base of your hot dick and wrap my mouth around the side of your shaft, sliding my smooth fingers gently over your length, moving my mouth back and forth, moving quickly round to take the big hot head into my open wet mouth, my hand slipping to your huge balls, rubbing all over them, cupping them, pressing them as I suck wetly over the first few inches of your shaft, moving my whole body in a fluid motion as I suck you in and out, making sure that, between my hand and my mouth, every last bit of your cock is pleasured. Looking mischievously at you out of the sides of my eyes, I push your cock hard into the inside of my cheek, bulging it hard and wrapping my lips around your cock sideways. I pull my cheek tight over your cockend and wetly slap my tongue against the shaft again and again, flapping and waggling it all over as I work down your cock in a feast of sloppy, urgent, noisy tongue slapping, popping your wonderful penis out of my cheek loudly when I get to the end, nuzzling and rubbing it all over my face with unfiltered desire.

I wrap my soaking wet lips around your fat cock end, releasing my hand from your shaft to cup your balls from behind, letting them rest satisfyingly in my curved palm, pushed up tight round the base, my thumb and forefinger either side of the shaft. I loudly slurp the drool off my lips and, without a moment's hesitation quickly push my head down onto your slippery cock, my mouth engulfing it in one great big suck, making a noisy, wet gobbling sound, letting it fill my mouth and disappear into my throat in a moment, my head driving my lips straight down as far as they can go, my top lip squelching into your hairless crotch, your balls being lovingly pressed into my face by my cupped hand. I feel your enormous meat throbbing inside my throat and it makes my bikini bottoms wet. I look up at you, eyes wider than ever as I grow wetter imagining what you can see . I stick out my tongue and move my whole head around as I lap at your balls, massaging them too. I stop to consider that you were not baby-smooth like this earlier today, and another wave of cuntwater crashes against the shores of my bikini, a large patch of dark wetness becoming larger.

After half a minute or so of this, of my tongue licking over your tight ballsack from as far as I can reach to the base of your shaft and back again, a motion which takes me moving my head back and forth and massaging you entire length inside my face, as my tongue is squashed flat by the volume of your fucking cock in my gob, I slowly extract the throbbing delicious rock hard monster from my throat, coming with it a big wad of the thickest slimiest spit from deep inside me. I let it all flow over your cock and into my cupped palm, making sure not to waste a drop, spitting what's left in my mouth onto your cock, before firmly closing my fist around your meat, incredibly slippery with my own personal lubricant. I lick the dribble from my lips, moaning in pleasure, pressing my bottom lip between my teeth to stifle an unintentional giggle as I see the far-away look of intense pleasure on your screwed-up face, your eyes closed tight.

I work the whole length in my hand, stretching my fingers around your cock, wanking it lusciously, twisting my hand round as I do, enjoying the loud sloppy noises it makes, then taking the first few inches into my sticky mouth again, getting carried away and bashing my slimy fist into my nose as I attempt to suck and stroke the same bit of cock at once in my aching need to pleasure you. I pull back my head so your cock just escapes my lips, spitting down the underside of your cock and pushing my hand back down it to the base, gripping it and and closing my eyes as I rub your slimy cock all over my slutty face hard, pressing my face into your balls, my eyes rolling back in my head as I lick up from your balls to your tip, moaning like a bitch in heat, the sloppy noises of my sucking and stroking getting louder as I slurp your dick up, moaning again louder and looking straight at you again.

My lips tight over your the rim of your cock head, my hand goes to grap around your balls once more, you groan anticipating my moves as I part my lips slightly and slowly pull my head down, hoovering the throatjuice off your shaft as I go, not stopping or looking away for a second until your whole cock is inside my mouth. I take it all into my slutty face, pressing my fingers into your gauche at the very base of your moist slippery balls, fondling and massaging them behind and underneath with my hands like they are an oriental stress toy, moving your entire shaft back and forth in my tight slippery gullet as I lap the front of them, every last square inch of your fucking genitals being pleasured at the same time.

I pull back my head to the tip, never losing my lips tight slimy grip and slide my mouth up and down, wrapped wetly around one side of your dick, my hand tight around the fistful closest to you, then angle my mouth to the side, pushing the end into my cheek as I suck on the end half of you for a while, my hand slipsliding over the rest. I moan loud and long and I bulge my elastic mouth out as I f***e your bellend harder into my cheek, even your fat hard cock no match for my hunger as it finally bends with the f***e. I press on your balls as I twist my head round to stretch back the other cheek and f***e my mouth fuller, then stick out my long fat tongue, wagging it up and down, flapping it, wrapping it over the side of your cock, slapping it, clicking it and popping it making an incredible amount of a variety of nasty wet mouth noises. I pull back my head again, closing my eyes and moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!", tilting back my head and pressing the size of it into your thigh as I squeeze out the resulting sticky drool onto my lips, almost never breaking eye contact throughout. I smear this along your length on my way up, lapping it around in wide flailing tongue circles over your dick and my face, not stopping for air, gasping a breath through my nose so I don't have to stop, accidentally snorting an snooking a fat string of spit from your dick as I resume my sloppy suck n stroke, cleaning your dick and then spitting the messy spit back onto it.

