You know you like it...

It all began at the end of senior year in highschool. I was 18 and Ashley had just barely turned 18 the week prier. I've always had my little thoughts and fantasies about Ashley (Probably because she was such a tease) but had never really persued them...Until about the second to last week of highschool when all the seniors had to stay after for a class meeting about graduation. During that boring meeting with the droning teacher going on and on about graduation it suddenly hit me. It was senior year, and that meant that in another two weeks, I'll never see these people ever again, so if I wanted to do something, the next two weeks would be the time to do it. I couldn't keep my eyes off Ashley the entire time. Her long red hair reaching the center of her back, her bright green eyes, her perfect 36C tits and the crack of her ass that peeked just barely over the waist of her short mini-skirt. That's when I decided, I had to have her before graduation. The hell with graduation I had to have her that day!! I formed the plan in my head while the meeting went on and when the meeting was finished that's when I would make my move.
I knew which way Ashley always took to get home after school so it wasn't hard to keep her in my sight. I followed her at a distance out of the school and down the sidewalk. My heart began beating in my throat, I've never done anything like this before outside of my fantasies but now was the time if there ever was a time. There was nobody else around, not a person walking or a car on the street when I made my move. We were about half way back to her house when I hurried up as silently as I could behind her, grabbed her and d**g her into the nature trail that came off of the sidewalk and eventually led back to school. No turning back now, she screamed but I held her mouth shut and continued dragging her into the woods until the road was out of sight again. I took a deep breath and threw her onto the ground. She scrambled to get up but I shoved her back down again and climbed ontop of her. She was about to scream again when I slapped her in the mouth hard and barked at her to shut up. She recoiled and whimpered when I slapped her, but I kept going. I held her arms down with my knees and shakily undid my pants. I pulled my stiffening cock out of my jeans and as I did I noticed Ashley's eyes widen with panic. She squirmed and tried to scream underneath me when she realized what I had planned and that's when I hit her again, this time harder. I pulled an exacto blade out of my backpack and told her that if she kept making noise I was going to gut her with it. Her eyes welled up with tears while I went back to the plan. I held her arms down with my knees again and grabbed her head. She kept whipping it back and forth and franticly and screaming at me, "No, no, please, no..." over and over again but I ignored her, my urge was too strong to stop now; the more she panicked, the more I wanted her. I overpowered her and held her head still while I f***ed my now rock hard, throbbing cock into her mouth and began humping her face. She screamed muffled screams of protest and began crying when my cock shot down her throat over and over again. I stroked her face gently while I crammed my cock down her throat and cooed her while she gagged on me, "Sssshhhhh," I told her, "Just relax, you know you like it." She sobbed more and more as foamy strings of drool hung off of the corners of her mouth in slimey streams. Her makeup was running down her face which was beet red by this point, she looked so fucking hot!! I pulled my cock out of her mouth to let her breath and looked down at her. I slapped her face again lightly and odered her to lick my balls. She just looked at me and cried before I made her myself. I grabbed her hair and f***ed my sack in her mouth and screamed at her, "You bitch, I told you to lick my fucking balls!!" I took my balls out of her mouth and looked at her again. She looked at me with teary eyes and huffed, "I-I'm s-s-sorr-rr-y." I smiled and told her that I was going to make her really sorry in a minute and that's when I pulled both our shirts off. I bound her hands in front of her with mine and crammed the other in her mouth to keep her quiet. I turned her over on the ground so that she was face first in the dirt and told her to get on her elbows and knees. She hesitated so I slapped the back of her head and told her again. She reluctently listened the second time. I held onto her by her waist with one hand and took a sharpie out of my jeans pocket with the other. I took the cap off and wrote "Cumdump" across her ass with it. I pulled her ass apart and crammed the sharpie in her tight little asshole while she yelped and screamed in fear and pain. I slapped her ass hard over and over again listening to the sharp little yelps of protest each time until her ass was bright pink from me slapping it. I grabbed her by the hips and all at once f***ed my cock into her tight little cunt. She screamed and fresh tears ran down her face and into the dirt. I humped her hard and fast while I pushed her face into the ground with one hand and slapped her all over with the other. She was sobbing now through the shirt-gag and saying something that I couldn't make out. I stopped pushing her face into the dirt and started choking her instead all the while calling her names and humiliating her any way I could. I choked and humped her while calling her things like, "You little cunt...You worthless little cumdump whore...You wanna act like a little slutty tease than I'm going to treat you like a little slut." I fucked her harder and harder while my balls slapped against the inside of her thighs. I began breathing heavier and heavier feeling myself about to cum. I pulled the gag out of her mouth and listened to her defeated sobbing and her begging me to stop. I rammed my fat shaft in and out of her as fast and hard as I could until I couldn't hold it in anymore. I pulled it out of her and turned her over again. I climbed back ontop of her and pointed my cock at her already messy face. I jerked my cock faster and faster until I exploded my hot load in her messy, slutty little face, drenching her in my cum. She cried and asked if I was done. I muttered a little laugh and pushed my cock back into her mouth and made her suck the rest of the cum out of my cock. When I finally was finished I got dressed again, balled up her panties and put them in my back pocket. I pulled the exacto blade out again and told Ashley that if she told anyone about this I would kill her. I don't believe I'm capable of murder but it worked because she never said anything about it again. It might have been monsterous and wrong but friends, I never came so much in my life.
50% (5/5)
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this is very hot