I really should sl**p...

4am, I really should sl**p, because I have a couple of things to do tomorrow, starting early in the morning. if I go to bed now, i may squeeze in maybe 5 hours of sl**p, but all I can think of is my dildos, sitting in a plastic tub in my closet, where I left them after I last used them over 5 days ago.
I can't stop thinking about how good it felt the last time I used them on myself and how for the past 5 almost 6 days straight, I haven't even been able to even masturbate, because I had company over.

I really should sl**p, I keep telling myself, but instead I'm sitting here writing about how I can't stop thinking about fucking myself with my dildos and how long it's been, instead of writing I should just do it, maybe after I make myself cum, I'll be able to sl**p and at least tomorrow, while I'm doing my tasks, I can have a smile on my face, thinking about all the nasty thing I did to myself.

Well, it's 4:20am now and I think I will smoke and jump in the shower, with my toys and give in to my desires.

Why not, I waited long enough and need not suffer anymore.
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