I pause on your head, sucking and licking it, then spitting it out hard, moaning and gasping, a string of gag spit from my mouth to your cock, which you helpfully fold back over your cock, which is now utterly coated in the stuff, my face remarkably spotless thanks to my diligent efforts to conserve my throatlube. I move closer and spread my legs a little, sticking both hands into my soaking wet bikini bottoms, and lick from balls to tip in one slow lap, collecting the excess and gobbing it over the base of your shaft, watching it run down your balls as I open my mouth and wrap it over your balls, pressing my mouth into you, licking and sucking them, teabagging them wetly over my face. I push my top lip into the point where your cock and balls meet, your huge cock reaching beyond my forehead, and open as wide as I can, sucking both of your sloppy balls inside my mouth in one go, a look of intense filth, almost anger on my face as I look at you. I slurp and suck and stick out my tongue as I pull back my mouth, taking your shaft backhand and stroking it fast and hard as I clamp my lips tight round your balls, sucking them in and out like another dick.

I moan gutturally as I spit them out and go in again, squashing my nose into your balls in my haste, wanking you as I lap and suck and smear them over my face again and again. I pull back, a slimy web between your drenched balls and my gaping mouth, my tongue stuck out as I gasp in pleasure for a second, then slurp up this goo and hold it on my lips as I take your cock again, my lips sealed over your shaft with it, letting me suck you into my throat with ease, breaking eye contact as I become absorbed in my task. I take you balls deep, stray drool trickling down your balls as I press harder and work my head side to side and up and down, swallowing your cock even deeper, working as much as I can down into my true throat over the course of a full minute.

You scream out my name, ranting on madly to me about how my throat feels, "a perfect, deeper, tighter, stronger pussy with endless slimy lube, your fucking face at the end and your stomach to cum inside!" but I ignore you involved in my task totally. I look up again as I pull you out of the endless depths of my facepussy and moan gently, gathering up your balls and squeezing hard at the base, squeezing them into the nearest part of your scrotum with both hands, wrapped round with fingers and thumbs. I gob a wad of slimy spit over them and open my mouth wider than I have ever done before, taking your vast cock into my throat like it was an appetiser, then forcing my head down hard onto your balls, stretching my well-lubed rubber lips out over them until they finally pop through my lips into my mouth.

I look up at you, the entirity of your enormous, throbbing sex organs inside my impossibly accomodating mouth, my cheeks bulging with your giant nuts like I'm a fucking cockhamster, half a pint of bl**d and a pound and a half of meat behind my lips straining to burst them and me straining them back harder to keep it all in.
I pull my head back as far as I can against the elastic f***e of your scrotum, pulling your balls away from you and letting them pull me back towards you, your red hot cock tip burning the deepest unreachable spots of my throat as it bores back through into my core, feeling undescribably good. I repeat this until my lips fail and your balls burst free from my mouth, dripping with my gloop as they snap back with a beautiful twang, slapping sloppily against you, feeling the spray on my face.
After what seems to have been an age, I pull your out of my throat and bask in the glow of my achievement for a second as my throatlube trickles from my chin onto my tits.

[End of Part 1]

Unsated, moaning, spurred on even by the opening of new possibilities in fact, I wrap both hands around your drippingly sloppy cock and wring it hard, sucking on the tip before I let go and effortlessly throat it all sucking it noisily in yet again, milking my throat with it, emitting frenzied wet swallowing sounds as I coat it in fresh saliva...
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2 years ago
so hot!
3 years ago
fuck my life
3 years ago
five stars!
3 years ago
Ahhhhh brilliant, good to see you are back :)

Yorkshires finest.

Aaron x.
4 years ago
wow that one hot story
4 years ago
Hmm I would like to marry you ! I would enjoy marrying a english woman. I enjoyed your story and have the cock you described I would love to breed you.
4 years ago
great story, loved every bit of it.
4 years ago
so horny little slut!!!you are such a good writer!!keep up the good work bitch!!
4 years ago
Very hot! Can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
It was a cheap gag (pun definately intended). The actual subtitle was in fact: Part 1: Deepthroating Your Balls - The Glory of Positive Mental Attiude

Part 2/5 coming whenever my attention span lasts long enough.


4 years ago
Love this girl even more now shes using star wars references.
Do not remember none of that in the film but hoping to see it included in the special addition or DVD extras.
What a story!
What a whore princess FANTASTIC!
4 years ago
love your story sexy
4 years ago
Hahahah the booker prize, you deserve a SarcyPrick prize for that one.

I wish there was an edit feature. This is primarily an excercise in descriptiveness. Parts 2 though Whatever are to follow, at some point before Time Zero.

The subtitle was intended to be "Balls of Glory" but my shit star wars reference wenton too long and it snipped it.

Please post any comments/critiques/reviews in the Financial Times/racial or sexual abuse/spelling errors/book deals/offers of marriage. :p


4 years ago
Outstanding piece of work...although i found the size of the cock a little intimadating "your huge cock reaching beyond my forehead"!!!! :) We love a good bedtime read. Thanks
4 years ago
I particularly liked 'slutty commando', 'cuntwater', and your 'impossibly accomodating mouth'. In another guise, I suspect you to be in contention for the Booker Prize, Nicole. Beautifully written, and extremely arousing. A double plus xxx
4 years ago
MMM very hot story baby ;)
4 years ago
I love cumming over a good story.