Ahhh the demons are coming, coming so fast
They bare your soul like an ugly past.
Pounding their chests and fangs so sharp
They rip and tear inside my head and heart.

I can’t escape them...
Let me be!
Why oh why do you do this to me?
I was hidden away in my seclusion
Where it was safe in all my delusions.

My mind screams out
But my mouth says naught
I’m trembling in fear of being caught
Hidden here in my little secret spot.

I long for peace inside myself
But the demons rage cannot be shelved.
Their claws and fangs drip of my bl**d
They shred my head, my heart, my soul
Taking all that I am with each resounding thud
Leaving me battered, broken in this rolling flood.

Then suddenly they raise their heads.
Their ears perked up with rising dread.
Their feasting of me is not yet shed.
They begin to howl in frustrated anger
But they can smell a coming stranger.
Oh yes the demons are in danger!

I lay there still in trembling fear
Silently waiting the next painful tear.
I crawl back into my secret spot
Praying and praying I’ve been forgot.
The demon’s rage is burning hot.

I can’t believe it….They are running!
The demons…they are so damn cunning!
I crawl back further within my grave
Wishing I could be more brave
My eyes drift shut at the sudden release
I feel contentment but never peace.

Something’s coming…
My heart beats an insistent drumming.
Oh please I feel myself succumbing.
I feel as if I’m quietly choking
Then suddenly I feel a stroking

My eyes pop open in mortal fear.
My vision cloaked by a single tear.
Your face before me becomes so clear.

Master oh Master you’ve found me here
You’re here to save me before I disappear.
Your trembling arms pull me up close and tight
Kissing away each rip of the demon’s bite.

Your darkly deep voice whispers softly to hear
I promised you darling and I was sincere
When you submitted to me I’d always be near.

Your body, your soul, your submission is mine
You gave it willingly, so sweetly divine.
I’ll always come save you from your trembling plight
Even in the deepest and darkest of night.

We are one here and now, and forever ignite
For I am the darkness and you are the light.
And when your light suddenly starts to ebb
Or you find yourself falling into the demon’s web

I’ll be right here to save my sweet pet
Because you’ll always be mine don’t ever forget.

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