My darkest secret

I had before this day, never been attracted to men, I am not a prude or against homosexuality, in fact I had been doing myself with scary large dildos while masturbating for years, just honestly only sexually attracted to women.
After loosing my best sex partner in my life, a woman that I was lucky to have been with for 10 years and actually included in my anal play, I got together with a 19 year old, 15 years younger than me and the sex was good at first but after 5 years together 3 of which we were married, the sex next to stopped all together, going from every time we saw each other to once a week to once a month and then only once ever 3 months or so. Blow jobs, gone almost entirely and the sex that did exist was boring.
Desperate for a blow job, I started looking through the C-list classifieds under casual encounters in hopes of finding a woman willing to hook up just for that, but there were none. What there were was a lot of men seeking men, some of which offered, no strings attached head. After some pondering, I got up the nerve to answer one of the adds and the guy got back to me right away, offering for me to come to his place so that he may give me head.
I was at work at the time and the address that the guy gave me was just down the street from where I was, so I accepted the invite, hopped on my motorcycle and rode over to this guys apartment.
When I got there I was so nervous but committed, out of years of frustration, I just needed my cock sucked and if this was the only way to do it then so be it.
The guy noticed my apprehension and told me that he doesn't normally do this and that he has a girl friend, just wanted to know what it's like to suck a cock.
He offered to play hetero porno so that I can just watch it and lay back and enjoy. This put me at easy so I followed him to the upstairs where his bed room was he got buck naked and put on a porno for me, I took off my riding leathers, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the bed and laid back to watch the movie.
He got on his knees between my legs and slowly started licking my shaft and balls, and then he sucked me so good that I came in just a few minutes.
Just as I came, my cell phone goes off and it's my wife checking up on me.
I didn't answer and quickly got up asked for a towel to clean the cum off my stomach, thanked the guy, he said please come back anytime and I ran off to call my wife back from my work phone. She was never the wiser and I have never done it again.
I have nothing against being gay and after my experience I am more open to receiving pleasures from a man, but am still not attracted to them and am super horny for women.
20% (3/11)
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4 years ago
I'm a freak and, obviously I'm not homophobic and if I though I was gay, I would love to explore that about me, but I am legitimately not attracted to guys.
There would have to be something in it for me, like the getting blown was nice and I'd do that again and if a guy was big enough to make it worth it, i would take it however he wanted it or if not big enough at least be willing to strap on or fist me, yeah I would do that too.
4 years ago
Yes if you still think your straight than think about this if your courious than its not that your gay the n you just might be bi. you shuld esplore that side of you more thanks